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My boring story and a calorie question

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mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Tue 18-Jan-11 19:46:19


I've only been on this part of the forums once and i only come on infrequently but i'm a bit confused and couldn't think of a better place to get sound advice!

I need to lose ideally 6 and a half stone (would be happy with 6).

I have tried many things but my innate laziness and extra excuse gene has meant i failed, gave up or excused myself out of it.

I fell from 18st to 15st in a short period of time 6 years ago but don't know what part of the came off the pill/went on metformin/started smoking again/was doing a stressful course/went to clubs alot (again) combination caused the weight loss.

I put a stone back on pretty quickly but then got pregnant very easily and have never gone much below 17st since - fluctuating between 17 and 18.

I have PCOS, hence the metformin, but have been back on it since and it had no effect so I'm attributing it to any of the other factors mentioned above.

My attempts to lose weight have always ended with me going 'i'm not unhealthy, my husband loves me so....' But this time i've had enough. I don't want my DS being overweight because i am, i don't want him being embarrased at school as he gets older and a very long list of other things.

I've never been more determined and I'm not going to let scales destroy my confidence and make me feel like 'what's the point'.

So... i've got 'my fitness pal' app on the iphone and i've been fastidiously entering all my food for over a week now. (i didn't lose anything this weekend but am continuing). I'm also walking every day and plan to swim every other week (for now).

I know it doesnt sound like much but it's more than i was doing. I'm also doing simple things like parking further away from work and school.

I'm quite proud of myself so far and am hoping that if i add things (or take them away) in 4 week intervals i'll see some results. The equivalent of a 1lbs a week for 18 months will see me at my target weight and that seems reasonable to me. I used to want to see stones off in weeks so...i've got some sense this time!

So the question is .... the app i'm using is really good and accurate and i have checked packaging so i know it's right but i'm under my calories every day which is good but if I dont eat at least 1200 calories it tells me my body could go into starvation mode and i wont lose weight - but tonight i'm stuffed and i need to have 400 more calories to be at 1200!!!

Weird thing is I don't think i'm eating much less - but the curry on a wednesday, chinese on a friday and mcdonalds/kentucky/toasted sandwich fuelled weekends are stopping (very hopeful that that will make a difference!)

What do you ladies think? Will stopping the takeaway make a difference? Will i go into 'starvation mode' if i don't reach my 1200 calories and if so what the heck can i eat to get it up? (can't fill up on bread as i'm a bit intolerant to wheat!!!)

Thank you

TreeHuggerMum1 Tue 18-Jan-11 20:08:02

I think you are being realistic with the 1 lb a week loss.
I was over 15 st after my first child, I gained almost 5 stone during pregnancy so I do sympathise, I am now 11 st 4 lb so still not near what I was first off but better than I was.
I think its important on the bad down days to remember things like that.
I did Slimming World and tried to use the car less and cut down takeaways to one per week.
Slimming world said you should be realistic with goal and I aimed for 1 - 2 lb a week.
Small changes WILL make a difference long term, and that what you want, long term weight loss and not a faddy quick fix starvation diet, keep at it and good luck.

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Tue 18-Jan-11 20:22:36

Thank you.

Should i be more concerned with calories than fat content? What about lowering carbs??? Questions questions questions gosh i'm annoying!!!

TreeHuggerMum1 Tue 18-Jan-11 20:27:19

Hahaha, not to worry.
I LOVE carbs so that wouldn't have been an option for me, I love spuds, pasta and bread but ever since Slimming World I always remember fat grams etc and not so much about calories.
I still now check the grams of fat in most foods and I guess thats why I have weighed the same for the last few years.
No more than 70g for the whole day!!
A small penguin is around 6 g and ready meals can be around 20 - 30, I always check ready made sandwiches too as they can be very deceiving, the same as a very fatty ready meal...

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Wed 19-Jan-11 08:05:40


TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 19-Jan-11 08:10:34

I found that with myfitnesspal, I would eat quite a lot (for me) and the calories just went stacking up, it was forever maoning at me about 'starvation mode' and I didn't loose a bean. The only sucsess I have ever had has been at slimming world but I have neither the childcare of money to do it now, im trying to follow the plan at home. I do 20 min workouts everynight, im resticted to what I can do due to illness but I use the ea fitness and it it fun and it doesn't cause me damage!

Shaxx Wed 19-Jan-11 10:33:48

I'm calorie counting at the moment and I think it does make a difference where your calories come from.
I'm on 1200 cals (am 5'2") and I tend to lose more weight when I stick to good food and less carbs in the evening. I try to have a 100cal 'treat' which is either crisps or choc but the rest of the day is pretty much low sugar and low fat too as you get more food that way!
Try to stay away from rubbishy low cal processed food as they tend to have lots of artifical stuff and sweeteners, which are really bad for you.

Focus on good wholesome food which nourishes your body rather than making it work hard processing it.

I've just ordered a book to help me cook healthier meals in the evening. 563488409/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=129543299 3&sr=8-1-spell

You sound really positive and are definitely doing the right things. Good luck smile

thedogwalker Wed 19-Jan-11 13:56:21

Hi, have you thought about stocking up on seeds and nuts, a great way to get the right type of fat into your body, and as they are protein, they will keep you fuller for longer. Use them for snacks instead of going for the chocolate or biscuit tin {smile]

And I support what Shaxx says, UNPROCESSED food, is the way ahead, everything that is prepackaged has hidden fats/sugars which will harm any diet, even low fat products have hidden sugars, so go natural.

Good luck.

FatFurryCatPuss Wed 19-Jan-11 16:05:25

I'm (low GI for PCOS) calorie counting at the moment. Had the iphone app you mention, but now just keep a running total in my head (I'm pretty good at this and don't 'cheat'!)

I've, through one means or another, tried keeping my calorie intake VERY low (below 100 per day) as I foolishly thought that half the calories would mean double to weight loss... hmm Wrong! I lost very little weight and felt really miserable/hungry/deprived after a few weeks and binged back (plus more!) all the weight I'd lost.

I'm now making sure I get between 1400-1600 calories a day and I'm not feeling hungry or deprived. I've also finally got my head around the fact that it's going to take me a long time to do this and a lifetime to keep it off. But it is coming off, so it's all good! grin

Blogging about it is definitely helping as well as it keeps me busy when I could be boredom eating... wink

Good luck!

FatFurryCatPuss Wed 19-Jan-11 16:07:08

That should be below 1000 calories... blush

JeffVadar Wed 19-Jan-11 18:54:20

I think starvation mode can be triggered by skipping meals - it's very important to eat regularly throughout the day. If your body is used to regular meals it shouldn't go into starvation mode.

Also try and get some exercise too if you have time. Long, low intensity exercise is actually best for fat burning. An hours walk can burn over 200 calories!

You are doing exactly the right thing and I really hope you stick with it and are successful. By the summer you could be down by 3 stone!

Good Luck!

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Tue 25-Jan-11 08:24:31

Thank you all, sorry for the delay in responding!!

I am still stickign at it. Fighting the urge to weigh myself yet!! Very difficult.

I try to eat low carbs as I know that helps with the PCOS and most things i eat are home made from fresh and i dont skip meals and have stopped eating late at night, so am doing really well!!!

Interestingly the calories are still down in my app but when i go to the nutrients page of it the sugars are always too high, which is odd because i thought sugar was calories!!

Anyway, will lower the sugars and carbs further.

Two more weeks and it's weights and measures time!!!

Thanks for everyone's good wishes. I'll put on her any weight loss - whether you're interested or not!!! grin It'll help me if people other than my DH and mum know what's happening with me.

Ta guys

C x

BelaLugosiinStripes Tue 25-Jan-11 22:05:42

Low to medium GI foods help with sustained energy release and are a 'better' form of carbohydrates. E.g. having 35g porridge with apple and 10g flaked almonds for breakfast. Made with milk or water but no added sugar/honey, 15g of raisins for sweetness.
This keeps me going from 7am to 1130, then I have an oatcake with a cup of tea.

Well done for sticking with it so far

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Wed 26-Jan-11 22:05:33

Thanks Bela that's sounds lovely.


Foreverondiet Fri 28-Jan-11 12:07:02

With a low GI diet you might even be able to ditch the metformin. Recommend that you read Collette Harris's pcos diet book.

Need to reduce sugars right down and only eat brown low GI carbs.

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Thu 10-Feb-11 20:54:33

4 weeks in 6lbs lost and 3 ins from nearly every part of my body.

Very pleased. Realistic weight loss and with minimum initial effort.


Foreverondiet Thu 10-Feb-11 21:07:18

Well done thats fantastic - although 1200 calories a day is not minimal effort.

I would imagine you'd be able to maintain that sort of weight loss for a while - just think half a stone a month, 12 months to loose the weight!

Hopefully that will give you motivation to keep on going. Much more sensible to loose weight slowly.

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Tue 19-Jul-11 17:19:37

Not been on here in a while. Been feeling quite low in general but perked up when i weighed myself last weekend and found i'd lost another 6lbs - so 16lbs total since i started in January. Can't quite believe it. If i loose another few i'll be in the next stoneage!!! Feels too good to be true though, must have had a really good week in some way!!

Thanks to everyone who has responded in the past, i don't expect any responses now, just nice to get sommat down in writing.

If only i could stop being so lazy and do something physical. I know it would help with the mood swings, headaches and fatigue too. Though that could be cycle related.


nothruroad Tue 19-Jul-11 23:37:03

Well done, you're doing brilliantly! Keep it up!

foreverondiet Wed 20-Jul-11 14:23:31

Well done!

If you want to do something physical 30 day shred is great and there is a support thread running....

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Sun 24-Jul-11 18:21:08

Thanks guys. Will check out the shred.

Another 5lbs lost on last weigh in. 21 lbs altogether!! I've gone into another stone bracket!!! Not been 16st anything for years!!! i know its still big but for me i'd almost be happy to tell my friends!!

thanks for the support :D

foreverondiet Sun 24-Jul-11 19:04:00

Wow another 5lbs! You are doing so well.

I am happy to give you support on MFP if you want - just let me know your user name and I'll add you smile.

Its v hard to get sugars down in myfitnesspal - I have given up trying - a couple of yoghurts and pieces of fruit and I've blown it!

I love shred, I was fit anyway but shred changes your body shape. Am so much more toned.

mostlyhappywithsomelowpressure Sun 24-Jul-11 20:36:06

Thanks foreverondiet. I haven't used MFP for a while i worry that i'm not eating enough for it to be happy and will do that red reprimand thing it does. I will go back on though as i plan to do exercise now its the summer hols and I am concerned that the weight loss might be too quick and therefore not real!!

My attitude to food has totally changed lately. i used to hate to waste it and would eat stuff just becasue it was in the house but now, i find i only eat when i really have to and sometimes get quite bored!! I hope it stays that way otherwise i'll be up again.

My MFP username is MrsH78 - will keep an eye out. Thanks again.
(Ps my profile picture is not me! it's Hayley Atwell who's figure i wish i hadenvy)

foreverondiet Sun 24-Jul-11 23:09:05

Ignore the stupid warnings. It told me I should eat 1200 calories to loose weight. If I under-ate by even one calorie it said I was starving myself! And if i ate 1201 then I'd gone over.

My personal view is that under-eating only a problem if you are starving yourself - ie if you are hungry or if you are consistently undereating every single day.

From my weight loss journey I know now that QUALITY of the calories is just as/more important than the QUANTITY.

re: waste - better to waste than to your waist!

Spamspamspam Mon 25-Jul-11 12:58:11

Wow well done mostly that's fantastic - keep it up!

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