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Does anyone find that the Dukan diet doesn't bloody well work for them?

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GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:15:17

I have been doing it for 2 weeks now.

Followed it avidly - attack phase for 5 days, followed by one day protein, one day protein and veg alternately.

Apart from a rapid weight loss in the early stages (6lbs in the first 5 days) I have put 2lbs back on goddamit and now have stayed the same for a week.

Pissed right off. It's bad enough giving up the M&Ms without seeing any benefit from it.

Am I the only one?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:15:44

I have done it before for attack phase only and it worked - but have never stayed on it for more than a week.

dinkystinky Thu 25-Nov-10 09:18:28

Anything that delivers a 6lb loss in less than a week is probably going to result in some weight going back on (probably water being lost in the first 5 days). Sorry. Havent tried Dukan diet - the idea of eating only protein for weeks on end is enough to send me diving under the covers in fear...

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:22:19

It's not much fun.

Bloody chicken and eggs and salmon.

I am CRAVING anything white and carby - macaroni cheese, mashed potato, toast, chips.

Shaxx Thu 25-Nov-10 09:35:27

Change your diet. There's no point being miserable.
I'm just doing healthy eating at the moment and trying not to have carbs at dinner.
I still need to exercise lots of willpower to stay off sugar but I'm happy doing this.

I've done all those atkins type before and could only stick to them for a couple of weeks.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:37:57

Bloody thing is that DP has been on the diet for the same time and it is working well for him. He is steadily losing weight and hasn't put any back on, plus he is thriving on it.

He bloody consumes packets of crab sticks a day (urgh)

AitchTwoOh Thu 25-Nov-10 09:39:37

you should have a look at the zoe harcombe thing. the principle is either protein and veg or as brown as you can/healthy carbs. i know someone who is really enjoying it and feels it's quite sustainable. so have yer baked potato but not with cheese or butter, with beans, i think. so there is still a comfort food allowance, just not all covered in cream. (which i know is what you want). or have it covered with cream, but no carbs.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:43:32

Oh yes, I did look at that on a thread on here (out of nosiness because i wondered who the bloody hell Zoe Harcombe was).

If I remember correctly it is about eating foods in their naturals forms as far as piossible - so you can have a baked potato, but not chips or mash, and corn on the cob, but not tinned sweetorn.

I will have a look at that because I think perhaps protein only diet doesn't work for me long term.

I am a bit astonished though as I thought it was pretty failsafe for anyone, just wondered if anyone else has got 'stuck' like me.

Shaxx Thu 25-Nov-10 09:47:26

I've done Zoe Harcombe too. I did really well in the 1st phase (lost 6lbs) and then didn't lose any after that. Loads of people said the same so I gave up on that too!

AitchTwoOh Thu 25-Nov-10 09:47:57

the good thing would be, i think, that you could join your dh for some of his meals but opt out for a bit of carb when it all gets too much.

i have put on four lbs since summer... can't really be arsed doing a diet at all but i fear i should do something before christmas or it will turn into half a stone. thing is, dh has taken up baking and he is rather good.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:48:37

I only want to lose another 10lbs.

It's not too much to bloody well ask.

Miggsie Thu 25-Nov-10 09:50:42

I got stuck, I upped the exercise I was doing and ate more oatbran in yoghurt for a week and also drank a lot of water.

The stagnated stage lasted 3 weeks then I went back to a steady 2kg a week loss.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 09:58:41

Oh OK.

Must say I have not done the oatbran thingie.

Where do you buy it - Holland & barrett?

Thanks for the tip - will start back on the exercise (to bloody cold though to walk).

Miggsie Thu 25-Nov-10 10:15:50

The oatbran made a HUGE difference to me. I didn't do it at first, and that was my mistake I think.

Originally I got mine in the health food shop but have since found Waitrose and Sainsbury do it, and also H&B and possibly other supermarkets. The main brand is "Mornflake" and the packets are orange. I used to stir my daily 2 tablespoons into greek yoghurt and eat each morning. The damn stuff is like sawdust but it WORKS!!!!!

The idea is, according to Dukan, that the oatbran passes through your system without being absorbed and while it does this it coats your intestine with bran and stops the intestine taking all the calories from your other food. Please note wheatbran is absorbed by the body so it HAS to be oatbran.

I now also put it in the bread I make.

Exercise is also key, I do quite a bit now including swimming but I'm on the stabilisation phase as I lost my 2 stone a while back. When I was on the diet I did 30 mins of low impact aerobics and made sure I walked everywhere. He also recommends turning down the heating in your house so you burn more calories keeping warm!!!!!

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 25-Nov-10 10:49:25

Thanks for that - oatbran it is then!

No problem with the heating - my boiler is on a go slow so the house is icy at the moment!

myboysarethebest Sat 27-Nov-10 23:36:09

I would also say try and stick to it, as the next two stages can give you more flexibility, freedom.

Definitely get the oat bran, it makes a huge difference. The pancakes are great and I really look forward to them, they are great for a meal to throw in your bag when you know you won't be home and eating a dukan friendly meal would be difficult.

KEEP AWAY FROM THE M&M's!!!! smile

ToothpasteMakesMeGag Sun 28-Nov-10 23:00:29

Oatbran as porridge is delicious...I make it with water and add a dribble of skimmed milk. Great start to the day too.

I have been eating a lot of rabbit, pastrami, stirfry beef, quark, and seafood in a chilli/lime dressing (homemade). Also roasting diced chicken in spicy seasoning and eating it cold as nibbles at work. Also garlic mushrooms!

Only lost 11lbs but have been cheating most weekends as we've had lots of time away and parties and so on, but finding it easy to get back on to it on Monday and not actually gaining any weight...for a change!

jammisha Fri 17-Jun-11 18:12:10

thinking of starting the dukan diet for ages!!can anyone give me some success stories,i feel as if nothing will work on me,ill be fat forever!!!!!help!!!!

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