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A question for any weightwatchers

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specialknickers Sun 05-Sep-10 11:48:32

I'm thinking of joining up online... any good?

I've done WW classes before and that worked okay - how many points are you allowed if you are 11stone plus and still breastfeeding a bit (only 3 times a day now DS is weaning)?

Jenni84 Mon 06-Sep-10 00:24:37

i think its around 19 points not sure how many you add for the breast feeding tho but if i were you id have a look at the dukan diet do the online test and then go to amazon and buy the book for £6 it will save you a lot of money in the long run ive saw my mum go to weight watchers on and off for so long and i even joined with her once it just diddnt seem worth the money buy a book a small one off payment instead of weekly its supposed to be very good and helps to change your way of thinking towards food too my best friend has lost a stone in a month with it and her sister has lost quite a bit too so im going to try it too id like to be looking nice for the family xmas photo's but wait till you've stopped breast feeding tho that'd be my advice, i wish you luck and myself too dieting sucks but i hate the baby fat belly more lol

ValiumSingleton Mon 06-Sep-10 13:40:20

I read that you add five for breastfeeding!! sounds generous.

I don't think I would lose weight on 25 points a day.

You'd get 20 at 11 stone, and an extra 5 for BFing.

Personally I'd say see how you go on 22, but perhaps it would be more sensible to try 25 first and SEE if you lose weight on that.

Ishtar2410 Tue 07-Sep-10 18:07:31

I've been doing WW and breastfeeding. If you're solely BF then you get 10 extra points - DS is still BF, but is also on solids, so I was allowed an extra 5 (which put me on 24). I was just under 12st when I started.

Personally, I wouldn't restrict too much - in my first two weeks I lost 7lbs, which I felt was a bit too fast.

It evened out, though, as it took me 4 weeks to lose my final 2lbs! And I had to drop my points down to 21.

I'm maintaining now, which is great and I'm back on 24 points as DS has dropped most of his feeds.

I did the monthly pass so had access to the online system, which I found very useful, particularly as I cook from scratch. But I also found it useful to get out to the meetings. They sometimes offer cashback through Quidco, so it might be worth having a look there.


Habbibu Tue 07-Sep-10 18:10:51

Online v good for me. I got 26 points for bfing with solids (you know what I mean)

nanny1974 Fri 19-Nov-10 20:32:14

what is the new pro points mean any one ?

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