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Xenical/Orlistat users.. Come and talk to me

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Shhhh Fri 04-Mar-11 10:50:29

Just been prescribed this from my GP.
Having done WW and more recently SW and really finding it hard to loose weight.

I can say hand on heart I have stuck to diet plans, do aqua aerobics x2 a week and zunba weekly and im no lighter or smaller..sad.

Just started xenical yesterday... anyone got any advice or comments on how they find it..? good or bad smile.


BigFatSpider Sun 13-Mar-11 11:42:51

Hi Shhhh

I'm doing well, thanks - no side effects here either, other than a bit 'windier' than usual, but certainly nothing catastrophic! I do wonder if I'm actually eating enough fat - some of the testimonies I've come across on the web (though from Alli, rather than orlistat) seem to be people saying they only lost weight if they ate fatty foods, but that doesn't feel right to me. I need this helping hand to learn to wean myself off comfort food for good, which is my downfall. BTW my daily 'menu' is much the same as yours!

I'm trying to stay away from the scales at home (they're pretty unreliable) and just stick to the once a month check with my GP. I have a long way to go (bleurgh, might as well admit it to you, my xenical buddy - was 14.11 ) but just being closer to 13 something rather than closer to 15 something when I go back to GP will be a good enough start for me.

Hope you're still doing well - stayed away from all chocolate?!

Speak soon and thanks for the bump

Shhhh Sun 13-Mar-11 14:57:05

Hi bfs, I will message you wink.

JessHelicopter Fri 12-Oct-12 21:54:03

Hello! know this is a super old thread but actually i wanted to know if anyone (who was taking it) kept the weight off or lasted long term with the orlistat? i've just started taking it and am terrified of the side effects. i am on weight watchers pro points but both today and yesterday i've had to go over my points with carbs just to stop the low blood sugar dizziness. :/ i guess that evens out at some point....? has anyone had an "accident" eating less 15g fat (or less) in one go?

theodorakis Mon 15-Oct-12 07:40:46

It helped me. It is like a fat eating punishment. i once farted at work and the brown juice came out of my neck. Never fart.
It takes about 3 days for the full force.
I had a snickers and it took less than an hour to come out.
Stick with them and learn the snickers lessons and it will help you think twice before popping chocolate or stuffed crust pizza (don't ask).

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