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Weight Watchers Christmas

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Trendornot Tue 30-Nov-10 09:14:25

I am thinking about joining WW, I need to do something soon! But I don't want to join now if they close over Christmas as I will easily put on in a week, what I can lose in the next three. So in that case I may as well wait until the New Year. Does anyone know what they do over the Christmas period? My local group meets on Tuesdays ...I don't know if that makes a difference because I checked the calendar and two Tuesdays running are Bank Holidays.
Thank you

nessaustralia Wed 01-Dec-10 09:16:05

Hi, if you are feeling the need to join now, you should join! It will at least put some thought into your head before you grab another mince pie on the sly, cause won't you be saying to yourself, "I will start in the New Year", better to get it over and done with, and take the plunge now, you will be happier for it! Goodluck!

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