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Dress size vs weight?

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Beth24 Sun 24-Apr-11 09:24:07

A.I.B.U. To not understand this? - lots of people talk in terms of being a size 16 and that being overweight and others as size 16 as being a healthy weight. Some seem to say that they are maybe 15 stone and a size 16 - I don't understand the parity between weight and dress size that some people have? Do they chose the smallest size they can fit into? Do they declare their dress size as being the largest item they need to buy? Could u please tell me how you judge it - for example - I am 5'4" - 11 stone - I am pear shaped (big bum but smaller waist) skirts I buy size 14 sometimes a 16, tops size 14 (hate anything tight only arms) but trousers always have to be a 16 (sometimes an 18) so they are not tight on my bum and then usually with a belt to stop the waist gaping. I therefore declare myself to be 11 stone and a size 16. - is that right? By BMI I am overweight so from that point not healthy but only a bit (!) so am going to be personal and ask what is your height and weight and what dress size would you declare yourself to be?

Geepers Sun 24-Apr-11 09:26:27

Height 5'3
Weight 13.11
Size 20

rosieposey Sun 24-Apr-11 09:29:04

Im 5.5 and weigh 16 stone - im currently a 22 on the bottom and (large norkage) a 24 on top. I tend to drop a dress size with each stone.

alwaysaskingquestions Sun 24-Apr-11 09:29:08

5'4" 11 stone size 16 is overweight and on the larger size

5'6" 11 stone size 14 dieting drastically to get to a healthy weight.

FriedEggyAndSlippery Sun 24-Apr-11 09:30:34

5 ft 5
14st 10
Size 16/18 (would perhaps be a bit less on top if it weren't for large norks)

People just carry it differently is all. Part of the variation of humans. I know people much bigger in size than me, who weigh a couple of stone less. Depends on all sorts - height, muscle mass, body fat percentage, tone, width of hips, body shape, maybe even bone density? Also depends on race, that can affect where fat is stored.

squeakytoy Sun 24-Apr-11 09:30:39

It also varys from shop to shop though. I can fit in a M & S size 14, but if I went into Primark, I would be struggling to get into their size 16's.

I am 5'2, weigh 12stone, and a size 14/16. A month ago I was a stone heavier and wearing size 18, but the majority of the weight I have lost has gone from my tummy, waist and bum.

Crawling Sun 24-Apr-11 09:33:43

I am 5ft 1 and 9 stone
Size 8 trousers but due to large breasts I am between a 8-12 in tops depending on style and how generous in breast department.

heliumballoons Sun 24-Apr-11 09:39:33

5 ft 7
11st 4
size 12-14.

I'm apple shaped and hate tight clothing. BMI is almost touching the overweight area. Want to lose about a stone --but love my food too much--and I'm more active in the summer compared to winter so usually do lose a little.

FabbyChic Sun 24-Apr-11 09:42:59

5ft 1.5"
9stone 10lbs
Top Size 14 (big boobs)
Bottom Size 12

SofaQueen Sun 24-Apr-11 09:45:27

5ft 2in
6 stone 11
size 4/6

MollieO Sun 24-Apr-11 09:45:50

15 stone
Mostly size 16. I do have some size 18 trousers but they struggle to stay up.

borderslass Sun 24-Apr-11 09:46:38

height 5ft 4
weight 10 st 5.5
dress size 10-12
It also depends on what exercise you do i've lost almost 6 stone and there are times when the scales don't show the weight loss but I have definitely lost weight.

Ishtar2410 Sun 24-Apr-11 09:47:39

5ft 4
10st 5
size 12. Sometimes 14 - depends where I shop.

BMI just inside normal. Honestly, if I lose much more I look haggard. Big bones, I guess smile

This time last year I weighed 11 st 13 and was easily a size 16-18. I think it depends upon muscle/fat ratio - my bodyfat percentage last year was 39, now it's 29% - I took up running and I am much more toned now that I was.

DuplicitousBitch Sun 24-Apr-11 09:48:53

10 st 12 (prob. 11 stone by the end of this weekend!)
size 14 realistically
size 12 in vanity sizing type shops

huffythethreadslayer Sun 24-Apr-11 09:49:32

15.5 stone
16 on the bottom half (but getting squeezy)
18 or 20 on the top (huge norks)

Had a friend who was overweight when I was a 20 who wore the same size clothes as me. She was tiny and I'm clearly very tall. I was scary slim, she was bordering obese. Both wearing a size 12 skirt, but very differently.

BeeMyBaby Sun 24-Apr-11 09:49:57

5ft 2in
size 12 - would probably be a size 14 in many shops, but refuse to buy from those shops.

morethanyoubargainfor Sun 24-Apr-11 09:50:27

i can't really understand it but this has helped me understand about me!

I am 5" 11 and i weigh anything between 14.2-14.10 (AF week shock. I have recently become a size 14. I have tried really hard to loose weight, and i get depressed about how much i weigh.

worraliberty Sun 24-Apr-11 09:52:24

5ft 3"

8st 3lbs

8/10 bottom and top

happybubblebrain Sun 24-Apr-11 09:53:18

I don't weigh myself ever - my guess would be around 11 stone.
Size 12 top and bottom.

worraliberty Sun 24-Apr-11 09:57:32

Also I think there's a world of difference between say for example size 10 leggings or size 10 jeans/trousers/skirt with zip and button.

It's easy to think you're a lower size than you are if you normally wear elastic waistbands.

mrsravelstein Sun 24-Apr-11 10:00:13

5ft 2"
8st 4lbs
size 8

CoolYerBoots Sun 24-Apr-11 10:01:49

Message withdrawn

Crawling Sun 24-Apr-11 10:02:28

I also think you need to take muscle tone in to account I do alot of sports I am 9 stone 5ft 1 size 8 in jeans or leggins but I have a very low fat count and alot of muscle. So muscle weighs more than fat so someone who is very muscular will weigh more but may be the same size height and shape as someone else.

SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets Sun 24-Apr-11 10:06:36

5 6" and a half...weight 11.10 size 14

minibmw2010 Sun 24-Apr-11 10:07:10

Before pregnancy (am 34 weeks at the moment) my stats were 5ft4, 11 stone and wearing a size 12. I couldn't get my weight down but my shape was changing due to regular gym and personal trainer work outs. I'm hoping that will help me for when the baby arrives.

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