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2011 shredhead part 3 - and other JM instruments of torture!

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flatmouse Wed 06-Apr-11 18:03:36

No room at the part two inn - so here goes part 3!!

6W6P level 1 day 8 done...
... And I still hate burpees!

earlyonemorning Wed 06-Apr-11 19:42:11

Hooray! Was waiting for a new thread - feeling a bit lost without it, but no time to post / start.
Anyway, L1D9 achieved today, but I'm going to have to take tomorrow off or find some lower impact cardio. My left ankle is now definitely upgraded from 'jiggered' to 'ricked' and I've had to strap it up. I'm wondering whether two minutes on the exercise bike would count, provided I can get all my equipment in a row, as it were.

On the positive side, DH noticed today that there was less of me to notice and I no longer fill a tunic that I bought after DC4 was born. Hurray.

Quite looking forward to level 2 in a odd way. Am I mad? No idea what's in store!

TooTiredToArgue Wed 06-Apr-11 20:01:14

Level 2 is hard, earlyonemorning, but I'm persevering. I think, reading other threads, that the jump from Level 1 to 2 is harder than from 2 to 3.

Anyway, just done L2D4, and feel a bit light headed. One of my knees a bit sore so hope I haven't buggered it up already.

Managed both sets of squat thrusts today (yay!) though kept sliding around on the rug that slides around on our wooden floor, so not ideal conditions. Might have something to do with my knee, me thinks.

Oh, and flatmouse, I agree about burpees. Horrible things. I enrolled on a local bootcamp course last year and was introduced to them for the first time. Nearly killed me!

knotty thanks for your comment. Still a way away from Jelli Belli's size 8s, but at least I'm heading in the right direction. smile

Beautiful evening here.

TorianaTollywobbles Wed 06-Apr-11 20:24:16

Hi all

Have started the 30 day shred and am up to Day 5 on Level 1. Can I ask how long it took you (anyone) to progress to Level 2?

Am finding Level 1 ok, but still can't do the full exercises a la Natalie! Guess I will keep going on Level 1 for a few more days and see how it goes.

BalloonSlayer Wed 06-Apr-11 21:27:19

Marking my place on the new thread.

Toriana I think the idea is you do each level for 10 days or until you are finding it easy, then move up. I never found any of them easy - in some ways I think Level 1 is the hardest of the lot - and I moved up when I was so bored with it I couldn't stand it any more.

TooTiredToArgue Wed 06-Apr-11 21:28:27

Hi Toriana, and welcome.

I did 10 days at level 1, and then moved up. Still can't do the Natalie push ups, but don't think I'm the only one. smile

DontCallMeBaby Wed 06-Apr-11 21:58:04

Hi Toriana - I did nine days on L1, got bored and moved up. Did the same with L2 but stuck with L3 to the bitter end! I went back and did a L1 the other day, and I more or less do the Natalie-versions of everything, though my press-ups don't get as close to the floor as hers. Actually I feel like I'm in a bit of a no-man's-land in some ways - Anita-press-ups feel like nothing, but I'm not doing full-on press-ups that would pass muster with a sergeant-major.

I had my last swimming lesson today. Scuttled out without saying bye or thanks to my instructor cos I feared I would get a lecture about really needing to do one more term or something. Signing the gym paperwork tomorrow though, but now I will need to push myself instead of paying someone else to do it!

gracelesslady Wed 06-Apr-11 22:06:43

Evening folks am in a collapsed state on sofa after l-o-n-g day at work. Will be shredding tomorrow, can't decide L1 or L2. Will see how dodgy knees are!

knottyhair Thu 07-Apr-11 08:20:45

Morning. Was planning on another session of 6W6P today but am sooooooo tired, I can't face it. Went to a pop-up supper club thingy last night, and had 5 courses cooked by Dhruv Baker and Lisa Faulkner (which was amazing!), and didn't get to sleep until about 2am, up at 6, and still feel stuffed blush. Will be as good as poss with food today and get back to it tomorrow. No More Trouble Zones is on the way, so may give that a go tomorrow if it arrives in time. Toriana, I did Level 1 for 10 days, Level 2 for about 8 days (my least favourite), and I'm not sure how many times I've done Level 3 (a lot!) but I've punctuated it with other Jillian ones, a bit of Taebo and a bit of Davina occasionally to avoid getting bored. Graceless, hope your knees are OK.

flatmouse Thu 07-Apr-11 08:27:29

Good news from the trenches!! Nothing to wear today (not done the ironing!) so looked in wardrobe and thought i'd try on a pair of black linen trousers not worn for at least 3 yrs due to inability to do up..... and THEY FIT! Not only do they fit - they are positively slack!!

Keep going everyone - the news is positive!

notyummy Thu 07-Apr-11 08:53:55

flatmouse - great news about the trousers!

Would agree that the jump from level 1 to 2 is the hardest. L2 hard on the shoulders/core I think.

I have slightly pulled a msucle in my inner thigh from 6W6P - the only thing I can think of is the side planks with the leg raise thingy. It isn't agony and I intend to go to the gym today.

gracelesslady Thu 07-Apr-11 13:30:06

thanks knottyhair knees are not bad at all today, it's everything else that's knackered. house is in a right state and i feel wiped out from yesterday. can't decide whether to whip through house stuff while baby naps, or shred and do all that later. hmmmmmm...

flatmouse hurray!! fab news

toriana i did the prescribed 10 days at L1 and then moved to L2, but i alternate L2 days with going back to L1 just for variety. i still find it very challenging, but i can use 2kg weights now instead of 1kg and do a lot more Nat stuff than i could when i started. i think for me, 30DS will be a lot more than 30 days - i really enjoy it and love its brevity, so i'll be doing this for months, adding in extra weight/advanced versions of stuff/doing 2 levels together etc, to keep progressing. it's not really about a 30 day quick fix i don't think. just wish i could lose a few inches!!!

gracelesslady Thu 07-Apr-11 14:46:52

L1 D about 95 done! all the really pressing house jobs done too. need a lie down but have to dash to school!!

happy shredding everyone xx

BalloonSlayer Thu 07-Apr-11 14:52:18

Not going to do anything today now sad

Was about to shred when I noticed the bedding plants I bought yesterday were about to die so I thought I'd better plant them pronto. Then realised I had missed my timeslot. Oh well . . . Level 1 yesterday has made my knee hurt AGAIN - FFS what do I do wrong ???? - so a day off won't do me any harm.

lizardqueenie Thu 07-Apr-11 16:42:55

Hey ladies! Flatmouse hurrah on the trousers!

Well I am checking in as I havent done anything (exercise wise that is hmm) since Saturday. gave myself mothers day off as I was practically creaking around the house so now need to get back into it. I wonder if I could do a shred tonight. Do need to do some late night shopping but could shred after that and once it has cooled down a bit. I worked out today I am 30 in 9 weeks time. Hmmm what can I do between now and then? I have lots to loose so wont be at target but what is realistic?

ClaireDeLoon Thu 07-Apr-11 16:54:16

Hello all on new thread! I got as far as L3D8 and then got a bit poorly so haven't shredded for two weeks. But I'm going to start back on L1D1 and do it through again aiming for the harder moves. Not tonight as I have pilates, which I also missed last week blush

TorianaTollywobbles Thu 07-Apr-11 16:57:30

Thanks for all your replies, will carry on doing Level 1 to Day 10 and then give Level 2 a try. Started watching Level 2 and eeek! those walk down press up things look hard.

Missed a day yesterday, just ran out of time, but back on tonight.

gracelesslady, yes I see what you mean about it not just being a 30 day thing. I want to do the full 30 days everyday, hopefully improve my fitness and tone up and then carry on say every other day to keep it up.

Also have a Davina DVD so could do that as a change, although some of the Level 1 exercises seem familiar to some of the Davina ones.

gracelesslady Thu 07-Apr-11 18:46:05

oooh which davina one have you got toriana? i've got the buff one and have been thinking about doing her abs bit after i've shredded because 3 minutes of ab work is just not going to cut the mustard with my car crash of a tummy!

TorianaTollywobbles Thu 07-Apr-11 20:08:36

I have the Super Body Workout. Bought it last year with all good intentions but soon gave up.

I think the good thing with the Shred is that you have to do it every day, so there are no excuses and no days off!

flatmouse Thu 07-Apr-11 20:57:47

I've not 6W6P today - am full of cold, sore throat etc now trouser euphoria worn off feeling a bit sorry for myself.
Hope to get back to it tomorrow as no chance at the weekend - rugby tour - so much drinking and eating and very little exercise planned.
Only 6 weeks til my 40th - still hoping to look good in pics!

TooTiredToArgue Thu 07-Apr-11 22:23:04

Have shredded (L2, D5) and feel like a bit fat pile of lead. Can hardly move. Even typing this is an effort.

Back aches, legs ache - everything it seems, except my stomach. hmm

Thought this was meant to get easier, not harder. Am also starting to hate the bit when she talks about jeans shopping, and 'swimsuit shopping'. Come on, we all know a delaying tactic when we see one. 'Just a couple more to go ladies'. Yeah right. Even eyelids feel like lead so I'm off to bed.

<slinks off in mood>

gracelesslady Fri 08-Apr-11 07:09:18


hope you feel a bit better after some sleep tootired did you really shred at half ten at night?! hats off to you if you did!!

plan is to tackle level 2 again at lunchtime with my little modifications on the pendulum lunges. (i think it's level 2 that has pendulum lunges. honestly, i might need some sort of regressive therapy cos i can't remember what's in level 2. it's like i've blocked it out..... wink)

TooTiredToArgue Fri 08-Apr-11 09:19:22

bit better, thanks graceless, and I have to admit, ast (actual shredding time!) was at 5.45 pm. Think it took me to 10.30 pm to get my breath back!

Debating giving myself a day off today, but know I'd feel guilty.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone. Good luck with level 2, graceless. I hate level 2 (sorry, last bit of negativity for today). smile

knottyhair Fri 08-Apr-11 10:08:54

TooTired, level 2 is definitely my least favourite as well. It's good to have a day off, about once a week, so don't feel guilty. Has anyone done Level 2 of 6W6P?? I've just done level 1 again, and managed all the advanced versions, apart from spider planks which I had to do a mix of mostly beginner and a few moderate blush. Not sure when to attempt L2, but am a bit scared!

BalloonSlayer Fri 08-Apr-11 11:23:28

Just did L1 6W6P again and (although I don't do from side planks as I can't do them at all) don't even feel very sweaty. On Wednesday I did it with a shred as well ... think I ought to keep doing that.

I haven't lost any weight since starting shredding, but do feel I look better and have less of a tummy. Yesterday it was so hot I got out my cropped jeans I haven't worn since last year, put them on, and



they felt a bit tight and uncomfortable actually


Oh well.

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