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6lb in 5 days

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LublieAva Thu 21-Oct-10 09:56:47

I started a diet on Saturday morning and I weighed myself this morning.. I've lost 5lb. Only another 4 1/2 st to go...

Its strict no carbs, no wine, no sugar, no milk (except in tea) and I am absolutely craving pasta, bread, cakes, I'd even eat a potato right now and I don't even like them!

Is this what people who are very overweight would expect? right now I am imagining that it will take until next summer to be a happy size 12 (I'm 18 going on 20 now). This is my first diet and I'm shifting every thing... meals out when we were dating 10 years ago, sunday roasts, baby weight, many, many glasses of wine and a stone or two of comfort eating. So is 5lb good for the first week and how long does a diet take if I can stick it?

LublieAva Thu 21-Oct-10 09:58:38

Also what do other people do about exercise. I am so out of condition that the thought of even energetic is daunting (and if i try to run then people will laugh..)

GypsyMoth Thu 21-Oct-10 09:59:01

yes,its good of course!!

but its likely to be fluid,you won't get it every week and its not sustainable!!

i have roughly same amount as you to sound like you're on atkins/dukan?

LublieAva Thu 21-Oct-10 10:00:31

sorry.. can even do arithmetic.. its 6lb I've lost!

LublieAva Thu 21-Oct-10 10:01:35

celebrity diet. Its a bit like slim fast except you have to consider the GI content of foods as well as the calories

going Thu 21-Oct-10 10:08:42

The first couple of weeks on a diet can have a really large loss but usually it does slow down. I've been dieting for 5 weeks and have lost 3lbs, 5 lbs, 2 lbs, 3 lbs , 2 lbs so far.

potplant Thu 21-Oct-10 10:10:59

Exercise - you could start off with just brisk walking and work your way up to running.
Listen to music or audio books whilst your out and the time passes really quickly.

LublieAva Thu 21-Oct-10 11:24:06

is it easier to lose a bit of weight first and then start the brisk walking? (so there's less to haul around!)

Kewcumber Thu 21-Oct-10 11:27:58

I have lost 5.5 stone (and I'm still bigger than you!).

Don't do "no-carb" you will never stick to it for long enough. Reduced carb is better IME in the long run and preferably low GI whole grains etc ( which you appear to know) nothing wrong with pasta preferably wholewheat just have a small amount of it. Have half the amount of carbs you would find in a ready meal again IME.

Don;t wait until you feel better to start exercising, ideally 30-40 minute brisk walk 5 tiems a week but start with 15 mins twice a day at ANY pace even slow and build fom there. Always walk if you can rather than take the car.

Kewcumber Thu 21-Oct-10 22:38:11

please don;t tell me I killed this thread! shock

LublieAva Fri 22-Oct-10 10:15:49

no you didn't! I went out for a brisk walk. drank lots of water and had a big tuna salad for dinner... and i lost another 1lb.

This morning I could put my wedding ring on without it pinching. I reckon the engagement ring is several months away though.

(I know its probably water, but i am still glad to get rid of it!).

Its funny how really easy it is to put it on and how hard to take it off.

Luckily I am getting past the thinking about food all the time stage - now its just every hour or so!

LublieAva Fri 22-Oct-10 10:19:20

I think i need to change my attachment to food. Its more than nutrition, its comfort, a treat and its something that I work hard to make nice.

Dh and the children are in luck because I've been making them all the things that I don't like... toad in the hole, homemade pizza etc

LublieAva Fri 22-Oct-10 10:20:21

Still today I am going to make the Christmas cake and there is no way I am going to miss having a big slice of it!

LublieAva Fri 22-Oct-10 10:26:26

I've just worked out how much I have to lose from here to get to the borderline between overweight and obese... 1st 12lb!

That's a lot, isn't it?

Joby1970 Fri 22-Oct-10 12:26:46

do you know a pound a week is 4 stone in a year - & we know how quickly a year goes by!! & you're way ahead of a pound a week!

ShowOfBloodyStumps Fri 22-Oct-10 12:33:14

1st 12lbs sounds like a lot but it's not really.

What you want to aim for is a lifestyle change. If you are too strict and rigid all you do is end up craving things that are 'not allowed' and then when you reach your goal weight you go back to eating those things. You end up with this false dichotomy of good/bad foods. If you change your lifestyle and it becomes a longterm thing then you end up eating the right amount of calories, denying yourself nothing and doing a sustainable amount of exercise to carry you through life and consistent health.

You can lose aroun 1-2lbs of fat a week. The rest is water and lean tissue. Plus if you're exercising bear in mind that muscle weighs more than fat so what the scales say is not always a true reflection of how well you're doing.

How you feel, how your clothes fit, how much energy you have etc are all signs of how well you're doing.

Sounds like you're doing brilliantly.

LublieAva Fri 22-Oct-10 14:56:47

How is this for a plan? I will stick to Celebrity Slim +2 snacks + 1 light meal a day + some exercise until either Christmas Day or I'm not obese anymore (which ever comes soonest).
And then on Boxing day, I'll start a new diet that follows some sort of plan but does involve eating not relying on shakes.

Kewcumber Fri 22-Oct-10 21:35:34

thats a long time to use shakes as a meal replacement and they are full of sugar. Why not do say two weeks then two weeks "normal" diet then alternate if you find it helps.

Albansanne Mon 25-Oct-10 15:31:01

That's quite impressive LublieAva and really good to know as I literally started my first day of celebrity slim today. I had a shake for breakfast and a soup for lunch and feel good and so far - no hunger pangs. It's great to hear about someone else on this who is getting results. Can you recommend some good snacks to have as extras? What have you been having. I haven't had any today as not sure what's best.

Lulumaam Mon 25-Oct-10 15:35:14

you could try slimming world.. we have a thread
runnning here

is our ht_loss_club/1031195-Starting-slimming-world-today -anyone-else-starting-to-lose-weight lovely friendly thread

I've got my 6th weigh in tonight, I have lost a total of 16lbs and I can eat as many potatoes as I want grin

not eating meals longterm, for me, is totally unsustainable, and having to watch every scrap of bread/pasta/potatoes etc. so slimming world extra easy plan is great for me.. unlimited fruit, veg, eggs, pastas, rice, potatoes, lean meat, fish, shellfish and limited bread ,cheese.. can have fat free yoghurt and quark and things like that though

also means i can cook for teh family and not miss out
well done on a flying start thoguh !

juneybean Mon 25-Oct-10 15:36:32

As for exercise I've been trying to swim at least once a week, twice if I can! I've lost 4lbs this week but now AF is here [looks longingly at chocolate]

LublieAva Wed 27-Oct-10 08:16:47

Albansanne - I was eating an apple or a small handful of nuts as a snack and it was enough (from the third day onwards.

Unfortunately my kidney started to hurt. There is a problem with it already (thanks to a c-section). I went to the doctor and he wasn't sure if Celeb Slim was the cause or it was just something waiting to happen.

Then I went to a Rowlands Pharmacy to buy the next batch and the pharmacist refused to sell it to me because of the kidney. She said she'd have had a similar issue if I had come in with high blood pressure. So that's it. the end of that diet.

I'm thinking of trying the U.N. Diet next which I know people who have had good results with. I just need something structured or I'll not make it

joslimmer Sat 30-Oct-10 09:43:00

Sorry to hear that lublieava. I've also just stared the celeb slim diet and it's really working for my lifestyle so far. I haven't been hungry between meals as i've been having a few snacks and I just find it really quick and easy to know exactly what I'm going to eat each day. I feel like I've lost a bit already but not doing my weigh until Monday morning so I hope so!

KayleighKaya Sun 21-Nov-10 17:00:47

im doing celebrity slim too and i think its great. You dont lose the weight too quickly so hopefully it wont all pile back on again. i find it easy to follow and its working which is the most important thing.

crazystace Fri 26-Nov-10 18:35:18

Still going great for me too on CS. Settled right into the routine and it just comes as second nature now so there's no real thinking about the actual diet. Just eat the replacments, enjoy the snacks and cook dinner!

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