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dukan dieters please advise meeeeeeee

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appletiser Sat 08-Jan-11 23:28:15

hi - i gained 20kg in my pregnancy and 18months later have only mnaged to shift 3kg! i used to be able to control my weight quite well before this with exercise but with the weight gain and lifestle change i am finding this a struggle though i am finally getting back into it.
i have started calorie counting and may join weight watchers as both have worked for me in the past - but then have started across the dukan diet.....
my main concern is that i have to cook for husband and toddler too - how do the menus work.... will i be able to lets say cook something for them but then just have the meat from it on the proten days?
im also concerned about the cost.. we are a bit short on cash these days but am desperate to lose the weight.. is there any other cost after the joining much does the weekly shop cost change on this diet?

cairns Sun 09-Jan-11 16:11:59

Hi appletiser , I am currently Dukaning and it is great, really really easy as it is so simple (but it isn;t for everyone). I gained quite a bit of weight over two pregnancies and so far have shifted nearly 20lbs since mid -Oct! There is a thread on this board for Dukaners here and a seperate recipe thread herehas just been set up to help.

I find it actually easier now to cook for DH and my two DCs (both under 3.5) as I menu plan more and cook a lot of casseroles, mince etc I just add rice, pasta, potatoes, cheese etc to their portions which seems to work really well.

Re cost for me I think I am not spending as much but that is because a) I am not buying alcohol and b) I think I am menu planning better so no food is wasted (ie if I roast a whole chicken it can feed us all for at least 2 maybe 3days as I will make the remains into soup etc), plus I don;t buy expensive cuts of meat or fish (ie I use a lot of lean mince, casserole beef, frozen fish fillets, chicken thighs and a lot of eggs.) Muller light yoghurts are my staple 'sweet thing' and they are always on offer somewhere.

oh you don;t need to register anywhere, getting hold of the book will be all you need but tbh you can glean a lot of info from the internet.

good luck! PS if Dukan isn;t right for you, then low-carbing is very similar and effective just a little less restrictive, I think and there is a great low-carb thread on this board.

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