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Dukan Dieters??

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jasper1980 Sat 27-Nov-10 08:01:23

Hi! I am still on the attack phase, just a day to go (hooray as I am desperate to eat veg again)....anyhoo as I have a long cruise phase coming up (129 days) I wondered if anyone who is just about to start or is near ish to the start, and wanted to join me for support?

ihatethecold Sat 27-Nov-10 11:38:03

there is another thread on here with lots of dukeneers on, called onward dukan soldiers, try that one.. and good luck. ive been doing it for 2 months and lost a stone. although i do cheat abit..wink

jasper1980 Sat 27-Nov-10 11:45:04

Hi there, I saw that thread, but they seem well established so thought I would see if there were any newbies like myslef starting at the beginning. Well done btw a stone is fab!!!

pinkestpink Sun 28-Nov-10 19:37:29

hi - i will join you in a couple of days! as we are newbies! how have you felt so far

bonnyb1 Sun 28-Nov-10 22:27:04

Hi, I'm new can I join you? I am on my 4th and final day today, and feeling pretty sorry for myself as I didn't have any crunchy roasters with my sunday dinner, just a big plate of chicken with yoghurt dressing....however I have lost 3lb so far, which takes me to 11st 1lb. I want to get to 10st 8, which doesn't sound like much but I haven't been there for a few years!

jasper1980 Mon 29-Nov-10 09:21:12

Hi! yes please join else has yet lol!...I started at 11st 10, went down to 11st3 after attack phase, but am back to 11st 7.5!...Although I did cheat a bit on sat, but still a massive gain. First week of cruise phase today.

Well done on your loss! My aim is 9st 4 ish smile

pinkestpink Mon 29-Nov-10 11:00:12

Hi - i was planning to start today but I’m quite weak and headachy with cold and P so I'm hoping towards the end of week. I’m armed with the books etc and ready to go. Have to do 3 days of attack and 41 days of cruise, 12lbs to lose. Very nervous about not having fruit and veg not so bothered about carbs as I feel I spent my entire life looking at carbs as evil (although I binge on crisps regularly. Well done both so far - great youve passed the first stage!

Btw what did you do for breakfast and do you feel a bit weak at first?
Good luck hope we can keep motivated, its worth it!

jasper1980 Mon 29-Nov-10 14:04:42

Hi Pink! Yes I had a headache for two days and quite lethargic. But was ok by the third day. For breakfast I use oatbran and make the gallete(pancakes really) and have them with scrambled eggs, or yoghurt. Or I just do scrambled egg with onion and ham. It gets a bit tedious but now I can have some veg again its ok!

I wouldn't start when I was ill eitherwink

bonnyb1 Mon 29-Nov-10 21:02:28

Hi - today was my first cruise day, and right now I am really peckish - can I snack on tinned mackerel in tomato? Surely that can't be wrong!
Pink - did feel a bit weak 2nd day, breakfast so far I have been eating sweetened galettes with yoghurt, or kippers and a boiled egg (really nice but made the kitchen stink!)

Weighed myself this morning and weight was 2.5 lbs off - that means I've put on 0.5, bugger angry

pinkestpink Tue 30-Nov-10 10:19:10

well done to get to cruise phase – that’s brilliant, right now the attack is looking very scary again to me as I don’t like any meat apart from chicken and rarely lamb (but of course its forbidden) but do love fish (probably wont after this!). Still not feeling good at all so I don’t think I should start yet.

also want to stock up on some yoghurt other than natural for sweet craving, onken and yeo valley have a fat free vanilla but it doesn’t have aspartame, I don’t think its what he’s referring to - what brands are you all using?

jasper1980 Tue 30-Nov-10 10:33:48

I think you must be allowed that bonny1! tomtoes are allowed s is fish....

I made the oatbran pancakes too and had them with fat free strawberry yog....I know its not allowed but I find the pancakes hideous and its the only way I can eat them!grin

Liking the cruise phase. I had a big salad for lunch with tuna and dukan mayo. Beef stew tonight from the slow cooker!

I have not had the bravery to weigh myself todayblush

Pink, I think you are def right in holding back before you start.

bonnyb1 Sun 05-Dec-10 13:11:46

How are you getting on guys?

I have been following the cruise phase this week to the letter except for an enormous slab of homemade vanilla cheesecake that I could not turn down without being rude...maybe could have got away with a smaller slice but hey thought I might as well make it worth my while!

I weighed myself pre-cheesecake and had lost 4lb, but put one back on since so now at 11st 1lb - my goal is 10st 8, I am feeling much slimmer already so still feeling pretty motivated. Also haven't really been hungry at all, I even forgot to eat the pancake thingy yesterday!.

Think this week I will try and step up the walking as I haven't really done any, been wrestling with a huge cold sad

For breakfast I've been having kippers (much to everyones disgust - they do stink!) and a boiled egg, which really fills me up. A good one for tea on a protein day I find is a bag of frozen seafood mix (£2.99 at aldi) defrosted, in white wine, half a veg stock cube, black pepper, lemon juice and a bit of fromage frais, it is really scrummy.

Yoghurt-wise I am on vanilla activas, also the prune ones (don't know whether they are allowed but they are lovely and do the trick wink

Hope you have all had a good week.

pinkestpink Sun 05-Dec-10 19:40:49

Hi! I’m still sick and just couldn’t face starting this past week, however as I think this cold is here to stay I will begin tomorrow. Well done on going through it with the cold!
so I’ve made chicken soup for lunch out of chicken breast and onion it just feels lighter to eat than a whole piece of meat so will try in soup format. Don’t have any yoghurt for sweet cravings but I’ll go in the morning. I know my supermarket does not stock the yoghurt that he describes in the book so I’m a little confused - might go and ask the other dukaners if they find the right brand. Also are you adding aspartame to your pancake thing (where did you find it, is it sensible to use??!!!) right hopefully I survive tomo I’m very nervous! Well done youre doing great – I just want to shake off these 6kilos for good! (of course it would have been rude to refuse the cheesecakewink

bonnyb1 Sun 05-Dec-10 20:40:03

Pinkestpink I have a feeling I am not being strict enough.......I have been eating covent garden soups, their chicken one is rather too creamy to be diety, but I decided not to read the label to avoid confirming this! Also their tomato one on cruise/veg days.

I have been using Splenda, don't know if this is ok or not, but it works. I find with the pancake thingy it is better if you only use egg white (tastes too omlettey with yolk) and quark makes it firmer, then I put cinnamon and a drop of vanilla, it's really nice and satisfies my sweet cravings.
Good luck for tomorrow! You can do it smile

dustwhatdust Sun 05-Dec-10 22:17:29

Try the oatbran as porridge - Im just starting consolidation after 7 weeks on Dukan (I've lost 18lbs) and it has definately made a breakfast to set you up for the day : i tablespoon of oatbran ( i stick to that as i have been making delicious oatbran muffins using muller lites and so need to keep some daily oatbran allowance left for me to have as a muffin with a cup of tea !)
using a pyrex bowl add enough boiling water to easily cover the oat bran , then microwave for 1.5 to 2 mins and then stir to consolidate everything . Fianlly add teaspoon of splenda , then i add skimmed milk on top as i like to add milk to my porridge afterwards ... delicious It really is warming and satisfying with a huge cup of tea I am definatley not hungry or tempted to eat before lunch.

pinkestpink Mon 06-Dec-10 11:40:09

well done dust that’s a great loss. I just started today and so far have just had a cup of tea which is terrible, I only ever have one wholemeal toast for breakfast so I’m not used to protein brekkie at all – will try that porridge building myself up for omelette at the mo but I’m too fluey to eat it! Think I might be able to stomach porridge I’m off later to buy yoghurt and splenda to get through this!
Also will try the gallete, im getting hungry now!

dustwhatdust Mon 06-Dec-10 14:28:22

Thanks - really recommend you do the oatbran porridge , i'm continuing to use that as my permanent breakfst even now that i can have 2 slices of wholemeal bread everyday - i prefer to keep that for a sanwhich later on !
Maybe if you are ill you should shelve the diet until you're better .
I do the dukan coaching and i went on holiday at half term and so my diet was intereupped by a whole week with ice-cream and pasta. I still managed re-loose the 2 kilos i put on in that week in just 2 days of going back on attack for 2 days .
IMO you need to be heathy before you can put yourself through a diet, it's hard enough as it is .

pinkestpink Mon 06-Dec-10 15:37:07

i have 10-12lbs to lose. Well I finally had an onion omelette for late breakfast ( I presumed as he mentioned it in book onion is allowed) and now homemade chicken soup and finally I got some vnilla !! I’ve never enjoyed yoghurt so much!!!
Tried putting of starting it from last week and as im a whole lot worse this week and ive had this thing for weeks I cant keep putting it off so I started. In a way apart from desperately needing some oranges from Vit C appetite is less when I’m this ill so an easier start if that makes sense. Unfortunately couldn’t locate fat free fromage frais though so will try again. 2.5 days to go till veg!! will do porridge tomo its sounds good to me.

dustwhatdust Mon 06-Dec-10 21:54:56

sainburys, tescos and waitrose all do a fat free normandy fromage frais- i was suprised looking at the labels that it's a lot less carbs than fat free plain yoghurt that must be why dukan likes it so much.

Incidentally dukan recommended only 2 days of attack for anybody with less than 20 lbs to loose ...

You obviously could do with some nice green vegetables to fight your bug - i wouldn't do longer than 2 days on PP.
Do hope you feel better soon.

pinkestpink Tue 07-Dec-10 17:48:05

Found the fromage frais in Sainsbury’s hiding, thanks you Dust! Made the muffins last night with plain yoghurt instead (not very appetising but was desperate.

When i plugged in my details on his site he recommended that I do 3days pp then 41 days cruise. Although I’m not sure how I’m going to do it i.e which format. It does say in the book if you don’t have that much to lose you can do 2 days of pp a week rather than 1/1 rhythm . Haven’t decided all I know is im sick of protein as I only like chicken and fish (well not anymore!!)
Activias are helping though keeps me going – think I had a sugar withdrawal yesterday though, am feeling rotten with the cold but nearly there might have to cheat sometime this week and have some oranges I really need the vit C
Have you cheated along the way? Does it make a great impact?

dustwhatdust Tue 07-Dec-10 23:49:10

suprisingly I have found this diet really easy as i've never felt hungry whcih has helped enormously . I cannot stick to anything if i'm hungry ie - tiny portions etc ...and after a while it helped to make the dukan bread which i found on someones blog - sorry but not very good at doing links. This recipe is really good and meant that i could have toast spread with some extra light phildelphia .
I've used that liquid egg white in a carton called 3 chicks and made ham omlettes with 1 egg + 2 tbsp of egg white which worked well.
Also - made a super meatloaf which i really enjoyed so all in all I did experiment with recipes
Another very important factor for me is that i shopped reularly and made sure i always had stuff i liked in the fridge so if i was hungry i could snack on something even if it was a boiled egg or some smoked salmon or a vanilla muffin.

- you do need the splenda and a flavoured yoghurt to make them appealing ! Although dukan don't like them ( 'too many carbs' )i always have Muller lite tofee yoghurts ( i add extra FF fromage frais or ff yoghurt to make it less sweet and larger - i'm greedy !!) for pudding twice a day so i get my sweet and carb fixes.
Except for the mulle lites I haven't cheated except i did go off the diet in week 3 for a half term holiday as i mentioned before and that was one week of pasta and icecream etc etc and put back 2 kilos, but they came off immediately i got back one the wagon .

Reading everybody's blogs has helped too and i'm doing the coaching and i does motivate you to ask questions and get advice and daily to put in you weight losses even if it's only 100g lost .
Sorry for the ramble but i'm tired...

dustwhatdust Tue 07-Dec-10 23:54:44

here's the link to the Dukan bread - -404- i hope it works !!

pinkestpink Wed 08-Dec-10 14:10:58

ive got the splenda now and the fromage frais so enjoyed a gallette this morning! ive got the recipe book and once i can up the oatbran (bring on tomo! i can make more things) just want to sleep tonight so i can have veg tomo, exciting!!. i have the recipe book so didnt bother with coaching. im only finding this diet hard because i dont really like protein i eat a lot of fruit and veg normally. but im persevering! once youve done 2.5 days theres no going back (she says now!!)
not planning on cheating, cheating but maybe will need a piece of fruit one day hoping the veg will combat that need. thanks for your input and the link (not ramble!!) you seem to be doing well and are satisfied which is key to success dieting hunger just makes it harder

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