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MIrena Coil and weight gain!!!!!! Anyone else have it?

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allthegirls Fri 04-Nov-05 08:19:50


I have had the mirena coil for just over a year now and have put on massive amounts of weight!! I have put on around 1 1/2 stone!!!!!! I go to the gym at least 3 times a week but try to go 4. i do a hard work out for an hour and am actually quite fit for a fatty!! But what is really annoying is the fact that despite all this I never seem to lose weight. Infact it is the oppposite the pounds just seem to creep on. It is really getting me down now. Has anyone else had the same problems with the mirena coil? I am going to get an appointment with the doctors hopefully next week but just wanted to hear from anyone else who may of had the same problems!

lainey1802 Mon 14-Jul-08 21:44:37

I had my mirena coil fitted about 8-10 weeks ago. I thought it would be the ideal solution for contraception and help with quite heavy periods. All seemed to be going quite well and on my six week check up I did say at the clinic that I had put on 7 pounds quite quickly - was the coil to blame? I was told it was because alot of people relax more about their bodies and their periods are lighter that they seem to perhaps eat more?? (and toblerone was BOGOF at Tesco?), but I don't think this is the case shock . I am the heaviest I have ever been and am not happy if the coil is having this affect on my body. The plus side is the lighter non-existant periods but if your body isn't expelling much is it just harbouring it all and putting it in your bigger size jeans?? I will have to seriously consider having it taken out and going back on the pill - what other choice is there???

Wounduplikeacoil Wed 16-Jul-08 18:48:39

This is my first post here. It is so good to read other peoples' experiences. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I discovered weight watchers though and it really worked for me - I lost 4 stone and kept it off. This was before my coil was fitted. After a fourth baby, I decided that I didn't want any more kids and the doctor recommended the coil as a good contraceptive solution.

I noticed the weight problems from very early on - within the first two months - I really struggled to stay the same weight and if I wasn't walking every day and eating healthily, I gained weight.

This along with lethargy, moodiness, depression, ibs, weak bladder conrol, insomnia, restless legs and big sore boobs does not make for a happy camper!

My doctor said that there were rarely any side effects with the mirena so I never would have put all these symptoms together. Now that I have done my research, I can see that it is most certainly my coil that has left me in a physical and emotional mess.

I had it removed 3 days ago and have now taken my period and it has never felt so good - like a release. Yes the bleeding is a nuisance, but I really feel that its right for me. Girls who have had success with this are very lucky, those of us who haven't been so lucky, would need to think again. I have a few friends who have a mirena fitted and bewtween us all we didn't really add up all the symptoms we were having. We were putting down to our age - only in our mid-thirties mind you-they are all making Gp appointments for a chat.

Good luck to you all, you deserve to feel better and be in control of your body.

blowsy Wed 16-Jul-08 18:56:48

I totally relate to this - I had a Mirena for 18 months during which I gained weight for the first time in my life and became very spotty. I also had hideous breast tenderness and mastitis!!

Had it removed and skin cleared up and weight fell off, boobs returned to normal - am convinced that for some, hormone in Merina is not a good thing.

Wounduplikeacoil Wed 16-Jul-08 22:53:52

Hi blowsy, how soon after removal did your boobs go down and the weight start to drop? Did your GP have anything to say about the side effects you experienced, and how they went away when had it removed?

I just don't know why they are so keen for us all to have them fitted. They should point out that these side effects are a possibility and that we should look out for them.

I am just glad that I have discovered why I feel the way I do now, and not in 5 or 10 years' time. I want to be 'fab at 40' not 'fat at 40'!!!!

Will check in again soon.x

happyjot Thu 31-Jul-08 12:33:36

I'm so glad I have found this thread, i thought I was going mad or just being weird.
I had my 2nd child 14 weeks ago and had the mirena fitted about 5-6 weeks ago and at my check up said all was well but this last week I cannot get full. I am constantly hungry despite eating reasonable portions of healthy food. Prior to mirena I was also doing quite well with losing baby weight now it has come to a dead stop and if anything I am doing moreexercise etc in my days than before. I have always been slightly overweight but determined after this baby to get to my correct weight but with this hunger I can't see it being possible as I am bloody miserable and obsessed by food all the time. I don't really have other choices though due to family history I can't have the pill and my hubby and I am are very fertile, both babies on first time trying, so don't wanna take chances. Has anyone experienced this hunger and how did you cope with it?

Wounduplikeacoil Thu 31-Jul-08 16:31:00

Hi happyjot

My hunger pangs started at about 6 or 7 weeks too. I gave my mirena 2 1/2 years, thinking it would all settle down. I thought it was just me being greedy as far as the appetite was concerned, but having found this thread, i know i was not going crazy. It affected my whole life - my husband and 4 kids would vouch for that! I also felt like the more I exercised the more I weighed. I have successfully lost weight and maintained it in the past, between children, but I could just not do it with that thing inside me. I am almost 3 weeks since removal and I feel much,much better.

The appetite has reduced already - I now eat my meals and enjoy them and then forget about it until I am hungry again. I gained around 14 lbs while I had it in, and it would have been more if I hadn't been walking everyday and eating healthily as much as I possibly could.

As for contraception, my hubby has agreed to go for the snip!! Sorry I can't advise you on your situation. maybe talk to your doctor about the copper coil with no hormone in it?

Teegs64 Tue 05-Aug-08 23:54:47

Ive had the mirena coil fitted since july 07, i bled for 6 weeks when it was fitted,then my heavy periods seemed to settle down,to almost none or a one day event.BUT........... 24 days ago i started bleeding really heavy,far worse than before i had the coil fitted,going through 7 pairs of jeans in 5 days at one point,i feel totally drained,its still really heavy after 24 days.
And as for the weigh gain,ive put 2 stone on in 13 months,which i just cant seem to shift,my stomach seems to be swollen.
I want it taken out asap,but as im constantly bleeding,so i cant go to my gp,until ive stopped blush
Has anyone else experience this kind of problem with the mirena? Im wondering if it has become dislodged! Hope someone can help me out,as i feel as thought im going to bleed to death.

Tidgypuds Wed 06-Aug-08 00:00:31

I had mirena fitted 3 years ago and I am still 8st the same weight I was before.
I have no periods at all. I do occasionally get acute ovulation pain on alternative sides.
Still get a bit emotional once a month for a day or so, sore boobs etc. but generally everything ok.
Much better than heavy periods and PMT.

Teegs64 Sun 10-Aug-08 23:42:53

Its me again! no one really answered my question,so im trying again,as im getting desperate!
Ive now had a period for 29 days,and losing such huge clots, gone through so many clothes,and bed sheets.
I have a mirena coil fitted,and my periods had almost stopped, but this has just drained me completely, as well as gaining 2 stones in weight in 13 months.
Ive also got a pain in my lower right side of my stomach, and feel pretty lousy.

tobleedornottobleed Wed 13-Aug-08 17:07:31

god if only i had found this site earlier!!!!
I had the mirena fitted 4 and half years ago. I have suffered with what was thought to be major depession then that changed to extreme pms for which the g.p prescribed yet more anti depressants. I have virtually wrecked my marriage cos of my mood swings and whatever he does is just not good enough (angry) my poor kids especially the eldest says you've got the look and goes upstairs. I have had extreme bouts of anger where I have physically ripped doors off. I can't bloody remember hardly anything and am always so confused (hmm) and have suffered bad headaches/migraines. i have even been so low that i tried to top me self. with the weight i have always had a bit of a problem but since the coil was put in I am like a bloody beached whale even though i dont sit down to eleven at night normally always on the bloody go! Non of this was my personality I had always been known as being lively and bubbly and great fun to be around (not now)
I was givien this miracle coil to stop the heavy bleeding that i suffered for 3 weeks out of 4.what a price to pay to not bleed lucky me NOT. I am going straight to get the coil taken out and hopefully get back to my former self. Wouldn't mind but I didn't think anything about the coil till ablout 3 days ago and thought hold on you've been like this since it was fitted could this be whats wrong with me then hallujah i found that i am not the only one thanks girls thought i was completely mad.

Teegs64 Sun 17-Aug-08 01:05:49

hi tobleedornottobleed
Please keep me posted as to how you get on, I tried to get mine out last week,but now its disapeared, got to go for a scan now,to try and find the bloody thing, im really fed up of it,i just want it out asap

Coomsey Fri 29-Aug-08 06:35:00

I've just come across this site and am amazed that so many women are experiencing the same negative symptoms that I have been. I wanted to share my symptoms with you in case you find solace in them like I did reading about others (when I thought I was going mad).

I had the mirena fitted in July 07 following a laparoscopy for endometriosis. I had happily been using the depo injection for 4 years before hand with no symptoms at all.

My endo specialist advised this was the best form of treatment for endo and also the best option for preserving fertility for later in life.

Almost immediately I had excruciatingly painful breasts (which lasted for 9 months) so that high impact exercise was ruled out during that time. My breasts also grew and I'm now a full cup bigger than I was and I'm now almost going into the next cup size (a 2 cup increase).
I have also steadily gained weight despite going to weight watchers religiously and following the program (no cheating!) as well as intensive exercise. I have now put on 6 kgs (1 stone) which is very depressing.

As a result of this constant weight gain I have seen a dietician who has been monitoring my daily food intake, as well as my weight watchers leader, and both feel my food intake is extremely healthy and shouldn't be resulting in this constant gain. I have even been tested for food intolerances to see if this was causing the weight gain, but all tests have come back negative.

I have also been able to feel the coil almost daily, often getting cramping and pain down one leg. It sometimes feels like it catches on something which sends a wave of nausea through me.

As a teenager I suffered terribly from bad acne but went on roacutan to clear it up. Since going on the mirena my acne has slowly but surely returned.

The only benefit for me has been the complete stopping of periods, which have been traditionally heavy and painful, and I can now have sex pain free (but this is probably more due to the laparoscopy than the mirena).

I think the mirena could work wonders for people who are suited to it but it clearly has some very negative side effects for others.

I have become increasingly depressed over my constant weight gain and acne return and I whilst I'm not unhappy that my breasts are now bigger, the pain I experience with them outweighs the positives.

I have a doctors appointment next week and I will be having it removed as I think being happier and weighing less is far more important than period free and fat! I will post an update once it has been removed - fingers crossed it will be about weight loss and improved happiness!

rocket1971 Fri 29-Aug-08 23:22:50

Hi Coomsey,
Glad to hear I am not the only women going nuts after having the mirena fitted, I only had mine in on 31st May this year and thank god it is coming out on Monday, I am counting down the hours.

I had it fitted purely for contraception and nothing else, periods were fine etc. Since having it fitted dreadful stomach cramps, have had a cist appear on my right ovary which I am told can be a side effect... great did not know about that one along with weight gain, sporadic periods and the most awful mood swings sad my Husband cannot wait for me to get rid of this. I was before a very happy go lucky person who has now become moody, miserable and suddenly developed a sweet tooth which I have never had.

I think this is good for some women out there, but I have more bad than good reports about and am not keen at all. Roll on Monday morning when I be skipping out the Doctors with a huge sigh of relief. Would be interested in your update after removal, I just hope my system settles down and more importantly the weight starts to shift.

oldcrock Sat 30-Aug-08 22:02:52

I too have gained over 1 stone since my Mirena was put in last autumn, I seem to be constantly hungry! On the plus side I have virtually no periods and my boobs have grown about a size!

I'm giving Slimming World a go first, but if that's not successful, it's coming out!

Kernewek Fri 05-Sep-08 17:40:08

Hi, I have had the mirena coil removed in July and a Nova T coil put in its place. Although my first period was hell, the mood swings and headaches have all but disappeared which is great. The downside is that the weight has not come off as yet but the good news is that at least the weight is not getting worse. Any idea how long it was for others to see weight loss??

sinwaxing Thu 18-Sep-08 12:19:00

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write something! I have been so relieved to read it all, without it I think I would feel alot worse. My experience with the mirena has been the same as most. Weight gain. I have never ever had a problem with my weight despite 2 kids and after 18months of the coil I have gained 1 1/2 stone. The worst of it is, alot of the weight is on my stomach which is unusual for me, if I have ever gained a pound ere and there it has always been bum and thighs. My stomach looks bloated. Nothing has changed in my diet or lifestyle in fact I would say I eat way more sensibly now. I have had the coil removed for 3 months now and nothing has changed, I have cut out ANY treats and have been to gym which I never used to do and not a pound have I shifted. Very depressing. Did anyone else suffer with itching? I felt instant relief when it was taken out.... like a fire had been put out? Can anyone tell of having lost the weight and how long and the measures

psmithy Thu 18-Sep-08 14:03:14

I have had only 1 migraine in 40 years, then I had the Mirena put in in May and had 3 and constant dull headaches. Doctor hasn't mentioned that it could be Mirena, she just says I have to get on with dealing with the migraine. One was so bad I couldn't talk ( migraine with aura) and hardly see and ended up in hospital. Perhaps it could be the Mirena, I just thought it was my age at 41!!

What does anyone think???? HELP!!

herbietea Thu 18-Sep-08 14:06:14

Message withdrawn

MollyCherry Sun 19-Oct-08 09:15:44

This is really interesting. I've had my Mirena for 3 1/2 years, and from a contraception and no periods point of view it's great.

My mum has always said she thought it hadn't helped my weight, and I dismissed the idea, but having looked at the list of side effects and seen some other stuff that I have been experiencing (cysts, acne, depression) am seriously considering having it removed.

Time to send hubby for the snip methinks!

Leebo Sat 08-Nov-08 01:47:26

Hi Everyone

I wish I had came across this website sooner. I have had my mirena coil in for a year and a half. I have put on 3 stone and feel like a zombie as I am so tired. I am getting it taken out in 2 weeks time and I cant wait. I am so embarrassed about my weight gain that I dont like going out. I cant get into the clothes I love and I feel like a 90 year old. My appetite has increased so much and I am ravenous for sugary stuff. I just feel like a "thing" and not a person ( Has anyone had similar experiences? Has anyone got the mirena out and been transformed back to their former self?

ladytophamhatt Sat 08-Nov-08 07:29:55

oh, bloody hell...I'm having one put in in a few weeks.

Might have a copper instead...

Leebo Mon 24-Nov-08 22:23:20

Hi, got a smear done, mirena taken out and T Safe copper coil put in today. I hope the weight shifts soon!! not to mention the fluid retention!! fingers crossed!

Beautie Mon 24-Nov-08 23:45:59


I have also had the Mirena coil for about 3 years. My weight has steadily increased by about half a stone. My legs feel massive at times from fluid retention, I do now suffer from headaches, and I am on a topical anitbiotic lotion for my skin as I was getting Acne breakouts around the jaw line. I didn't have any of these things before. Maybe mildly but very occasionally. I mean we all feel bloated at times, get headaches and have a few spots but not like this. I put the weight gain down to feeling content and possibly my age as I am now in my early thirties. When I first had it put in my moods were awful, my legs blew up and I had a some ruptured cycts on my ovaries where I had to have a little trip to A & E. I am still having periods but they are lighter than before. You have to way up the symptoms you get from this compared to other contraception and pregnancy.Anyway all in all I am fed up with this and it has to be replaced next year anyway. My husband has made an appointment to have his vasectomy over Christmas so as soon as we have the all clear it def. coming out.....I can't wait.

Leebo Fri 28-Nov-08 23:11:04

Hi Beautie

I have fluid retention as well my face and hands swell up and my skin is sore with the tightness. I got rashes of spots on the back of my neck and round my hairline. I am hoping I can recover from the nightmare of the mirena quickly now that my copper coil is in. I had the copper one before and didnt experience any side effects such as this. Good luck and shake your husbands hand for me for being so supportive to you! wink

friendless Fri 28-Nov-08 23:18:37

I have had the Mirena for just over a year - have no periods at all but initially gained about 1.5 stone!! Have managed to lose 10lbs and keeping it off, but feel generally slower and more sluggish. Want to tackle the rest of the weight gain - but really don't eat that much! Damn coil - but it does the job it's designed for I suppose...

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