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How many calories in this would you reckon?

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duchesse Mon 06-Dec-10 11:27:47

Am 1 stone overweight and really struggling to lose any weight. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm eating more in calories than I think I am.

My usual breakfast is a freshly made smoothie, which I find is the best way to stave off hunger till lunchtime (works for me anyway) and up my fruit intake (easy to quaff while working without getting hands dirty).

This morning's smoothie was 1 handful of pomegranate seedy things, 1 handful of blackcurrants (from freezer), three small plums, one banana, half a papaya and about 200ml of freshly squoze orange juice, whizzed up.

How many calories do you reckon that adds up to at a guess?

callaird Mon 06-Dec-10 11:47:06

Pomegranate - (100 g) - 60 cals
Blackcurrants - (100g) - 60 cals
3 plums - (100g) - 50 cals
Banana - 100 cals
Papaya - (100g) - 45 cals
Orange juice - 200mls - 88 cals

Total - 403 cals.

This is obviously an estimate as I am not sure how much a handful weighs!

But 400 cals for breakfast is good.

duchesse Mon 06-Dec-10 11:50:42

Thank you callaird! The pomegranate and blackcurrants were about 2 fl oz each in the bottom of the blender jug.

400kcal is ok for one meal then I guess.

Off to examine the other meals now... grin

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