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Immediate Post Natal Weight Loss ?

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batsforlashes Sun 05-Dec-10 11:31:03


First off I am not about to embark on any crazy weight loss diet more of a curiosity thing! My DS1 is 5 days old and although he weighed 7pounds 6 at birth- this is the only weight that I have lost. I am wondering what happened to the weight of the placenta, ambiotic fluid etc... I have a fair bit of fluid retention- legs and boobs so really wondering how much weight I WILL have to loose when I get around to it.

I am not planning to start any time soon but I just want to avoid the trap of comfort eating and pilling on the weight post natally which is what has happened on my last two pregnancies.


B x

LadyLapsang Sun 05-Dec-10 12:41:30

Forget about weight loss and enjoy your baby (and try and get some sleep)! I put on four stone with DH and was back in my normal size 12 weeks later. Breastfeeding a hungry baby, walks in the fresh air and a little bit of aqua aerobics ... it all just disappears.

titferbrains Sun 05-Dec-10 22:49:40

I got the sweats a few nights after DD was born, I'm pretty sure that helped me shed several pounds, I had to get up in the night and towel off!! Nice eh? the things they don't tell you about all the crap that comes after the birth....yuck.

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