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Luxurious Food diet regime.

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anyabanya Wed 10-Nov-10 06:24:15

Hi, would any one like to join me on my new 'luxurious food' diet regime? I have been overweight all my life, despite trying to diet, trying various diet plans, trying to exercise the flab into submission. I have a binge and starve cycle as my normal food profile, and I am just so heartily sick of it. I hate having a complicated relationship with food- well, I hate FEARING food.

I know it is a bit hackneyed, but I recently re-read 'French Women Don't Get Fat' and I have decided that I might try the one diet trick I have never tried before. Eating. More specifically, eating well, eating small, and eating without guilt. Yesterday, for example, I binged on an omelette, two frozen chicken kievs, oven chips, and no vegetables. blush My usual practice would be to 'start again' today by promising myself that nothing but water and carrots will cross my lips, but no, today I have decided to stop all that crap. Stop EATING crap and to just relax. return to enjoying food.

So, today I am starting at 11 stone. I plan to eat well today, to enjoy and savour food and to stop panicking and beat myself up. Who knows. It may even work. I am calling this my 'luxurious food' diet.

If anyone wishes to join me, I'd love to talk about it and have some moral support. For the first time in my nearly 40 years I am planning to stop dieting. I am terrified!

So, I have just finished breakfast, and had a small bowl of porridge, natural yoghurt, honey, chopped pear. Usually I never eat breakfast. Lunch I am planning an open top cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich and for dinner we have a Vietnamese beef noodle soup on the agenda. Some of you who know me know that I was trying to get back to being vegan (fell off that wagon while prgnant). I am still ultimately working towards that, but right now I feel that if I am going to overcome my myriad of fod hangups, then I need to just stop with restrictions, and to just eat.

I do have some rules though... which revolve around making sure I eat fruit or vegetables at every meal. Alternating coffee (which I drink like a fish) with herbal teas, and having just ONE glass of wine a night, instead of my more usual 3/4 bottle. Other than that, there are no rules.

Weigh in day is Sunday. I wonder if this will even work........ ?!

MaudOHara Wed 10-Nov-10 13:26:36

Good luck! All sounds sensible to me! Paul McKenna's principle is similar -

- when you are hungry then eat what you want to eat, but stop when you are full

- eat slowly, focusing just on food - ie not watching tv / reading

I'm another binger - start with good intentions eating next to nothing, then blow it all scoffing 3 mince pies and a multi pack of crisps

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