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Maximising weight loss - Needing help with what to eat.

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redderthanred Mon 29-Nov-10 08:01:34

So, am needing to lose 18lbs.
I am following the 30 day shred, and doing it first thing.

I then have:
Innocent smoothie for breakfast.

Some lean protein, chicken, tuna, egg and salad with no dressing for lunch.

A highlights hot chocolate mid afternoon

and im struggling with tea. Ive either been having steamed fish and veg. Or been having pasta or jacket potato.

Ive got PCOS, so i know those arent good for me.

oh - and maybe a few squares of green and blacks dark choc in there as well.

only water to drink.

So - how bad is this?
Whats best for tea?

Ragwort Mon 29-Nov-10 08:04:29

I think that sounds fine - but are you eating enough? I try and eat around 1400 calories a day, plus exercising.

Brekfast - cereal/fruit or an egg and toast

Lunch - soup/bread

Mid afternoon fruit/oat cakes

Evening - chicken/jacket potato and salad/veg

Jumpty Mon 29-Nov-10 23:15:54

What about some stew for dinner? Loads of lovely variations with meat and veg and just the thing in this weather.

Madigan Thu 02-Dec-10 07:23:57

don't know anything about thr 30 day shred ..........
but I have lost over 3 stone since June, and I did it by cutting out carbs in the evening (as well as not eating pudding/cake/biscuits/chocolate) - so beef and veg stew in evening would be perfect, but perhaps not pasta/jacket potato...........

Smash09 Thu 02-Dec-10 11:34:48

I would make you breakfast bigger to be honest, it doesn't sound enough and will be hard to stick to. Plus the body is quite good at conserving energy when it feels as if the food is being rationed wink

How about having little more "stodge" at breakfast for want of a better word... as in, have your smoothie, but also have a handful of nuts or a boiled egg. Or porridge with berries and yoghurt. Or wholegrain toast with a spread of nut butter.

Lunch looks good but you can afford to also have a few carbs there, such as some chickpeas or slice of rye bread with hummus.

Dinner also looks healthy, and maybe keep that as your one low carb meal - so ditch the pasta or potatoes but have lots and lots of different veggie, stir fried in a tsp of oil or steamed. You need some essential fats to both slow down the digestion of food and to keep your body happy and satisfied. Oily fish or a few seeds sprinkled over your veggies is good smile

LostGirl Thu 02-Dec-10 16:51:59

I agree with Smash, add some lean protein and good carbs to your breakfast, a small portion of carbs to your lunch and then maybe keep your evening meal to protein and loads and loads of veg.

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