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I've decided I need club motivation. About slimming world..

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upahill Mon 03-Jan-11 09:46:03

Slimming World is the nearest club to me and people seem to like it.

Can you tell me what, as a vegetarian, I can eat. How much does it cost.

I work an irregular work pattern. Do I pay for missed weeks or can I go to a different class.

izzybiz Mon 03-Jan-11 09:50:47


I think for a vegetarian it will be an easy plan to follow, all fresh fruits, vegetables etc are free, Quorn is free too.

You can go to any class as long as you attened once per week, missed weeks need to be paid for, when I went last year it was £4.95 per week, not sure if its changed, but I'll be going back soon too!

Good luck!

morethanyoubargainfor Mon 03-Jan-11 09:54:10

From what i can remember you can go to another class or you just tell the consultant that you can't make it and there won't be a charge.

As a vegetarian you will stick to the green days so all fruit and vegetables and pasta, you can eat some quorn products for 'free' and some you have to use syns, they are low syns value though. You have 10 per day to use and most quorn products are 0.5-1 synn.

It cost about £4.85 per week IIRC thats why i stopped going in the end, that and the fact i am also vegetarian and wheat free!

Good luck.

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