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I've just had a gastric band fitted

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WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 13:44:52

(Back after a break)

That's it really - had op on Friday. Home yesterday.

Still can't believe I've done it.

If anyone wants to know more then come and talk to me about it.

YouaretooniceNOT Mon 11-Apr-11 21:02:08

Just under 17 stones and kept it off for about 5 years. I put 1 stone on christmas easter etc
i still have 3 shakes a day and i eat a main meal of whatever i want to eat.

YouaretooniceNOT Mon 11-Apr-11 21:03:06

ok thanks for letting me know

i think what you have done is marvellous!!!

please keep writing here


HowsTheSerenity Tue 12-Apr-11 06:57:52

I have just booked to have mine done next month. I am 170cm tall and have a BMI of 35 and weight 115kg. I have not dropped below 100kg without the aid of dysentary or having my gallbladder out since I was 22.

I am really glad to hear that it is working for you. I know I need to have this done. I know that I too am not the fattest person but I see it as an aid to weight loss not a quick fix.

franke Tue 12-Apr-11 07:29:53

Wiki - this is a really interesting thread, thanks for posting about your experience. One thing that always concerns me about people in your position, is that the underlying issue of food addiction is never addressed. I'm always astonished when reading about people on a similar "journey" to you (usually in a much more advanced and extreme condition to you), how they are just left to get on with it, whereas other kinds of addicts would receive support alongside. I know you said you'd tried counselling before, but do you think revisiting it now would be of any value? I'm not suggesting you do btw, I just wonder what your take on it is.

And good luck smile I think you're brave and strong to have taken control of your future in this way.

WikiSpeaksagain Tue 12-Apr-11 07:55:40

Good luck Serenity - I hope you have an easy time as I have had. PM me if there's anything I can help with.

Franke - yes I absolutely think that CBT would be really useful. Thing is, we can't afford it. (I was quoted £85 per session!) I don't think I have really deep rooted food issues though. I'm just greedy. I like food. I eat it. I never had that feeling of fullness. I don't think I'm a really 'complex case'. I never purged or had massive binges. I ate becuase I likes the taste and often I was bored.

I really like the fact it hasn't got such a 'hold' on me now. Although I know it's early days.

foreverondiet Tue 12-Apr-11 12:24:23

But surely counselling would have been cheaper than surgery?

Repayment of the £6,000 surgery over 3 years even without any interest would be £166 a month, which would cover 2 sessions.

WikiSpeaksagain Tue 12-Apr-11 13:01:01

But I did try counselling without much success. The results of weight loss were more likely to be achieved with a band as opposed to more therapy with potentially no end in sight.

If I tried to think about how much I've spent in the past on diets etc I think it would be much more than expected.

numerous diet clubs/meetings (constant joining fees/membership/weekly meeting fees)
all their literature
books (about diet/eating/recipes/self help)
hypnosis cds
exercise Videos/DVDs
gym membership
online subsriptions/magazine subscriptions.
Medical bills attributed to being obese - chiropractor/osteopath

Don't forget that the Cambridge diet was costing £55 per week, and wasn't sustainable.

If I could be sure about results with therapy then I'd have gone for it again. But now I felt I needed something that would be with me all the time - with no escape! So as I sit here having had half a jacket and some frozen yoghurt for lunch, I'm too full to have biscuits next to me. (And don't forget I have easter eggs in the vicinity!) I don't want to eat that stuff becuase I'm full. It'd make me sick.

No therapist could police me and my eating habits like a band can.

foreverondiet Wed 13-Apr-11 18:02:22

WikiSpeaksagain Of course, I understand why you had it done, and as I said well done for dealing with your weight. But I was just a bit uncomfortable with you saying didn't have the CBT as you couldn't afford it (when the gastric band clearly cost more), rather from what you said, you didn't have it because you didn't really have the confidence it would give a lasting solution.

And you missed off your list of £££ the cost of the extra food you were eating!

WikiSpeaksagain Wed 13-Apr-11 18:09:05

Yes absolutely. I think also it was the unkown length of time that CBT would take - Also - Would it ever be a lifelong solution? I speak as someone with a 'working' knowledge of CBT and I think it can be really effective.

The people that have done Lighter Life are supposed to get CBT but I have seen a few regainers which put me off that.

It wouldn't take long for the £85 per session to add up either.

I know what you mean though - my response to saying I couldn't afford it probably should have read that I could afford it if it'd defintely work. Ideally I guess I'd have both!

WikiSpeaksagain Thu 14-Apr-11 08:05:41

Just weighed in - 14st 10lb smile

So I started with the pre-op diet on March 25th. Almost 3 weeks ago.

The diet was 2 weeks of 4pts milk and 1 bovril each day. Nothing else. This is supposed to shrink the liver (amongst other things) to reduce the risks of complications during the opersation.

The scars are looking really good. I have 3 x 1cm scars, and 1 of 1". There is some small brusing around each one, but bearing in mind I've had 2 c-sections. This is small fry!

Feel really good ATM.

Have moved fast of sloppy food. I wouldn't eat bread/pasta yet.

Last night for tea I had small tuna steak, cous cous and brocolli (left the hard stalks). Chewed REALLY well, and slowly. Scoop of frozen yoghurt for pudding. Delicious. VERY full though. No other snacks/wine I'd usually have in an evening.

ZhuZhuhell Thu 14-Apr-11 19:39:38

well done on your weight loss. thats really good. i'm glad you are feeling good and full up. hope you keep updating us on your progress.

franke Thu 14-Apr-11 19:57:37

That's fantastic wiki smile. There was a thing about gastric bands on channel4 news the other night that made me think of you. The main thrust of it was that the op costs about 10K on the NHS but this would pay for itself in about 3 years because of the reduction in drugs costs and care required after the band was fitted. They had a bod from some diabetic society (sorry I'm being terribly vague, but it was interesting, honest) who said that more people should have access to the op on the NHS as the medium to long term gains would be so great for both the NHS and the patient.

winedog Thu 14-Apr-11 21:03:52

Hi Wikispeak, It was great to see your post. I was banded in early March. Like you had it done privately as wasn't any where near big enough to have it done on N.H.S. Also believe it was my responsibility for getting this big anyway so wasn't expecting NHs to pay. I am now nearly 6 weeks post band and will get my first fill early May. Unfortunately for me the feeling full phase has passed. I am now eating normal food and finding it hard to keep to the very small amounts recomended. Roll on that first fill!!! I have lost 29lbs, most of that on the pre op diet. Would love to keep in touch. Only husband knows I have had this done, have managed to keep it from the kids (very devious!) It is not something I feel comfortable talking about openly or feel very proud that I have had to resort to this.

WikiSpeaksagain Thu 14-Apr-11 22:05:13

Yes my first fill is in may. Interesting I'm losing that fullness already BUT I am definitely noticing my portion sizes and what I'm putting in my mouth. I've come a long way. So have you - 29lbs is fantastic.

Franke - really interesting. Definitely think it makes sense to get if done sooner rather than later, but nhs are still not great at funding 'prevention' treatments instead of cures.

MeAndPiglet Mon 01-Aug-11 21:42:24

Hello Wiki...wondered how it's all going now that some time has passed? Would love it if you had time to post an update? Thnx

uninspired Tue 02-Aug-11 08:11:31

I would love to hear how you both are doing as well

slipmate Tue 02-Aug-11 08:17:04

yes I would like to know how you arev getting on too as I have considered a band too

smackapacca Thu 12-Jan-12 17:14:53

Hello all - it's Me WikiSpeaks.

I was just re-looking at this thread, and hadn't seen the request for updates as I was having a break from MN.

Well, It's not revolutionary weight loss. It's just slow and steady. I still eat too much chocolate, but portion sizes are much smaller than previously.

I've lost about 2 stone in all.

Having another fill next week.

If I eat the right foods I stay full, but if I eat chocolate and drink wine (funnily enough) it has no problem getting through and is just empty calories really.

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Thu 09-Feb-12 18:22:50

Hello, I have just been reading your thread with interest. Well done with the two stone weight loss.

I have made an appointment to see a consultant to have a gastric band, for the beginning of next month.

smackapacca Sat 11-Feb-12 21:57:02

Hi - you and I spoke a while ago over pms. I think I still had the same username... Can't remember!

I had my band adjusted yesterday. I love it.

2 stone lost in total - very slowly but I don't care. It's not coming back!

smackapacca Sat 11-Feb-12 21:59:19

I missed my original adjustment appointment as my kids were ill so it was later than planned. It does need to be adjusted/monitored carefully.

The dietician gave me some good tips around some of my bad habits. Going back in a month.

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Sun 12-Feb-12 00:28:27

Well done. What did the dietician pick up? I

I have given up in the last week coke and crisps, and I am using up the last of the coffee ready for when I have surgery.

Have you managed ok with the pre surgery diet, the after surgery liquid, sloppy food and then normal food diet?

Do you do anything special to eat slowly and small portions? I was advised to get a small plate and toddler cuttlery.

smackapacca Sun 12-Feb-12 13:57:16

Well - i still love chocolate. I'm surrounded by it at work (hospital) but then I'll often buy more. BIG bars of it.

We worked out that somehow I have made it acceptable to buy a huge bar then eat it on my own (kids in bed or when I'm alone in the car). I choose a massive bar sort of pretending that I'll have some then leave the rest for another time. I never do.

So - she was saying that if I have to finish the bar; if i know I'm going to do it then just get a smaller good bar and polish it off.

It doesn't sound revolutionary written down, but it was good for me. Having said that I'm stuffed since having the adjustment on Friday. I honestly couldn't eat any even if was here.

I must go now. Will write more later.

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Sun 12-Feb-12 14:57:52

I heard that chocolate addition can cause problems with a band.

It's good you feel that the feel full nerve has been adequately restricted, that it is now sending full triggers to the brain for you.

smackapacca Sun 12-Feb-12 15:38:14

I was told from day 1 that a band would not be the magic fix for chocoholics. Problem was - I didn't realise that I ate so much of it blush

In answer to early questions - pre-op diet was fine (4 pints of milk a day), and sloppies afterwards was fine too.

Toddler plate and cutlery? Never heard that, but I guess it would make sense.

My portions are smaller than my 4yo now.

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