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the losing 5 stone plus thread. It's January, here we go again!

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RiaInExcelsisDeo Sat 01-Jan-11 19:59:19

Hi RG, shall we have a new thread especially to pre-celebate the success we're going to have this year?wink

Emjxxx Sun 02-Jan-11 14:34:35

I would like to join please, I need some help and guidance. I'm no good at slimming clubs have been there done that. I lost 3 stone 3.5 years ago now and kept it off until i had DS2 who is now 21 months. I put a lot of weight on with him and then even more after. I have been diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis and CFS so that doesn't help in trying to exercise. I did by the 30 day shred DVD and thought how hard can 20 mins of exercise be!! well after doing it for 2 days I couldn't get out of bed was in absolute agony and my knees were the size of water melons.
So any recommendations of a good exercise dvd that's not going to kill me would be good, I would like a nice modern one as well, sorry no Mr motivators or Rosemary what's her face!

Also recipe ideas and just general get your arse in gear girl call outs would be very much appreciated

Thanks grin

Xales Sun 02-Jan-11 14:58:56

Hi. can I join too?

I need to lose around 5.5 - 6 stone.

Just done the 30 day shred for the first time and am still shaking.

I need a stronger bra as my boobs were slapping my belly and mm a belly bra as my belly was slapping my legs!!!

My main aim is to make sure I have breakfast in the morning as I tend to hit Greggs for a sausage roll/Danish pastry around 11 at work if I don't.

happynewRia Sun 02-Jan-11 23:15:59

Hi guys, welcome to the thread. Not sure about DVDs TBH, I don't mind the RC salsa one (ignoring her smugness of course!) I believe Davina gets good reviews (but I can't stand her!)

Anyhow, day one for me tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Am feeling wel prepared (but given the hangover I might have, it could go VERY wrong!)

RGPargy Tue 04-Jan-11 17:58:01

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Emjxxx and Xales - nice to have you on board!

Not too sure about DVDs either, as i haven't done anything at home for a long time and if i recommend anything, it might be a bit dated!

I did get Davina's work out and some dancey workout DVD (think it was AeroTone or something?!) for Xmas last year but so far they have just been put in the DVD player "to see what they are like" while i was doing my ironing! haha!!

I do tend to hit the gym as and when i can these days tho. I go on Mon, Tues, Weds, Sat and Sun. The only reason i dont go on Thurs and Fri is because i work tho days and dont get home til 7pm!

I am supposed to be eating better this week but as we still have Xmas food and beer in the house, i would hate to try to be good and then feel rubbish about cheating on the left over goodies. I have therefore decided to cut myself some slack this week and hopefully the bad stuff will be gone by the end of the week.

Hope you're all having a good week!

happynewRia Thu 06-Jan-11 23:23:27

how's it going guys?

DH has just finished work and is having a curry and mini bhajis. It smells GOODenvy

I have eaten the last orange cream as my syns today, so that's my chocolate temptations taken care of, as I aren't quite so fond of any of the other chocolates left! (not to say I won't have any wink)

Have made it to today with no major slip-ups - a HUGE achievement for mewink, 3 days 'til weigh-in... (and DS2s birthday to negotiate)

bloody D has just put his tea right next to me, so I can "guard it from the cat"!biscuit

happynewRia Mon 10-Jan-11 13:34:12

yippeegrin 5lb loss this week, despite dismal Friday from teatime onwards, and migraine-weekend with no SW meal-planned structure!

have to address the exercise this week. RG - any idea what a "gym circuits" class would involve? Dance class tomorrowsmile

Emjxxx Mon 10-Jan-11 13:55:58

Hello all, well I ordered Vicky Binn's dvd, it's just arrived and I'm going to give it a go before going and getting DS1, wish me luck!

happynewRia well done you, that's fab, keep going.

happynewRia Mon 10-Jan-11 14:09:02

good luck Em! <off to google who she isblush>

I was planning a nap. but people keep phoning. Luckily DS3 is sleeping through it, but I feel pants!

Emjxxx Mon 10-Jan-11 16:02:53

OMGG Well I managed the warm up ok and felt quite good at doing that, The Street Dance section lost me, I just couldn't get my co-ordination and found they didn't go through the steps slowly enough, for me anyway! The dance groove section was a little easier, more like an areobic workout, but still a little too fast. Had to get DS1 from school so didn't get chance to do the toning section properly but it was just a standard sit ups, leg raises, push up type of section.

Going to keep at it, think I'm going to do a section at a time until i've mastered it rather than trying to do all three. Each section is about 15 minutes long.

Still pleased that i did something grin

happynewRia Tue 11-Jan-11 23:04:50

well done Em. she is very pretty on recent photos (google!) it is good to start small and build up,. rather than stasrt big and give up 'cos it's too much.

Killer TOTM hereblush sorry if TMI. I have implanon, so it's all or nothing, and I am suffering ATM. Migraine all damn weekend, then today stomach cramps atc, so missed dance classsad.

Also had DS1s "options" parents eve tonight. Am incredibly pissed off with his school's focus on finance rather than the student angry.

Wine and pizza and SW tomorrow.

My parents go away tomorrow until the end of Feb. DH is driving them to the station tomorrow, but I have seen them for the last time til they get back, so hopefully I will look different next time they see me <fingers crossed smiley> Me and the boys will miss themsad

RGPargy Thu 13-Jan-11 13:13:24

Hi everyone

How are you all doing?

Ria, is a circuits class in the gym or in a studio? If it's in the gym then it would be x amount of minutes on each bit of equipment before moving on to the next bit.

Well done on being 5lbs down!! woohoo!!

Well, i am feeling decidedly glum these last couple of days. I watched the Biggest Loser on Monday night (the UK one) and I am heavier than all of the women on there, with the exception of the 22 stone woman. shock That really hit home to me how heavy and big i actually am, rather than going along in life thinking i am thinner than i am and wearing my "i'm not THAT big" goggles.

I think it's given me the wake up call i need and so i have decided to go back to basics and just calorie count. 99% of my trouble is that i eat too much (well, durr!), even when i think i am eating ok. I keep forgetting that my body doesn't actually need that much food to function properly. I must remember that food should be a fuel and not a feast at every meal!

I think i just dont see how big portions are until i am sitting there stuffed and thinking "i really could have done with eating just half of that dinner.....". My way of thinking is that if i calorie count, i will be able to see food portions in a different way and not over eat to the extent that i have been doing, if that makes sense?

erk, sorry for the ramble, but i am really quite fed up about it all really!

whatkungfuthat Thu 13-Jan-11 13:23:44

Can I join please? I missed this thread last time. I too would like to lose 5.5 - 6 I've lost 3.5 already, was nearer 4 before xmas sad. Lost 3st on SW but have moved to WW PP. I need to get my bum in gear and get back in the mindset.

<waves at Ria>

happynewRia Thu 13-Jan-11 13:50:09

<waves back at kungfu> welcomesmile that's a fab loss

sad RG. I might try and watch that tonight if it's on replay. I can't stand Davina though. I did really well last week, but it's been a bit easy to slip back into my wine-drinking habits since Mondayblush

Am back on SW for the time being, as I know I don't have to be hungry (I just have to accept that I can't have quite so many treays, hungry or notwink) and the new EE plan fits in well with the kids. Have just made myself have brunch, despite feeling like poo, as I've had enough "poorly" not focussed days this week already, and I don't want that 5lb back!

I didn't go to the class in the end, have been feeling too rough to exercise. Will try to get walking over the weekend, and go to dance class on Tuesday.

I had a "shit, I am round" type moment last week (I thought with being tall I was fairly well proportioned for a fat personwink it seems not!), it stinks. Don't forget what brilliant progress you've made this year with the gym RG. One step at a time.

happynewRia Thu 13-Jan-11 23:05:03

bloody hell, that Biggest Loser woman is a bitch. Surely it isn't a "sensible" approach?

I would like to smother her with a McDonalds burger bun, then beat her hard with a flake!

RGPargy Fri 14-Jan-11 09:50:04

Hi Kungfu and welcome! Well done on your fabulous loss so far! I am very envy of you as if i'd have stuck to all my "diets" for the past couple of years i would probably have lost the same as you! Ah well, another day, another calorie dollar!

Let me know how you get on with the new WW plan. It's so good that they have finally woken up to the less carbs, more protein approach! About time too!

Ria, hope you are feeling less hazy today and a bit more focussed! Good luck with the walking this weekend too, although dahn sarrrff it's going to be wet and windy - dont know what it'll be like in your neck of the woods?!

Yes the biggest woman "trainer" is a bitch isn't she. I would hate her to be in my face and it would deffo make me NOT want to work hard! I do like the idea of beating her with food tho. Can i eat the flake afterwards?

DP unwittingly sabotaged my eating plan yesterday. We decided to have frozen C&T pizza (half is about 375 cals) but then he came home with chip shop chips (my ultimate favourite food) and a bottle of wine (which as you know i am completely unresistant to!). The swine!! wink

Friday night is normally kebab shop night (he has a pizza and i have a chicken (on skewers) kebab with pitta bread and salad. I have told DP that i will no deviate from this! I'm hoping he doesn't bring home more wine tho, although as it's Friday i think there will probably be some form of alcohol involved......

Funnily enough, i haven't been missing wine at all this week! How's that for a miracle?!!

happynewRia Fri 14-Jan-11 10:56:10

morning allsmile

I'm not convinced that Biggest Loser programme is a good idea TBH. Some people will be watching it for motivation no doubt, and for your ordinary person (as in, someone who isn't on TV and therefore has an actual life to fit in around exercise and diet) even a first week loss probably wouldn't be above 7lb, and when losses slow down as they do, the comparisons will be unrealistic. That woman would have me heading sraight for comfort food and wine!

your kebab sounds yummy RG. "treat night" here is to be Tuesday or Wednesday when DH is home. I have cut back on the booze, though I only lasted 5 days of my "dry January"{blush]. I have some low alcohol pink fizz for the weekend though.

Am very proud of myself today, that after DS3s accident yesterday, I still stayed on-plan. (A rarity for me!) Am feeling good today toosmile

The ASDA shop came at 9.15 too (minus the birthday present I needed for tonight), so that's another job done. It's not like me to be this organised!

Have a great weekend guys.

RGPargy Fri 14-Jan-11 12:04:21

DS3 had an accident?? Oh no, is he OK?!

Yes i agree that the biggest loser is quite unrealistic in terms of ordinary people's lifestyles and foods. I haven't watched it for years tbh, but i do like seeing people's before and after pictures!

RGPargy Fri 14-Jan-11 12:04:42

Oh and well done for being uber organised! Good for you!

whatkungfuthat Fri 14-Jan-11 12:40:51

Thanks for the welcome guys grin Bad week this week as intended to start back on the Wii fit/Shred but DP had been ill all week and getting under my feet home, so haven't been able to do it as he has been lolling around in what can only be described as a Tony Soprano dressing gown being critical of daytime tv!

Don't think I am virtuous RGP, I lost that 4 stone before and put it back on blush I know what you mean about wine, I struggle terribly, so have it at the weekends (use my weekly points)

Hope your son is ok Ria

happynewRia Fri 14-Jan-11 13:47:09

DS3 fell and put his teeth well into his lip, poor thing. (As you know I am not a coper! Especially with blood!) He won't eat, but has trotted off happily to playgroup, as pale as anythingsad

grrr, can't get on facebook. And DH said there was friction in the playground at school this morning and I need to know what's going on!blush

Just had HUGE lunch, am still hungryhmm fruit and muller light <bleurgh> here we come!

happynewRia Fri 14-Jan-11 18:28:27

oh joy. two layers of tantrum and teenage/hormonal contempt for everything and everyone. I love my life!

MickeyMixer Fri 14-Jan-11 18:30:48

Hi can I join please - got 9 1/2 stone to lose shock shock shock

keepingupwiththejoneses Sat 15-Jan-11 00:38:42

Hi, can I join this thread. I have 8st to lose. Always been over weight but got to a point now where I have to lose it as it is causing me far too must discomfort.
I have bought a wii fit and a few fitness games to go with it. I am also doing diet chef, I am dreadful at sticking to diets that I have to prepare myself and when I worked it out, the money I was spending on food was ridiculous. It is really tasty, full of flavour. I have been using the wii fit for a week and on the diet for 2 days and I have lost 5lb smile

happynewRia Sat 15-Jan-11 11:34:36

Hi guys.

Yippee, the weekend is upon ushmm

DS3 has a party invite this afternoon. As the times almost clash with DHs break, I am definitely getting two big walks today, a it's a bouncy castle party at the gym, which is at the top of a big hill. It means I can't duck out of my walking planswink

DS1 is starting work tomorrow, washing up in DHs kitchen. So me and the small boys may go for a lomg windy walk by the sea. I have 2 options for tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

can't vouch for my commitment to food [[keeping away from wine--though, but I do have a new recipe to try tonight.

have a nice weekend.

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