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I've just had a gastric band fitted

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WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 13:44:52

(Back after a break)

That's it really - had op on Friday. Home yesterday.

Still can't believe I've done it.

If anyone wants to know more then come and talk to me about it.

IWillCountToThree Sun 10-Apr-11 19:02:05

Sounds revolting! grin

I've been on Atkins and excersising regularly (4-5 times a week) since Christmas. I've lost 3lb. There is nothing more disheartening so at this point i'm willing to try anything!

Nancy66 Sun 10-Apr-11 19:02:13

well i think nipping it in the bud now when you have a problem but not a life threatening one is sensible - surgery when you truly are obese is far riskier.

Think i'll pass on the sardines though....

WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 19:05:49

Ha ha. It's like weaning all over again! Yes I wanted to definitely adress it now, and can hopefully reap the benefits whilst in young.

MillsAndDoom Sun 10-Apr-11 19:13:04

Wiki thanks for coming and telling us about it - I am similar height to you and weighed similar a couple of years ago - I shed acouple of stone but its creeping back on again and the 11 stone that I aspire to just seems so impossible to reach.

When will you be totally back to normal recovery wise?

WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 19:15:47

Well I'm ok physically. Took plasters off today and have ugly wounds but they'll soon heal. Back to work next mon. Eating smaller portions of normal food in about 6 weeks I think

Wiki - I hope you heal quickly. Question - did you try counselling or therapy?

WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 19:35:30

Yes to counselling. Ideally would have liked cbt but it cost too much. Counselling was nice but didn't really uncover much except I'm greedy!

chocolatespiders Sun 10-Apr-11 19:56:46

where did you have the op? did you research of was it a reccomendation?

AtYourCrucifix Sun 10-Apr-11 20:01:01

watching with interest.

WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 20:40:42

I won't say where I had the op as I dont want to be seen advertising but pm me if you like? Not a recommendation - just all research. God bless google!

foundwanting Sun 10-Apr-11 20:50:06

Well done to you for taking control of the weight-loss/gain cycle.

Just remember, stay away from McDonalds' milkshakes. My sister (junior doctor) met a woman on her last hospital placement who managed to put on weight after having a gas band fitted by living on the evil things!

AimingForSerenity Sun 10-Apr-11 20:52:13

wiki A friend of mine had this done about a year ago, she has lost the weight she wanted to and looks great. Like you, she was not hugely overweight but it was bothering her a lot

Oddly I'm much larger than this friend but am less upset by it and don't feel ready for that step yet, I've been cutting back on carbs and have lost a stone so far (but have loads more to go. I would certainly consider this when I felt emotionally ready for it.

My friend has not told most people, only a few close friends, as she didn't want to deal with the gossip and questions.

Good luck to you.

WikiSpeaksagain Sun 10-Apr-11 21:58:52

found I can imagine it's easy to cheat the band - but it'd be foolish to come this far (and spend so much) to go and do that.

aiming I have a huge list of reasons as to why I felt I needed to lose this weight - they wouldn't apply to everyone else, so I can completely understand why you wouldn't be upset at your size. There are some amazing looking women out there of all shapes and sizes. If it doesn't bother you then that's great.

Only 3 people know about this in RL - DH and 2 close friends. It was hard not discussing it, but I felt it wasn't open to debate and advice.

So many people would just say 'oh go on a diet/exercise more', but to me it's like telling an alcoholic - oh just order a diet coke at the bar. Sounds easy enough, but just isn't for some reason.

TennisFan Mon 11-Apr-11 12:45:40

Wiki - that sounds great and I am happy for you and I hope it all works out. I am about your size, and was shocked when a friend suggested i had a band fitted.
Although I am big, I never imagined you would be allowed to get it done unless you are massive.

I wish i could lose weight the usual way, its so depressing the way it takes over your life.

All the best, I look forward to hearing how you get on.

WikiSpeaksagain Mon 11-Apr-11 12:49:02

Thank-you. I'd be really offended if anyone suggested it either. My reasons are personal - snoring, can't wear wedding rings, too big to ride my horse... Stuff that no-one else would know. On the one hand I wish it'd never come to this point, but on the other hand I'm glad there's a solution for people like me.

TennisFan Mon 11-Apr-11 13:30:40

WIki - I totally understand your reasons. I would love to go horse riding again, and play decent sport, and go out in my sculling boat (currently gathering dust as i am too fat to fit in it).
Now, I dont know if I should go down your route - I dont really have the money, but I could get it.

I don't want my kids developing any issues with food, from watching me or hearing me saying things.
Was trying a low carb, harcombe diet recently - and then heard my DS saying " oh you're on a diet, again you can't eat that"

WikiSpeaksagain Mon 11-Apr-11 15:14:21

Well truth be told (and I could get completely flamed if i was on AIBU), I used my credit card.

It's the only debt we now have, and can afford to pay it back.

Last year my DH had his eyes lasered and I saw this as a similar 'luxury'. I also wanted to get it done whilst my children were too young to notice.

I have just been out cycling and feeling really good abut the whole thing ATM.

foreverondiet Mon 11-Apr-11 15:26:05

I think its less of a luxury than eyes being lasered. There are health risks of having BMI over 30 and you had tried other avenues etc. No health risks from wearing glasses, its purely cosmetic.

I wonder if you'll save money by eating and buying less food, so maybe in the long term it will be cost neutral.

In terms of the kids knowing about diet. I might get flamed for this but DD(7) and DS1(4) know that I am on a diet. I have explained that crisps, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cakes, ice cream whilst being yummy are of no nutritional benefit and eating too many can make you overweight and are bad for teeth. (I don't make carb heavy meals for any of us.)

WikiSpeaksagain Mon 11-Apr-11 17:03:47

The thing is though - technically I could remedy my weight problem without surgery, but he could never remedy his own eyesight. Anyway, it was a joint decision and I honestly believe we'll all benefit. I think our foodbills will decrease, along with wine and chocolate!

MillsAndDoom Mon 11-Apr-11 17:11:08

Wiki I think you're really brave for posting about something so personal, as you full well know it is a subject that some rude people are very dismissive of, so it's really interesting and helpful to hear it from someone who has had it done.

MillsAndDoom Mon 11-Apr-11 17:11:54

PS Would really love it if you kept posting regularly about your post op recovery, food re-introduction and of course your weight loss.

WikiSpeaksagain Mon 11-Apr-11 18:20:52

Hopefully any negative nellies won't chose to frequent these boards. I read loads of blogs from other people and found it really helpful reading about their 'journey'. I'm happy to keep posting but at the risk of it getting a bit dull from time to time!

YouaretooniceNOT Mon 11-Apr-11 19:39:02

Before i lost weight on The Cambridge Diet i was desparate and went for my first appt at the hospital with regards to having a band fitted. Prior to this appt i had done lots of research about the gastric band. I was horrified to read and hear in person from the people in the waiting room that the band streches as the over eating is not cured by the band. Thus the weight creeps back on!

I read about a Black American surgeon that performs the procedure in the same way but in the new stomach pouch p[laces a small ball so the stomach never streches ever again. This was trialed and tested and the dieters were the same weight years later. It was the only successful method.

I learned all this in 2001 - has the operation changed OP? thus reducing/eliminating the risk of piling the weight back on via streching?

Good luck and you are brave!
I hope you are your dream weight soon! x

chocolatespiders Mon 11-Apr-11 20:16:40

Youaretonicenot- how much have you lost on the cambridge and have you managed to keep it off

I have been looking at the gastric band hypnosis on amazon, would like the op but dont have the funds so guess this may be worth a try

WikiSpeaksagain Mon 11-Apr-11 20:17:28

Well done for having success on the Cambridge diet. I lost weight quickly and couldn't maintain it. If the band is abused then yes it definitely can slip. I think breakages are rare. The stomach is brought back over the band and stitched there to try and keep it secure. The possibility of regain is always there, but I think if it's kept at it's optimum 'fill' level then you'd have to REALLY be on a self destruct mission to do that.

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