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OnceUponA Fri 19-Nov-10 17:33:52

I am a big fat lump of lard and need to lose weight. I have lost 2 stone on ww and have another to go.
I've searched a bit on here but the threads are v long and I am confused. Google is my friend but I am still unclear.

What do I do? And what will the results be smile

I basically want to lose 1.5 stone in approx 9 months, so plenty of time I think.

confuseddoiordonti Sun 21-Nov-10 19:26:07

Came across your thread as was looking up the 30 Day Shred on Mumsnet as been looking up reviews on Amazon. I am a bit overweight (5 foot 4 and 11.5 stone) and also need to shift some and this looks very appealing (if I can do it!)
Personally, I am not keen on the idea of diets as once you stop, it goes back on, so want to increase physical activity and 'be aware' of what I eat - hence bUying this...

You have lots of time to loose 1.5 stone, and it can be done. I think toning also makes a big difference to how yoU look.

I'll come back when I've tried the Shed (!) and have been doing it for a week or so if yoU like (am moderately active anyway as no car and also a dog, but hardly a toned and honed machine)

Joby1970 Mon 22-Nov-10 13:37:13

hi Onceupona: come & join our shred thread: shreadheads:

the DVD is 20 mins long & consists of 3 workouts, each split into 3 sections.

Start on workout one (do'h). People tend to do it for apporx 10 days then move onto work out 2 etc.

you will need weights - most use 1.5kg - 2kg dumbells.

it is based on interval training.

if you do the DVD most days & eat healthily you can lose inchesd & pounds.

The first time round I did it I lost a few lbs - but mostly inches & my bust perked up!

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