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Anyone else doing 17 Day Diet?

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SORNedWoman Sat 23-Apr-11 14:13:20

I'm on Day 4 of the first phase (Accelerate). It's going well.
Anyone else?
How are you finding it?

Chocchip88 Sat 23-Apr-11 16:21:41

I'm starting it on May 1st - lots of visitors before then! Really interested in how you're getting on. Glad it's going well so far!

noddyholder Sat 23-Apr-11 16:22:34

What is it?

needtogetalife Sat 23-Apr-11 16:32:31

have just looked this up, looks interesteing. I tried the Dukan diet and at first it really worked but virtually stopped working for me and I got so bored!! can you tell us more about what you can eat and how you are finding it please.

cyb Sat 23-Apr-11 16:45:17

pros and cons here

noddyholder Sat 23-Apr-11 16:53:52

I know me teh first 17 days would be it and then I'd 'reward' myself....

cyb Sat 23-Apr-11 17:00:25

apparetly its actually a 68 day diet with different phases so if you want to eat more you can.

Nothing is forbidden, even wine!

You know how sceptical I am about 'dieting' per se but this looks like it might be sustainable and train me not to be such a greedy pig

noddyholder Sat 23-Apr-11 17:04:14

Going to have another look Wine!!!!I am on day 3 of a month of no alcohol grim esp as my parents having bbq tomorrow and I can only tolerate my mum if I'm half sozzled

Chocchip88 Sat 23-Apr-11 17:08:09

The final phase, which I think is the maintenance bit, is when you are allowed most things. The first 3 phases are much more restricted, esp the first phase. It's only 17 days though, surely anything is possible for 17 days?!

cyb Sat 23-Apr-11 17:10:45

ha at half sozzled. Yes I've got a week in Norfolk with my parents in July and have already started stock piling the vino.

I need to get her a bit pissed too to loosen her up

SORNedWoman Sat 23-Apr-11 17:18:58

Had a look at that pros and cons... fair on most points, but not the expensive one - there's nothing branded to buy - maybe in US. And you don't record calories, so not sure what that's about. There's no measuring of stuff at all.

Basically, first cycle of 17 days is protein from unlimited fish/chicken/turkey/eggs, carbs only from unlimited veg and 2 pieces of fruit (fruit before 2pm), 2 portions of probiotics (yoghurt-type things, or Yakult, the usual 2l of water, coffee/tea ok, green tea encouraged. Limited, not easy, healthy foods, but "anyone can do anything for 17 days". Gives rapid weightloss to get you enthused. He (Moreno, diet inventor, California GP) reckons research shows people who lose more rapidly than 2lbs a week, keep it off longer. Also, 17 mins of exercise twice a day to raise your heartrate, brisk walking ideal.

After 17 days 2nd cycle adds in some extra carbs on alternative days (like brown rice, pasta, bread), and more meats - I think, haven't read that far!

3rd 17 day cycle is more of these extras. And alcohol now if you want.

At end of 3rd cycle, you either go back to start if you need to lose more, or move onto a maintenance cycle, which I think (still haven't read!) involves having "days off" and putting your favourite (unhealthy) foods back in.

I like it, because it's basically a very healthy diet in the end. He is honest about it being not easy, that you will have to give up unhealthy food, and you will have to eat fruit and veg! I think, for me, the rapid weight loss will be encouraging. And noddyholder, I'm hoping the extra variety at the end of the first cycle will be treat enough for me. And seeing some weight gone. Day 4 and I've lost 1.6kg from 93.2kg.

Because I can have a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast, fruit, and salad/veg with fish/poultry for other meals, it means you don't have to have "peculiar" food and it works for me. I'd get bored long term of these first 17 days though. Am trying to ring the changes with fish, and have had 2 barbecues in that time, and stuck with it with barbied fish and salad. Not been a problem.

I'm someone who's never successfully stuck to a diet for more than a day before (did SW and RC and did not lose a jot because I did not actually manage to do it). I think the fact it's quite restricted is actually helpful to me. One of my problems is I can't eat one biscuit, I need the whole lot. I'm feeling fewer cravings for them, by not even having one. But I couldn't stick it if it went on forever without the complex carbs!

And I have had lots of energy too! And my dh "approves" of it more than expensive diet clubs (I bought the book), and as it's just v. healthy eating, he's being more supportive than when I've done SW/RC - he's a skinny who doesn't understand eating when you're not hungry.

I'll let you know how it goes after this - I'm going to a wedding in a week, and would like to look better in my dress, which every kg lost helps with.

SORNedWoman Sat 23-Apr-11 17:22:25

cyb I'm really a believer in Intuitive Eating, but I can't manage to do that at the moment as I'm so far from knowing what my body is saying to me about being hungry/full, and I really need to lose weight for my health (joints getting sorer, and I'm sure my allergic sneezing is worse for being overweight, and I suffer plantar fasciitis - I'm too young to be this old!). I'm feeling, like you, that this might help train me not to be a greedy pig!

cyb Sat 23-Apr-11 17:26:39

I never get hungry. I never LET myself get hungry. I actually quite enjoy that sensation of feeling 'empty' (Dont have eating disorder before anyone pious turns up)

Def need to stop eating like I'm trying to break a world record

iluvcake Mon 16-May-11 18:22:53

Can I join in? I'm hoping you're all still doing it! I've just got the book and started it today but I'm STARVING! Trying to stave off the hunger with carrot sticks until dinner time.

How has everyone else got on with this and what did you eat when you were hungry in the first few days??

alison222 Wed 20-Jul-11 12:54:34

Saw this is an old tread but wondered if anyone is still doing this?
I am 6 weeks into it and flagging a bit and could do with some encouragement.
Having said that though when I was following it strictly I was loosing the weight.

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