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Just signed up at 'My Fitness Pal'. Any advice, experience, or desire to join me?

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worriermum Wed 06-Apr-11 08:38:28

I read about the website, on MN. Am truly desperate to stop the ever rising weight gain - I have just topped my full term pregnancy weightsad. I've never really been a dieter, or even believed in diets, but I Have To Do Something. Would love to do it with some other Mumsnetters - anyone interested in joining me?

All the weight loss threads seem so bloated, if you'll pardon the metaphor. I'm intimidated by 537 messages, or 219 messages. Feel I cant be arsed to read through all that and I will never be part of the club if I dont read the history. Advice please?

foreverondiet Wed 06-Apr-11 11:29:33

Hi worriermum just wanted to welcome you to the diet board.

I'm in a slightly different place to you - I do use myfitnesspal every day - if you give me your username I will invite you to be my friend on it.... 6 months ago I too topped my full term pregnancy weight, DS2 was 5.5 months old.

But now 6 months on, I am more than 3 stone lighter, (was 12 5, now 9 3) and I am toned not flabby. I have done it using tesco diet totaller (basically like my fitnesspal, sad didn't realise such a great free application was available when I paid for tesco one) and now use myfitnesspal (ideally would loose another 3lbs) - am doing low fat and low(ish) carb (ie eating carrots and low fat dairy but not potatoes rice and bread or anything with added sugar).

I also don't post on long threads, just on short ones like yours to offer support.

I have signed up for a triathlon (in June) - I really recommend finding a fitness goal and that has really motivated me - it might just be a 5km run (eg race for life).

Rugbylovingmum Wed 06-Apr-11 12:01:54

Hi worriermum,

I'd love to join you. I am could really do with a little support but I am also put off by threads with hundreds of messages. I haven't seen myfitnesspal but I will check it out this evening. My DD is 18 months now and I have been promising myself I will do something about my weight for most of that time but it is just creeping up and up sad. I know it should be simple - eat less rubbish, move more - but it just isn't happening so like you I need to DO something.

Rugbylovingmum Wed 06-Apr-11 12:07:22

Hi foreverondiet, congratulations on losing 3st - that's amazing! How did you find it? Was the fitnesspal website really useful? I have just signed up but I won't get a chance to have a good look through until this evening. If I can lose 3 st in 6 months I will be VERY happy!

foreverondiet Wed 06-Apr-11 12:28:56

Hi Rugbylovingmum - as I said I used the tesco totaller, which is very similar to my fitnesspal in that you input what you eat and your exercise. For me I need to write everything down to stay in control, and it calculates the calories etc for you.

But weight loss is long slow and very boring hmm and need to have good motivation. My DH has helped me - eg by eating what I eat, and not tempting me by suggesting meals out or takeaways - also use Paul McKenna I can make you thin CD for extra motivation.

Myfitnesspal is quite mean with suggested calories so I would try and set weight loss such that it suggests 1300 or even 1400 (depending on height and how overweight you are) to start with, can move down later once you are into the diet.

Other tips:

1. Have one cheat meal a week, but don't use this as excuse to go totally mad (eg seconds, fried food or whole pack of biscuits) but do eat foods that wouldn't normally fit in on diet and enjoy it. Plan in advance what you will eat or if you are invited out etc then use that as your cheat meal.

2. log everything you eat, even if you by mistake eat whole pack of biscuits, helps you focus on how many calories actually in it.

3. Sign up for fitness event like race for life to give exercise some focus.

4. If you are going to friends for a meal call ahead and warn them - serves 2 purposes, firstly it means that there will be something you can eat and secondly will be embarassing etc to eat the dessert when you told them you were on diet. In restuarant order grilled fish/chicken and salad/vegetables.

5. Stop buying rubbish like crisps, chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc, you don't need to eat it and neither do your DH/DP/DC. Even if its on special offer, still don't buy it. And don't bake.

6. Don't drink any fruit juices, eat the fruit instead. Add wine into calorie intake.

7. Take measurements each month, suggest hips, thigh, waist, bust, bicep, calf. Also body fat if your scales have it.

8. Do 30 day shred DVD, really helps with toning & use moisturiser each day on whole body.

9. If you fall off the wagon get straight back on, don't think I'll start again tomorrow, start again right away.

10. Have mini-goals, eg target for first month. Try on your thin clothes regularly even if they are too tight!

Rugbylovingmum Wed 06-Apr-11 13:01:10

Thanks for all the tips foreveronadiet - the motivation is the hardest thing. Even when I was a teenager and slim I had broad shoulders, curvy hips and a large bust so I felt 'big' compared to my mates even though looking at pics I had a good figure. Because I've always felt 'big' I find it hard to believe that I can be slim so a diet seems pointless. I'm focusing on getting to a 'healthy' weight instead and being fit enough to keep up with my DD and do all the things I want to.

I have the 30 day shred dvd, I just need to work up the courage to give it a go.

BettyButterknife Wed 06-Apr-11 19:22:57

I will join you. I've been doing myfitnesspal for a few weeks now and have lost half a stone.

For me it's made me realise there are so many social occasions I attend that have contributed to all this weight and I find it so hard staying on the wagon at these. But MFP is really useful for working out exactly what I've eaten and what I have left from my daily budget.

I also like the thing that tells you what you'd weigh in 5 weeks if you carry on like this... I've worked out I can lose a stone and a half by the time I go on holiday! Then I'll only be a stone off my target.

I also have 30 day shred but haven't done it yet... I'm scared! I can't believe it's just 20 mins and I still don't seem to be able to find the time. I also have an exercise bike but need to get that and a tv into my bedroom before I can start (it's in my son's bedroom at the moment so can't do it when he's in bed!). Wow - look at all those excuses blush

At the moment, I'm on the look out for low-cal suppers for when I've had too much lunch. Can anyone recommend anything filling that comes in around the 200-300 mark? (Am veggie.)

Oh, and would be up for adding you all as friends. My username is oysterpots

I've never heard of that site before but I'm now signed up so thank you! Good luck and fingers crossed we'll all get there.

foreverondiet Wed 06-Apr-11 19:49:42

BettyButterknife my favourite very filing low calorie veggie dinner

Put a tin of chopped tomatoes into a saucepan and add some veggies eg:
anything else you like!
add 75g of quorn mince
some herbs & seasoning (including soy sauce).

In another saucepan chop up around 250g of cauliflower and boil and drain. Pour the "bolognaise" sauce over the "pasta" (ie the cauliflower!)

Its roughly 250 calories. I probably eat it twice a week!

hairypotter Wed 06-Apr-11 20:06:36

Can I play too please? I started using mfp 2 weeks ago and have lost 6lbs. Would like to lose another 2 stone but not too sure how realistic that is.

I do think using it has helped me focus on all the little extras that find their way into my mouth grin

If anyone wants to add me my username is ctait2716

How do you add people hairy? I'm gilbonzo on there btw.

hairypotter Wed 06-Apr-11 20:10:02

Oooooh, forgot to say that I've ordered the shred DVD and if should arrive early next week but now I've read some posts about it, I'm scared!!

hairypotter Wed 06-Apr-11 20:17:45

Umm, now you mention it I'm not too sure confused might be email address. I can pm u mine if you like

hairypotter Wed 06-Apr-11 20:24:02

Have added you now gilbonzo I think hope that's ok grin

foreverondiet Wed 06-Apr-11 20:25:07

Add people by searching for members and putting in their username.

worriermum Wed 06-Apr-11 23:05:43

Yay, we're not alone. Sorry for vanishing after posting - it's been a funny old day at this end. But I am very keen to get going and delighted that I will have some Mumsnet mates on MFP. My name there is wouldbegood - please do look for me and add me to your friends. I'll do likewise for you.

Thanks for all those great tips forever on diet. I'm nominating you as our Official Leader. This will serve two purposes: it will keep up pressure on you to maintain your wonderful weight loss, and we will be inspired by you and gain from your experience. Deal ?

Okay, confession time, my newfound friends. I have just finished the day minus 517 calories on MFP. But hey, I have started, I have established some support, and I am aware of how many wretched calories I have crammed into my mouth today. That really does feel like a significant start.

See ya on MFP x

ps ruby what's your MFP user name? And Hairy - what's yours

foreverondiet Wed 06-Apr-11 23:46:04

worriermum - happy to be leader smile.... really want to maintain my weightloss and would love to inspire/help!

I think we should have a weekly weigh in - what day do you all prefer - suggest Monday unless anyway feels strongly? Also would everyone prefer this weigh-in to be on this thread or on MFP? Also do you all want to confess actual weights or just weight loss?

worriermum Thu 07-Apr-11 11:26:37

That's great Forever - you are just what we need. I think a weekly weigh in is an excellent idea: Monday is fine with me. I dont mind doing actual weights - we are all anonomous(ish) after all. In fact I'm curious about all of you - just how fat are you now, and how much have you dieted in teh past? Maybe this info will allow us to help each other work out how and why this time can be different. But having said that if it feels painful or sensitive to anyone to give their actual weight then that's fine. This is a SUPPORT group, not a pressure one.

My only problem is that I can only really do metric. I'm about 163cm (about 5.3", I think). And I currently weigh roughly 73 kilos!!! sad. I have been about sixty kilos most of my life, but since the birth of DS (7 years ago) I am somewhat portlier.

I dont really know my way around MFP yet, so maybe it's easier to weigh in on comfy old MN ? But again, am very happy to do MFP if that works better for everyone else.

Hope you're all out there!

Worrier x

Rugbylovingmum Thu 07-Apr-11 12:19:53

Hi all,

feeling very very grotty this morning. I had a horrible virus last week and I think it might be making a reappearance. I have a headache and the screen is making me feel a bit sick so I probably won't be around for a couple of days. Can I join the weigh in on Monday and make a start on myfitnesspal then please? Don't forget about me - I'll be back!

My username on mfp is rugbymum and I'm happy for anyone to add me. I need to lose around 4-4.5 stones sad and blush so I could use all the support I can get.

foreverondiet Thu 07-Apr-11 13:05:26

I suggest everyone logs their starting: Weight & hips, waist, bust, thigh, calf, bicep and body fat (if you have body fat scales). Its easy to log on MFP.

Can do weigh-in on Monday on MN and perhaps measurement update on first Monday of each calendary month?

I think also everyone should think about a fitness goal - both in terms of time commitment per week and also something with goals and end point eg race for life, or being able to swim 30 lengths without stopping etc.

eg here is mine - I, Foreverondiet, commit to exercise 3 times a week at the gym, and I will take part in the Blenheim Sprint Triathlon on 6th June and the Alexandra Palace 5km race for life on 31 July. Additionally by the end of May I WILL be able to do 10 full press-ups.

In terms of metric/imperial, doesn't really matter - do whats best for you, I generally use imperial, but don't think it matters.

I'm all for the measurement thing. I'm loving MFP already and I love having friends on there <desperate cow emoticon>

I'll have a think about fitness goals and log all my measurements on Monday. All I'll say for now worriermum is that your weight now is my goal weight blush

worriermum Thu 07-Apr-11 16:53:33

Oh I'm loving this! So great to be tackling the problem, to be talking about it and yes gilbonz, me too, to have friends on a weight mission. I hate talking diets in RL - the pressure produces an instant desire to cram whatever high calorie food is nearest into my mouth. So this is ideal for me: support, encouragement and accountability without the pressure.

Sorry to hear you're poorly Ruby. Hope you feel better soon and we'll be here (all weighed in!) on Monday.

Fitness is a bit complicated for me, Forever. I think the reason I put on, and kept on, all this weight in the first place is that I havent been able to exercise. Looooooong spiel but basically I have something called Planters Fasciitis, which ironically is something runners get. It's been going on for years, and it means I cant put pressure on my foot. I have always walked, a lot, and I loath swimming so I've ended up doing no exercise at all. Then I got first tick bite fever, and then glandular fever (I'm very close to the Tropics - we bloody well catch everything here) so I spent a good year or two utterly exhausted. I'm still not right.

Anyway, please dont write me off as a whinging wuss. I really do want to find a way to exercise. I have at last managed to get orthotic inserts for my shoes (no easy matter, cant get them in the country I'm in) which I am praying will solve the problem. But the podiatrist who made them for me warned that I need to work up to wearing them, and then can only start exercising when I have no pain at all. So I did start wearing them and oh my word, my feet were in blinking agony. So...this isnt exactly a fitness goal but it is a step ('step' geddit) towards one: I worriermum hereby commit to wearing my horrible orthotic insets, and to doing the stretches the podiatrist gave me, so that I can start walking again soon.

Finally, Forever, sorry to be dense but how do you take measurements? All I have is a metal tape measure. Do you use that and sort of curve it around yourself? Or do I have to try and track down a soft tape measure?

Now all I have to do is remember who you all are on MFP. So, lets get this straight:
worriermum = wouldbegood
hairy = ctait2716
bettybutter = oysterpots
ruby = ??
forever = ??
and gilbonzo, thank goodness = gilbonzo - how sensible is that !

Is that right? Let us know your MFP names please, Ruby and Forever

worriermum Thu 07-Apr-11 17:07:47

Forever, and everyone else, another thought: what about, in addition to a weekly weigh in, having a weekly or fortnightly check in about what makes us overeat ie what have been our triggers for this week or couple of weeks? In my case, DP is away for weeks in another country and I am single parent to DS, 7. Each night, as I finally get DS to bed I head for the kitchen and the Nutella jar sad and blush. Its a very difficult time - it looks very much as though DP will have to work in another country and oh I dont know, just thinking about our family situation makes me want to put something into my mouth!!! Anyway, maybe typing all this will help to break the pattern.

foreverondiet Thu 07-Apr-11 17:11:34

worriermum- I am already your MFP friend – its my real name and don’t want to be outed on mumsnet! My profile picture is me feeding some birds, wearing new skinny jeans!

Re: exercise, I don’t think it is essential to start with, so you can ponder over what is going to work for you the next few weeks or even months. Rowing would be fab, as its great all over exercise – could you get access to rowing machine – or could you cycle – either inside or outside or do spin classes? Swimming is the obvious one – could you tolerate once a week?

But no rush, loosing weight mainly about eating not about exercise, wearing inserts and walking is enough for now. Also maybe you could find an exercise DVD that works for you.

Re: measurement, yes I have a soft measuring tape (ie dressmakers tape). If you don’t have just get string etc and measure with that and then measure string with hard tape measure. You could keep the string in different marked envelopes and then hopefully trim the string as you loose weight.

foreverondiet Thu 07-Apr-11 17:23:01

worriermum- re: nutella, its about planning, you know it’s a hard time. So plan in advance, buy yourself something nice to have instead, eg fruit yoghurt, or natural yoghurt with fruit, even add a few nuts. Once you have eaten your snack stop and think about whether you are hungry. And stop buying nutella, its probably expensive and you don’t need it!

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