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Any reason I shouldn't skip breakfast in losing weight? I find it easy to.

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BelfastBloke Thu 16-Sep-10 09:10:38

I have followed the No-S diet for over a year, and basically stayed within a few pounds of my target weight for all that time.

No-S is "no sweets, no snacks, no seconds, except (sometimes) for days beginning with S". And it's the easiest, most logical diet evah.

Most No-S'ers eat three one-plate meals every weekday, and some have four smaller meals per day.

I find it really easy to skip breakfast, and just have coffee, and then 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner). Is there any reason I shouldn't do this?

Surely my approach is reducing the day's calorie intake? Why is breakfast called the most important meal of the day?

alexw Thu 16-Sep-10 09:18:26

Breakfast kick starts your system and helps keep metabolism up. Not eating it means your system can go into starvation mode and hand onto extra cals when you do eat

BelfastBloke Thu 16-Sep-10 09:32:06

Thanks for responding.

Yes, but surely if this is my regular routine, the body will then 'learn' that I'm not in starvation, just in a different rhythm of eating?

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 09:35:25

you need to eat breakfast to start your metabolism after sleeping

your body isn't going to learn how to start its metabolisn going again after sleep on its own
you need to feed it

eating too little is really nit good for you

you must eat all hat your body needs wich can be alot when not lots of sat fat and suger and you myst exercise tons

pkease eat breakfast and drink 2 litres of water a day you will see lots of good results

and exercise lots too

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 09:37:14

eating ,ittle and often is the best oo

its never lets your metabolism slow to a slug

and you never feel hungry and crave sugar

and you dont ever stretch your tummy by eating large prtions

and how are you fitting in at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day if your only eating two meals

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 09:41:00

breakfast like a kinf, lucnh like a prince and tea like a pauper

you kick start you met. in the morning and it will slow through the day mnaturally so you dont crm lots of food late on in the day

also exercise 1 to 2 hours after eating and you will use the energy you have eatne and then extra

you dont need diests, you just need to learn the realisty of how your body works and feed it what it needs and can deal with and exercise

also portions sizes are usually a shocl to most people

huge amounts of veg

palm sized meat

palm if that carbs

huge amounts of veg

lots of fruit

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 09:41:27

I'm going to shut up now

Shaxx Thu 16-Sep-10 09:43:01

I know theres lots of good diet advice out there, which includes eating a good breakfast, but if you're eating healthy and enough and you're happy with your eating plan, then carry on.

Shaxx Thu 16-Sep-10 09:44:09

I agree with all of Trinity's advice though grin

booyhoo Thu 16-Sep-10 09:48:24

trinity has it spot on. as hard as it is sometimes, dinner, really shouldn't be a huge belly buster. if you have big breakfast and eat lunch as you main hot meal then you wont be ready for a big dinner anyway.

BelfastBloke Thu 16-Sep-10 09:56:16

I'm prepared to believe that eating little and often throughout the day MIGHT be the best approach, but it is also completely impractical. People who follow that approach find it very difficult to gauge how much they are actually ingesting.

The people who have said that to me have all been overweight (not saying that any of you are, just that that has been my RL experience). I can't control portion sizes if I'm constantly eating.

I also think that it stems from a fear of hunger. Whereas if I KNOW that I am only having 3 (or 2) one-plate meals, I try to make them filling and nutritious, and over the year I have lost my fear of hunger. It now serves as an appetiser.

Thanks for the stuff about metabolism. I need to investigate this further. Because my approach is working, and I'm not yo-yo-ing (too badly).

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 14:07:23

its not constant eating

its breakfast snack lunch snack(maybe) and dinner

dont make excuses

snacks are to be veg

no problem with amount then

BelfastBloke Thu 16-Sep-10 14:26:14

Don't make excuses for what, exactly?

As you said, Trinity, "you dont need diests, you just need to learn the realisty of how your body works and feed it what it needs and can deal with and exercise"

Surely that's what I've done for the last year, and it's worked pretty well?

DaisySteiner Thu 16-Sep-10 14:30:03

I find that if I eat breakfast I actually feel hungrier mid-morning (and often end up snacking) than if I skip it.

GettinTrimmer Thu 16-Sep-10 14:35:12

A BBC programme on last year sometime called 10 scientific ways to lose weight recommended a protein filled breakfast (eggs/beans/toast, etc) as protein is very filling and you then eat less at lunchtime.

Also soup takes longer to digest, so that's a good choice at lunch.

After a proteiny breakfast as I can last through till lunch (2 boiled eggs and slice of toast).

I agree with Trin "Breakfast like a King."

BUT my dh never eats breakfast

If you tried cutting out breakfast you might be starving by evening and need another snack (dh often snacks in the evening has lost weight since we banned nuts from the house!).

I'll have a look at that S diet, I did lose 22lb but put half of it back on again over the summer.

GettinTrimmer Thu 16-Sep-10 14:43:19

Just read your Op again, you're already having x2 meals a day! My dh mostly does this and he swears he's OK on it.

TrinityTheLonelyBrokenRhino Thu 16-Sep-10 14:46:25

exactly daisy, thats your metabolism working and needing more fuel and then enabling you to exercise

belfastbloke, you aren't though, you need to feed your body more than 2x a day for it to be working well

I meant excuses for not eating breakfast 'oh everyone that snacks is fat or has breakfast is fat' just excuses to not have to sort out what good bvreakfasts are and then make and eat them is all

and how are you getting your at least 5 friut and veg in in only two meals

DaisySteiner Thu 16-Sep-10 15:05:14

BUT I actually end up eating more if I eat breakfast than if I skip it. I exercise fine without it too....

nikki1978 Thu 16-Sep-10 15:10:16

If you are not hungry when you wake up in the morning then wait until you are to eat. You can eat three meals a day (they don't have to be big ones) by eating at say 11, 3 and 8 but if you are getting enough cals for your body to survive I don't see how it matters what time you eat. Most people would be hungry after no food for 12 hours or so though. Best not to ignore your bodies signals IMO.

pagwatch Thu 16-Sep-10 15:17:36

Like any scenario there will be exceptions to the rule.
But generally if you go longer than a few hours without any food and then eat you are likely to start fucking your metabolism. The more you do it, and if you them have lots of carb when you do eat, the more you will start messing up blood sugar etc etc

I skipped breakfast for several years. I maintained weight but gradually my immune system and my energy levels dropped. Then I started putting on weight for the first time in about 15 years. I then realised that I was getting to lunch and still not feeling hungry. I got to the point where I was eating very little and stillputting on weight.
I think it is perfectly possible for some people to maintain weight outside of norms.But you are unusual
And if you get stressed, a bit older, can excerice less etc etc and metabolism slows you will be fucked.
I saw a personal trainer and a nutritionist and the firstthing they both said was that I had to eat something - however small - first thing to kick start my metabolism.
I am now getting back to my usual weight and feeling better

It is not a great way to eat. You won't find a reputable nutritionist/dietician/personal trainer that would recommend that. It may feel great for ages. But it may just bite you onthe ass.

Up to you smile

BelfastBloke Thu 16-Sep-10 15:43:23

Thanks pagwatch. I am not discounting this.

Trinity I certainly was not saying 'everyone that snacks is fat or has breakfast is fat'. Who would think that?

I said that the RL people who said "Eat little and often" to me happened to be fat. I'm fully aware there must be loads of people who manage this successfully. I just think it's difficult for me, and many other people, to exercise portion control under that approach.

I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, so I am not too worried about my fruits and veg. It is carb-heavy, I admit, but there are lots of veg as well.

abouteve Thu 16-Sep-10 15:50:46

This is interesting. I have never eaten breakfast and find that I'm not hungry even at 1 o'clock but do eat a tiny lunch and have my main meal at 'tea' time, very rarely snack and my weight is stable.

I am going to force myself to eat breakfast from now on as I'm worried that my metabolism is messed up and also don't want to put on weight now that I'm getting on a bit.

Sorry to hijack, anyone got any nice ideas for a light breakfast?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 16-Sep-10 15:54:28

I have never eaten breakfast - I am just not that hungry at that time of day.

I have lunch at bout 1, tea (snack, like toast or a fruit salad) at 6 and a large dinner at about 9pm.

I am slim and the only time I have out on weight is when I was snacking constantly throighout the afternoon. So I cut that out and just have a snack at teatime.

Am slim (at the mo, anyway).

LC200 Sun 19-Sep-10 17:38:08

I never eat breakfast, and never really have. Like GOML I am just not hungry first thing. I currently weigh just under 10 stone and am 5'8". I find if I don't eat in the morning, I don't get hungry until lunchtime, whereas if I have breakfast I just want to eat all day.

crazystace Fri 26-Nov-10 18:27:44

My mum always told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day as it gets your body up and running. I'm on celeb slim diet and you have a replacement meal (bar or shake) for breakfast. I'd never do a diet where you didn't have anything in the morning, i'd be a miserable old wotsit without something in my tummy first thing!

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