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a question about bread

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itsonlyajob Thu 23-Sep-10 06:20:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Furball Thu 23-Sep-10 07:04:42

Technically bread is low fat - but it is not a good food to eat too much of if trying to lose weigh, homemade or not.

greenlotus Thu 23-Sep-10 19:38:18

Yes but all the calories are in the carbohydrate. I love my homemade bread but have to ration it to 2 slices a day.

ppeatfruit Fri 24-Sep-10 09:51:14

Rye bread is easier to digest so better for weight loss IMO I make bread with Kamut flour, olive oil no sugar or a little fructose it's like wheat but again quicker to digest.

itsonlyajob Fri 24-Sep-10 10:28:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ppeatfruit Fri 24-Sep-10 12:14:01

Yeah good idea! The kamut is interesting 'cos it doesn't need kneading and only one rise, it rises really well if you use more yeast than usual. I make by hand (oh spelt flour is also good)

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