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Slimming World virgin... please explain...

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Alambil Sat 08-Jan-11 11:15:36

do you actually lose weight eating that many carbs?

is it a "cheap" diet?

is it faffy? (weighing etc)

can I do it when I don't eat breakfast til 10am (at work) and don't get in again til 7ish and eat around 7 30pm...?

do I need to go to the meetings every week? forever?

I have 11 stone to lose.... will SW help?

Also, I have depression and go up and down; when I'm down, I don't like cooking ... is there a way around that on SW to store things a la ready meal style?

savedbygrace Sat 08-Jan-11 11:29:47

NO. (Weighing is minimal).
It helps.

I've just rejoined and I lost 8lb in my first week!!! (I need to lose about 6/7 stone).

The meetings help, (they really do) - you would lot's of tips and advice......... So if you can get to a meeting then I would.

You get to eat whenever you want - and there is a huge range of food which you can eat in unlimited quantities.

Give it a go.... and good luck.

Alambil Sun 09-Jan-11 12:47:23

thank you that really helps. I think I may join!

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