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Need to Lose 6lb in 6 Weeks!!

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CDMforever Mon 25-Oct-10 21:43:50

Help, have pigged out recently and have huge family occasion looming just before christmas. I'm 5'5 and weigh 9st 6lb and really need to get down to 9st but only have six weeks to do so. I don't belong to a gym or have much time to do any exercise apart from walking. Whats the best way forward oh wise ones??

MrsRhettKilledTheButler Mon 25-Oct-10 21:48:17

british heart institute 3 day diet... supposed to lose ten lb in 3 days, it works google it

Lulumaam Mon 25-Oct-10 21:48:56

i've lost 19.5 lbs in 6 weeks doing slimming world !

CDMforever Mon 25-Oct-10 21:51:50

Flipping eck! Lulu, thats amazing, well done.
Have tried slimming world/weightwatchers in tthe past and doesn't seem to work for me.... Will google british heart institute diet.

BellasFormerFriend Mon 25-Oct-10 21:54:01

MrsRhett, I just googled it and got this "The British Heart Foundation Diet (also known as the Greenlane diet)
is a poor fad diet that has been circulating for many years. Please note that the British Heart Foundation has nothing to do with this diet whatsoever.

The diet has circulated in the form of a one page sheet that claims you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days. The diet has been popular in the UK – but its exact origins are unknown."

Followed by this diet is not recommended no idea if it works or not but it doesn't look good to my untrained eye!

Lulumaam Mon 25-Oct-10 21:55:52

is that the cabbage soup diet?

everyone at the SW group i goes to has lost a decent amount of weight and in relatively short time.. it is v achievable, teh weight loss you are wanting

BellasFormerFriend Mon 25-Oct-10 22:00:12

No, not soup, the diet is on there but I don't want to c&p it!

CDMforever Mon 25-Oct-10 22:33:16

Maybe I should try SW world again but I just felt very self conscious there, not because of my size - I was one of the skinniest TBH - but I don't enjoy talking about myself infront of large groups of people.

MrsRhettKilledTheButler Mon 25-Oct-10 22:33:46

no not the soup... it seems quite normal... i mean, it has carbs, fibre, veg etc

i don't know much about diets but i have done this one and it works...

i think originally it was made for people who need to lose weight fast for operations?

Tortington Mon 25-Oct-10 22:33:55

low carb is the way to go


WynkenBlynkenandNod Tue 26-Oct-10 07:52:10

6lbs in 6 weeks is very doable. I'm also doing SW, 21lbs off in 13 weeks. I totally get the bit about group, I wasn't keen on taking but the group I go to now is lovely and really supportive. However you don't need to go to one, plenty of people do it without.

SW introduced their Extra Easy plan a couple of years of years ago so if it was green and red days when you went before it is much easier. Extra Easy is 1 A and B choice, free foods from red and green plan plus 5-15 syns. You have to have a third of your plate with superfree foods for each meal which is fruit and veg apart from spud, sweetcorn, peas and parsnips. So it fits really easily onto family meals and is easy to go out and eat.

If you're interested the Christmas magazine is out which has some menu plans in it plus if you come over to our SW thread we can help you, we've lost well over 10 stone between us in the last few months so it definitely works.

Joby1970 Tue 26-Oct-10 15:32:49

follow one off the mags SW- WW or RC - but I would buy a DVD - Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred - you can get it cheap on the internet. you'll lose weight & tone up amazingly. Best thing I ever bought

CDMforever Tue 26-Oct-10 20:38:40

Thanks all. Yes I have done low carbs in the past and its worked a treat. I may look into the SW WW malarky but I think I need to greatly cut down and go on long walks with DD when DS2 is at nursery 3 times a week.
I've just ordered a gorgeous dress for the family do and am looking into getting one of those scuba suit/corset things to wear under. Does anyone have any experience of these things? Are they comfy? Can you breathe or eat in them? Are they worth it? The one I saw on the M and S website was £40!!

HowsTheSerenity Tue 26-Oct-10 20:41:45

I have 60 days to lose as much weight as possible. I have torn all the ligaments in my foot so have been banned from exercising (or wearing heels) so have gone from playing sport 4 days a week to doing nothing.

What can I do?????
Low carb? Walking? Will it work?

HowsTheSerenity Tue 26-Oct-10 20:43:20


I bought my suck it all straighjacket from TK Maxx. I also wear a waspie sometimes and it is easier to bend in. The only problem with the pants that go up to your bra is that they can roll down over your stomach and you spend all night pulling it down. So I wear a waspie and a pair of concrete reinforced pants.

Shaxx Tue 26-Oct-10 20:47:24

6lbs in 6 weeks is very doable. Loads of diets claim you can lose a stone in 6 weeks!

You could probably just cut right back on the snacking and eat a healthy low fat low sugar diet and do some exercise.

Serenity Ouch! That sounds horrible. Walk if you can and low carb definitely works. You don't have to cut out carbs completely just cut out all the rubbish and carry on eating fruit. I think really low carb is hard to sustain and you'll just get cravings.

CDMforever Tue 26-Oct-10 22:04:38

What the hell is a waspie?!
I have tried on pair of concrete reinforced pants but they were a nightmare when I needed the loo.
Will look at TKMaxx for straightjacket.
Poor you Serenity re ligaments. Maybe the aforementioned British Heart Institute diet might work - it sounds very extreme.

HowsTheSerenity Wed 27-Oct-10 07:03:30


3littlebears Wed 27-Oct-10 08:24:18

Hi. Was going to come on here this morning and post about how to lose half a stone in 4 weeks but might as well hijack CDM's thread as very similar! I'm 5'4", 9st 6lbs and know that I would be happier, richer and more popular if only I weighed 8st 13. Problem is that I am lazy, have no sticking power and like wine a lot. Or do I mean a lot of wine? Any top tips?!

CDMforever Wed 27-Oct-10 17:37:21

3littlebears, I'm sure you must be my evil twin. I too am lazy, have no will power and like wine AND chocolate far too much. I honestly think as I've got older my self discipline has shrunk and shrunk and shrunk. There's nothng I do about it!!
Mind you have just had dinner with NO carbs. A good start methinks.
Maybe we could diet together. First to 9st gets a......crate of wine or a large box of cream cakes??

palomadove Sun 31-Oct-10 09:28:49

Could I join? I've just weighed in at 9st 5-and-a-half pounds, which is the heaviest I've ever been when not pregnant/bf - I'm 5ft 2in with a tiny frame, so those extra pounds make a big difference.

Would ideally like to be 8st 12lb, but will settle for 9st.

My clothes are tight and I'd like to look sleek by Xmas party time. Also, we're going ski-ing so want to get fitter at the same time.

I'm doing it via - has anyone else used this? I've done the Harcombe diet in the past, but it's a nightmare if you have a social life because of its inflexibility.

CDMforever Sun 31-Oct-10 22:36:11

Hi palomadove, it would be great to have another diet buddy!
I plan to weigh myself every friday morning (nude, AFTER I've been to the loo!).
Will record result on this thread.
What is it about xmas??Everyone wants to be at their skinniest but are surrounded by yummy food and drink. Aghhh!!

3littlebears Mon 01-Nov-10 10:20:46

oh dear. Another week has passed by and the diet hasn't happened. And now there is a big bowl of chocolate booty from halloween to tempt me. Got to get on with this. My plan is a low carb, low alcohol attack with 3 runs a week. May be ambitious, but got to make a start sometime! Am off to look at now..

Kewcumber Mon 01-Nov-10 10:26:57

6lbs in 6 weeks is perfectly manageable and sensible - almost any sensible calorie contorlled diet will do it. Walk for an extra 15 mins every day and cut down on alcohol if you drink.

Dont do fad diets - totally pointless (and I speak as one who has lost 5.5 stone)

CDMforever Mon 01-Nov-10 15:42:45

You are so right kewcumber.
I'm aiming to do 3 longs walks with the buggy and DD in it! every week.
With a very steep hill involved.

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