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Can you, or can you not, eat too much salad?

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conquita Tue 30-Nov-10 03:39:42

Please settle an argument with me and my boyfriend, he says I eat too much salad with my evening meal and lunch and that is why I am not losing weight. It is just rocket and spinach leaves, which I have with a small tin of tuna at lunchtime, and with our evening meal I will add some seeds and some roasted pumpkin or sweet potatoe.

He says it is too much, but I thought you could eat as many leaves as you wanted?

Jumpty Tue 30-Nov-10 07:17:01

Dressing or no dressing? You can't eat too many leaves, not possible. Seeds, pumpkin and sweet potato might me calorific but not the leaves.

gorionine Tue 30-Nov-10 07:23:38

You cannot eat to many leaves. As Jumpty says, it would depend on you putting a calorific dressing on it. A lot of salad can make you feel a bit bloated sometimes but certainly not heaviersmile

ppeatfruit Tue 30-Nov-10 09:08:46

Maybe change the type of salad a bit; grate a carrot squeeze a little lemon juice and olive oil on it, watercress is FULL of antioxidants!

ppeatfruit Tue 30-Nov-10 09:12:48

IMO yr. boyf. is a typical bloke greens dodger!! HE knows should eat more salad!

conquita Thu 02-Dec-10 04:28:45

grin thanks for your replies!
I usually would make a dressing for the salad for tea, which is olive oil, seseme oil, soy and a little bit of honey. That is all. But he says I eat too much of the salad. I just thought that a salad could be a filler. Maybe there could be too much oil, what with the roasted veg being cooked in it. But glad to hear I am right --as usual-- for once.

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