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Is it worth seeing a gp about losing weight?

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Shaxx Wed 17-Nov-10 18:35:20

I'm finding it really difficult to shift 2 stone. I keep l;osing and gaining the same 7lbs. I don't want pills or anything. I know all there is to know about diet and exercise but still can't manage it.
Is it worth seeing a dr? do they do anything to help?

gingernutlover Wed 17-Nov-10 19:12:39

why do you think you keep yo yoing?

Shaxx Wed 17-Nov-10 20:28:51

I'm not sure really. Lack of willpower, disorganisation, tiredness, laziness?
Take your pick!

I'm definitely not depressed or eating to fill a hole or anything. I can't really say why I suddenly binge eat but thats the cause of it.

peachybums Wed 17-Nov-10 20:51:59

You sound a little like me, i can lose weight as ive done it before and kept it off. But this time the same amount goes and comes back, goes comes back, its like your head is saying lose weight but your heart is saying no lol.

Think the key thing is organisation, before i had one child and a strict work pattern. Now i have 3 children work from home when i need/want to. Dont have much structure and it goes out of the window.

Or maybe im talking crap

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