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Dress size vs weight?

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Beth24 Sun 24-Apr-11 09:24:07

A.I.B.U. To not understand this? - lots of people talk in terms of being a size 16 and that being overweight and others as size 16 as being a healthy weight. Some seem to say that they are maybe 15 stone and a size 16 - I don't understand the parity between weight and dress size that some people have? Do they chose the smallest size they can fit into? Do they declare their dress size as being the largest item they need to buy? Could u please tell me how you judge it - for example - I am 5'4" - 11 stone - I am pear shaped (big bum but smaller waist) skirts I buy size 14 sometimes a 16, tops size 14 (hate anything tight only arms) but trousers always have to be a 16 (sometimes an 18) so they are not tight on my bum and then usually with a belt to stop the waist gaping. I therefore declare myself to be 11 stone and a size 16. - is that right? By BMI I am overweight so from that point not healthy but only a bit (!) so am going to be personal and ask what is your height and weight and what dress size would you declare yourself to be?

BaadRobot Sun 24-Apr-11 10:08:34

5ft 2"
11st 6lbs
Size 14 bottoms, 16 tops

penguin73 Sun 24-Apr-11 10:08:37

I think people refer to dress size as that is what they tend to know/aspire to (most people I know will talk about wanting to get into a certain size rather be a particular weight/BMI) but it is the most deceptive/misleading in terms of whether they are healthy or not. BMI is the most helpful way to judge (although this can be misleading if you are toned and muscly!),dress size the least.
I'm 5'6 and 13 stone 7 - gained 3 stone with career/lifestyle changes and am now battling to get it off again to get me back to the healthy BMI I was a few years ago. Size wise though I'm 12-14.

GitAwfMayLend Sun 24-Apr-11 10:08:53

6 foot
9 1/2 stone - 10 stone
size varies - 6-8 in some shops, 10-12 in others

BMI says I am underweight but I think BMI is bollocks anyway, so don't take any notice.

I think you have to take body type into account - I am tall but very fine boned, I would look fat if I weighed any more (and that is not just vanity speaking, I genuinely would look podgy)

linziluv Sun 24-Apr-11 10:10:06

Last time I shared this I was accused of lying!
Can't go off weight now as having a baby in 4 weeks....
Pre pregnancy I was 5ft 2, 11st 3lb and a 12 on bottom 10 on top. I must add I have good muscle tone and am a solid build...I've never looked my weight and BMI was 28 so "overweight" but at my slimmest which was 8 on top, 10 on bottom I was still around 9 1/2 stone and BMI only just normal! If I'd have lost anymore i'd have looked ill!

Meglet Sun 24-Apr-11 10:10:10

5ft 6"

8st 2. (Underweight)

Usually a 10, but have athletic thighs (despite small waist, hips and bottom) so a 12 in jeans. Did fit into a designer size 6 when window shoppiong though.

nethunsreject Sun 24-Apr-11 10:12:48



14 hang of me in markies/debs (but fitted same weight 5 yrs ago!), but fit in Primark.

Bmi is 22 I think, so good weight.

goodegg Sun 24-Apr-11 10:13:32

5'6" and 9.5 stone - size 10

But not for much longer - 6 weeks pregnant and stuffing my face!

Flame Sun 24-Apr-11 10:17:46

I tend to go with my clothes size rather than my weight as one changes more than the other. I think of myself as a size 11 as I am snug in my 10s but 12s often loose. I ignore top sizes due to silly norkage.

Weight is misleading imo as my mum is always well over a stone less than me but in larger clothes. Psychomum on the otherhand weighs heavy iyswim.

Spamspamspam Sun 24-Apr-11 10:18:14

I am 5'7" and currently 11.8 and am still a size 16 - was a size 16 at 13.2 but from different shops. Losing 22 lbs has mean't I can get into some shops 16's and other's 14's but I still declare myself as a 16 at the moment. I think in another 8-10lbs time I will be a 14 so at about 10 stone 12 or 11 stone.

I know a few people who say they are a size 16 and are at least 4 stone heavier than me and looking at their circumference I can see they are at least 2 if not 3 dress sizes bigger, I can only assume they shop in different places to me.

I also have a friend who weighs at least 2 stone more than me, we get on the wii fit together regularly to see how much we have lost, she looks a lot slimmer than me and I can sometimes not get her clothes on because she carries it so much better than me, she has a slim waist and tummy and carries it more on her legs but is also a much bigger frame but we are the same height.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Sun 24-Apr-11 10:18:19

5 ft 6", 14 St 11lbs.

Bottom size 16 and top size 18. I started wearing a top and trousers a friend gave me after she lost some weight. I was 15 stone when I started wearing them, she had been 13 St 7lbs. She's same height and similar shape ie. Big boobs and stomach but there was 1.5 stone difference in weight fitting the same clothes. Can only think it is down to me having a larger frame.

diabolo Sun 24-Apr-11 10:20:57

5' 7"

Weigh 10 stone 6 (have been dieting was nearly 12 stone at Christmas)

Size 12 everywhere.

schilke Sun 24-Apr-11 10:21:16

5ft 5" and weigh 9 stone.

Size 10.

Runningjustasfastasican Sun 24-Apr-11 10:24:03

5 ft 4 and 9 stone 3

I'm a 10/12 on bottom and 8/10 on top depending on the shop! Even at my smallest about 8 stone I still have a huge arse despite 4 billion squats and many many miles of running so it must be in the genes

crashingwaves Sun 24-Apr-11 10:30:52

11 stone 2lbs
Size 14

I see people my height who weigh more than me who look a lot thinner. Mine is all packed on my stomach and it's disgusting.

Callisto Sun 24-Apr-11 10:36:36

5'6" 11 stn
Size 10 bottoms, sometimes size 12 depending on brand. Always size 12 top as have broad shoulders.

BumWiper Sun 24-Apr-11 10:37:23

im 5'3
dont own a weighing scales
im a size 12 on bottom,14 on top.

im usually a 10 but i have 2 wk old dd.

SwearyMary Sun 24-Apr-11 10:38:15

8st 9lb
Size 12 top, 10 bottoms. 12 dress.
I want to be just under 8st as that weight suits my frame but I'm struggling. I have lost half a stone so the clothes are a tiny bit more comfortable.

NinkyNonker Sun 24-Apr-11 10:41:02

Hmmm, I am 5'8" and around the 13 stone mark, prob a bit less but I never weigh myself. I wear a 14 on the whole, sometimes a 12 on top, sometimes a 16 on the bottom...depending on the style and shop. So I think I am a 14 really. I would class myself as a little overweight, not unhealthily so, just carrying a few extra pounds that I could probably do with shifting I guess.

heliumballoons Sun 24-Apr-11 10:41:24

It interesting to look at how the weight seems to relate to clothes size, as opposed to height iyswim.

Look at what everyone has declared as their stats.

Most 11-12 stoners (like me) are a 12/14.
Most 10-11 st are 10/12
most 12-14 st 14/16.

and all the heights range from 5ft - 6ft and don't seem to make a difference.

Not entirely sure what that tells us re wight/ height/ dress size except maybe clothes are made to fit shape as opposed to all round. For example you can get a size 12 pair of trousers in short/normal and long. Skirts/ dresses list their length so it will be longer/shorter on some (or you chose a length to suit your height!).

MadameCastafiore Sun 24-Apr-11 10:44:38

10 stone
Size 10

I'm 7st 13lb

4ft 10"

Size 10/12

missmiss Sun 24-Apr-11 10:51:09



Size 10/12 (often 12 on the bottom due to wide hips).

I would like to lose half a stone.

helendigestives Sun 24-Apr-11 10:52:53

I'm a size 18/20, 5'7'' and I'm 16 stone.

dementedma Sun 24-Apr-11 10:54:00

5 ft 7
11 stone
size 14 bottoms, 14/16 tops.
Want to get to 10.5 stone but struggling. Not counting pregnancy have weighed between 8 stone (wedding day) and 13 stone over the years.

microfight Sun 24-Apr-11 10:54:16

5ft 5" 10st 12lb and size 14

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