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cura romana hcg drops diet

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rr16 Wed 19-Jan-11 14:37:40

has anyone any advice to give me on the cura romana diet that uses hcg homeopathic drops?
i'd love to hear if this diet has worked or not.
many thanks xXx

Jupoohs Sun 23-Jan-11 19:15:24


Yes, well early days, but have been on this for a week now and lost 6lbs(with one or two slip ups too!!)

Its certainly manageable, and its much easier than a normal diet,easy recipes, not much to eat but you dont really feel that hungry.Just the habit of eating, but I have felt better emotionally too.My family all think I am calmer,which is a big plus! Let me know if you need any more info,you do need to plan it a couple of week, as quite a few things to buy, and some I got from the states,but sure you could buy them in a god health store.

BoringlySensible Wed 26-Jan-11 12:26:27

First time caller...

I've struggled with my weight for a long time. I've done a fair amount of research about diets. I know more than I ever wanted to know! And it doesn't help me when the cake is in front of me!

Cura Romana is potentially dangerous. The marketing says it is safe but it's not. If you are going to do, please, tell your doctor, get your doctor to monitor you, especially your electrolytes.

500 calories a day can make you ill in itself. Combining that with the use of laxatives and drinking lots of water could make you very ill indeed, even kill you.

chocolatefondue Mon 07-Mar-11 15:56:30

Just wondered how you are getting on with the programme?

Mockingbird11 Mon 20-Jun-11 08:11:29

Firstly can i say i'm not a mum but i have come on here to share my recent experience of Cura Romana after being prompted by friends of mine that are mums.

It works!

If you are thinking of doing it, do your homework first, read Dr Simeons protocol, buy Leslie Kentons book Cura Romana, as i refered to it umpteen times whilst i did the first phase, read it through once then do it.

No injections are involved, its a homeopathic spray that mimics the hormone you pregnant mums produce that ensure your babies are feed whilst in the womb.

I have just finished the 9 week course and i lost 24lbs. I have another 10lbs to go and i wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I was never hungry, had loads of energy, felt brilliant and still do.

I did it for hormonal reasons, to get mine under control rather that going down the HRT route.

Don't fall for the "500 calories is not enough". 500 calories is only what you physically put in your body daily BUT and it's a big BUT which i will put in capitals THE SPRAY RELEASES THE EXCESS FAT WITHIN YOUR BODY THAT CONTAINS PROTIEN SO YOUR BODY IS FEEDING OFF THAT AS WELL !

I was as sceptical as the next person but i did my homework and it works. I have had no ill effects at all, quite the contrary. I would not advise anyone to do this unless they are totally committed as it is not something such as weightwatchers that you can jump on and off. If you can manage 23 days of total commitment which is the length of the first phase with the spray then you will be fine and will get through the final 6 weeks of consolidation.

Unless someone has done the research or done this course then it is difficult to understand how they can possibly comment. It is very different from anything else that you will have tried.

Mockingbird11 Mon 20-Jun-11 08:13:53

Can i just add that NO laxitives are involved either and just like normal you should be drinking 2 ltrs of water a day. Do your research !

foreverondiet Mon 20-Jun-11 09:56:46

Can I be totally cynical and say that if you only eat 500 calories a day you are bound to loose weight, as you will be living of your fat stores, spray or no spray!

BartletForAmerica Mon 20-Jun-11 17:42:42


Not convinced by this. Would love to know just much protein is in fat. I don't doubt you can get significant weight loss with a VLCD (very low calorie diet) as you'll need the energy from breaking down your fat cells, but this should surely be done under medical supervision.

As for drinking lots of water, it is only dangerous if you drink loads in one go (you can get water intoxication, the brain swells and people can die). It is fine to drink water throughout the day, spacing it out.

Mockingbird11 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:52:23

If you only eat 500 calories a day without the spray you will lose essential fat that your body needs NOT excess fat that your body doesn't. You will also make yourself ill which is why you use the spray to release the fat and protein DOH!

Come on mums i paid for the spray that mimics the hormone you produce/d when you were pregnant. That is what your wee ones fed on.

If you are not convinced do the research ladies, get the book and do it, there are plenty of us out there that have that have lost lots of weight, lowered their blood pressure, cholesterol and hormone levels and feel fantastic.

It's easy to sit there and be cynical if you don't bother to research.

Just do it !

HeyH0 Tue 21-Jun-11 08:51:07

"It's easy to sit there and be cynical if you don't bother to research."

Okay, perhaps you can point those that are interested to some freely available, scientifically rigorous, peer-reviewed, academic articles that support the claims made for this product? When you do, purely in the interests of transparency, it would be helpful to state who funded said articles.

Personally, I have zero interest in the snake oil product you seem intent on peddling, so I'm going to file your previous comments under pseudo-scientific clap-trap. If, however, I was being cynical, I'd ask what your affiliation is to the manufacturers of this product; but I'm not that curious, so won't bother. grin

foreverondiet Tue 21-Jun-11 09:25:54

Still being cynical:

1) the spray is homeopathic which means that the level of hormones is very very small - not at the sort of levels in early pregnancy (when I put on weight but hey ho)

2) Without the spray why would the body use essential fat before non-essential fat? There are other VLCDs out there eg lighter life and I've never heard anyone worry comment about them that you might loose the wrong sort of fat.

3) In terms of research, looking on google or reading the book isn't research. Looking at scientifically rigorous, peer-reviewed, academic articles would be and I couldn't find any!

BartletForAmerica Tue 21-Jun-11 12:32:58

I have to declare something here: my job prior to being on maternity leave was obesity research in one of the world's top universities, so I do feel I have done the research!

The spray is homeopathic. That means, as far as I understand homeopathy, that there won't actually be any molecules of HCG left in the bottle, but that the water after the serial dilutions will "retain the memory" of the HCG. Hmm.

As for HCG itself, it is produced by the embryo and later the placenta, to provide the uterine lining for the embryo to implant and may have a role in immunosuppression, so the body doesn't recognise the growing baby as 'foreign' as it would, for example, a virus. HCG isn't nutrition for the baby. The baby feeds on nutrients from the mother via the placenta.

I wonder if you could, in the absence of any papers, explain what the right sort of fat and the wrong sort of fat is?

We have subcutaneous fat, which is what makes us look fat if there is lots of it, and visceral fat, which is on our organs and muscles and predisposes us to insulin resistance and then all the problems associated with that. We can have lots of visceral fat without looking fat, so people of normal weight overall can still be insulin resistant/have diabetes.

VLCDs do work because you don't take enough energy in, so your body starts breaking down your subcutaneous and visceral fat stores. This in turn does mean that you lose plenty of weight, which will certainly lead to improvements in insulin resistance and diabetes, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and, more than likely for a number of physiological and psychological reasons, make you feel fantastic.

This is just a VLCD hiding behind pseudoscience to make it something it is not.

BoringlySensible Sat 25-Jun-11 11:12:57

The "essential spray" is NOT homeopathic. It transpires that the product that was originally sold was illegal in the UK. The formulation has been changed. It is essentially pure water with 25% alcohol. It does not even contain homeopathic ingredients. Apparently, it has been "energised". Dh says it is likely to have "energised" using a radionic machine.

I don't do the research, I get dh to do that for me! The Cura Romana diet is based on Simeon's protocol. Most of the existing research strongly points to hCG as a weightloss adjunct being ineffective. But it substitutes the "essential spray" for hCG! The weightloss comes from the VLCD. hCG, homeopathic drops, "essential spray" do nothing.

VLCDs are dangerous for some

CuraRomana Mon 04-Jul-11 23:37:52

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

CuraRomana Mon 04-Jul-11 23:41:38

May I suggest that "Boringly Sensible do his or her homework. Perhaps read Leslie Kenton's The Cura Romana Weightloss Plan book which is replete with lengthy scientific resources if he or she wants genuinely to know the truth about how successful the protocol is when used correctly.

Smallbrownbird Wed 06-Jul-11 12:10:08

I did Cura Romana in February and lost a stone, and despite eating like a horse since I haven't put any weight back on. I'm very happy with the results. It gives you the incentive to work out for yourself, and stick to, the foods you can eat loads of and the foods you can't.

Having worked in clinical trials I have to say, sadly, that we don't live in a world where research and clinical trials can be done for free (and they cost a lot). Big Pharma patent a drug, trial it, and hope to make their money back on it in the few years before the drug goes generic. Things like flower essences, herbs and homeopathic remedies are not patentable so the cost of the trials can't be recouped. It's going to take a very wealthy benefactor to answer the whole question of clinical trials and alternative therapies. Anyone got a few billion to spare?

BoringlySensible Wed 03-Aug-11 12:00:07

Oh dear.

ChrisPBacon Wed 03-Aug-11 12:11:50

Last bit from ASA link in case anyone is still in doubt about this cobblertastic pile of spam marketing:

The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Leslie Kenton not to promote an unlicensed medicine or to make dietary and weight loss claims for the Cura Romana programme that were not compatible with good medical or nutritional practice."

Smallbrownbird Sat 27-Aug-11 09:49:07

Thanks BoringlySensible, that was interesting reading. Cura Romana's fallen foul of the ASA's 'you're not allowed to say you can lose more than 2lbs a week' weightloss ruling - that's what they mean by compatible with good medical or nutritional practice. Cura Romana's not British and other countries don't have this rather odd 2lbs a week ruling. As someone said on Mumsnet recently - '2lbs? I've had poos bigger than that.' As for the unlicenced medicine thing, looks like the ASA's up to their necks in the homeopathy debate, I'll be following that with interest.

BoringlySensible Sat 27-Aug-11 13:35:39

DH says the ASA will have taken advice from dietetic professionals. Also, some other countries have even stricter rules regarding weightloss claims - see

"2(a) Advertisements should not suggest or imply that consumers should have a diet which is not nutritionally well-balanced nor advertise a diet plan with less that 3500 kilojoules (800 calories) per day."

BlinkyBop Tue 18-Oct-11 07:31:33

I know these messages were written some time ago but I stumbled across this blog today and thought I really should chime in being that I did Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana June 2009.

Whilst I certainly lost a lot of weight very quickly - 10.5kgs in 45 days I don't know if I would recommend others do the program.

For the first 45 days - less for some people who don't have too much to lose - as stated above you take the spray or drops, eat a 500 calorie a day diet and in my case have daily contact with Leslie Kenton herself for advice and help etc (I don't think she's doing it like that anymore).
Then Consolidation begins when you re introduce foods you previously had cut out and you are to take note of how you are reacting to them. We were told to weigh ourselves daily and if we had put weight on it was a strong indicator that, that food doesn't agree with us. I found i became very obsessive about what I ate as if I put on 500grams from the previous days weight I'd blame it on the chunk of cheese or the sweet potato or the banana I had. I started seeing healthy foods as the enemy and strictly ate non starchy vegetables and meat for almost 2 years. Yes - I maintained the weight loss but at some point it is no longer sustainable. I found eating so strictly starting to encroach of my quality of life and derived no pleasure from those most exciting of things.
Of course - this is only my experience and many other people have had great results - but I wonder - how many actually post or blog a few years after they've done the program - did they maintain the weight? Are they happy? I managed to find a few people out there who did the protocol some years ago and all had the same experience as me. It worked for some time but in the end it's just not fun. Many have found great alternatives to sustaining their weight - Bikram yoga, The Gabriel Method, eating a normal balanced diet that is far more enjoyable and less restrictive.

To conclude - i'm discovering more and more people who have done the protocol who say it was great at the time but particularly difficult to maintain long term.

LadyJanegr Thu 12-May-16 08:15:01

Its works very well and fact I never felt better for years..dont listen to the neg feedback's they either didn't do it or cheated ...if you read the book and stick to the simple plan its easy with no hungry at all... and the weight and good feeling stay's long after..Thank you Leslie Kenton

Lidia31 Wed 24-Aug-16 18:35:41

Hello everyone,

I’m just about to start the Cura Roman Course. I bought Leslie Kenton’s book and the drops hoping they work for me. My weight is stable 53-54 kilos, but I’d like to find the shape of my twenties.
While reading this book, I've got increasingly disappointed as, apart from the book and the drops, there are quite a lot of things to buy so that you could stick to the protocol – two digital scales (bathroom and kitchen), sugar-free vitamin C, mineral-based/ colour-free/ perfume-free (and other things-free) make-up, and face and body cleansing products, etc. Then you’re supposed to buy best quality products, ideally organic vegetables and fruit and free-range poultry or meat from grass-fed cows. The diet turns out to be quite expensive.
I do really hope it holds its promises. Personally, I was attracted by the possibility of losing weight without looking haggard and suffering from fatigue and insomnia. I ordered all that is needed for Cura. The ordered items haven’t arrived yet. So, I have time to look for information and reviews on the Internet, which are, as you know, quire controversial. I’ll post another comment later when I’m on the course. I don’t think I’ll benefit from the placebo effect as I’m quite sceptical. Yet, I’d like to give Cura Romana a go as I have few alternatives left. I’ve got a time-consuming job and a family to look after, which doesn’t leave time for exercise. I used to go regularly jogging a few years ago, but this doesn’t result in much weigh lost. Don't misunderstand me, sports are great for the shape, moral and health, but they're difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle unless you're rich and have oodles of time for yourself.

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