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Xenical/Orlistat users.. Come and talk to me

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Shhhh Fri 04-Mar-11 10:50:29

Just been prescribed this from my GP.
Having done WW and more recently SW and really finding it hard to loose weight.

I can say hand on heart I have stuck to diet plans, do aqua aerobics x2 a week and zunba weekly and im no lighter or smaller..sad.

Just started xenical yesterday... anyone got any advice or comments on how they find it..? good or bad smile.


sevendwarves Fri 04-Mar-11 18:29:23

Have you actually started taking them yet, and do you know about the side effects? They do work well but be very careful of how much fat you eat or you'll definately regret it!

BigFatSpider Fri 04-Mar-11 21:34:10

Well good evening - so pleased to find this thread! Have just taken my first tablet this evening, having been prescribed them this afternoon, and was just having a scout hoping to find some other 'users' here!

I have similar difficulties, Shhhh - I do eat healthily now but sadly the damage has been done in recent years, and now I find it very difficult to lose weight. GP said today that due to the massive amounts of meds I have to take (gabapentin, naproxen, omeprazole, lyrinel, rebif, methyl-prednisalone... the list goes on!) it's no wonder I struggle, so it's nice to feel 'believed'.

Can't believe my luck finding you here starting on the almost the same day - fancy doing this thing with a partner in crime?!

Thanks for the side effect info, seven - I have been warned...

Hope to talk more!

sevendwarves Fri 04-Mar-11 23:00:24

I'm not actually taking them anymore, I think there's only so long you can cope with the side effects, you'll find out soon enough! I lost 2.5 stone using them though, and went from a size 20 to a 16 and am now reasonably happy (and a lot more confident)!

Good luck!

Shhhh Sat 05-Mar-11 23:29:43

sevenwarves, BUT aren't the side effects from eating to much fat..?

Im a bit vague tbh about it all... I went to my gp's I guess expecting a miracle and feel maybe this is it ! Im aware of the "poo" side BUT thought was if you opted for high fat meals..?

TBH, im on day 3 of taking them and I feel fine.. yes I weighed myself this morning and a little disapointed that im still the same weight.. weight is slowly taking over my life. sadly sad.
Is it to soon to expect losses.?

I just find it hard that there isn't a diet as such to follow...

Am I doing it right.?

Breakfast: Low fat cereal bar or weetabix or toast
Lunch: Bagel & low fat philly, WW soup or WW spagetti on toast
Dinne: Pasta & ww sauce, Salmon & veg, jacket potato & beans

Snacks tend to be: ww biscuit or fruit or muller light etc

I am aiming to eat around 1400 a day.. although never been given a figure. Think I just read that online.?

AND so far no "poo" issues..hmm.

Am I doing it right.? Im just aprehensive as I don't want to end up a month on in the same situation sad.

Bigfatspider,of course I will be your partner in crime smile. How much do you hope to loose.? I need to loose about 2 stone, that would take me within a healthy BMI and would also see me happy. Although dh & I would love to at least be expecting baby 3 this year so I really want to get things moving iykwim. Worries me being pregnant at this weight and 9 months on being an extra 2-3-4 stone heavier iykwim..

Hope to hear back x

Shhhh Sat 05-Mar-11 23:36:07

just google more about calorie intake... think maybe I should be on around 1200 a day...

ilove Sat 05-Mar-11 23:36:08












Shhhh Sat 05-Mar-11 23:37:24

LOL grin

but surely thats only if you eat excess fat..? is that the case with everyone..? blush

ilove Sat 05-Mar-11 23:38:07



NEVER assume it is only a fart.....even if you've only eaten lettuce...

CameronCook Sat 05-Mar-11 23:38:11

grin ilove

Shhhh Sat 05-Mar-11 23:38:48

really blush

ilove Sat 05-Mar-11 23:39:51

Oh yes. And it doesnt wash/boil/bleach out either.

ilove Sat 05-Mar-11 23:41:59

You are going to be shitting bright orange oil. No matter what you eat. BTDTGTTS.

Shhhh Sat 05-Mar-11 23:51:58


So go on them, break it to me gently.. what day do I expect this to happen..?

ilove Sat 05-Mar-11 23:53:31

Been there done that got the T shirt...

And any day now...

It floats as well, doesnt flush away...

Shhhh Sat 05-Mar-11 23:57:11

Oh fab ! So you suggest I invest in a seive grin.

Do you think I am doing it right though..? day 3 and I feel no different, Kcal wise what should I be eating..?

Are you at your idea weight now..?

ilove Sun 06-Mar-11 00:17:41

A sieve??? A sieve??

What, from what I have said, makes you think you will be pooing anything solid at all???????????????/

ilove Sun 06-Mar-11 00:18:33

Nothing more than 5% fat per 100g...

And no, I'm not...

sevendwarves Sun 06-Mar-11 14:49:34

OP have you farted yet?

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Sun 06-Mar-11 15:37:34

I second EVERYTHING Ilove says blush

Plus, the pills dont make you lose weight any faster. All they do is fluch out 30% of excess fat per meal. If you are eating lowfat, they dont actually make much difference. They just stop you from wanting to eat high fat because of the side effects!

Also, are you on the Pill? It can alter how well that is absorbed.

NewPatchesForOld Mon 07-Mar-11 10:10:02

I've been on these and sometimes you really don't know you've eaten anything high fat...the damn stuff hides! If you get sudden cramping wind type, run as fast as you can, whilst trying to keep your bum clenched, to the nearest toilet. And invest in copious amounts of bleach for the loo as it sticks and won't flush away.

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Mon 07-Mar-11 10:19:59

Food you should watch - salmon & eggs! You would think they woudl be ok, but they have sneaky fat that squirts blush

Shhhh Wed 09-Mar-11 11:49:52

Sorry, not been around for sa few days.

Well, day 6/7 and Im doing very well.
No poo issues and all going well. Im assuming that as I have no issue it means im eating low fat..?

Poo seems to be ok as well, not loose as others suggested although im not as regular as I was iykiwm.

No to salmon..? I had that for dinner last night and all far..16 hrs on I guess I would have known by now hmmgrin.

I have weighed myself today and I seem to be about 4lb lighter which Im assuming is right and the scales aren't playing with my head grin!

Im not on the pill btw.

I think tbh that they pill although remove a % of fat its the fact that you watch what you eat and stay clear of high fat items that helps the weight come off..
I haven;'t had chocolate all week which is my vice... Maybe that can be what I give up for lent ! Never managed that before lol!! are things with you.?

olijackmum Fri 11-Mar-11 15:46:25

its awful I have nearly been caught short a few tinmes when I wa son it , just carry spare knickers about with you I say

Shhhh Sat 12-Mar-11 09:44:20

bigfatspider... how are you doing..?

still no side effects here smile.
Feeling quite good on them tbh,don't feel bloated and feel relieved that I am on route to loosing this weight.

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