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GASTRIC HYPNOBAND ... has anyone tried this?

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rosieposey Fri 30-Jul-10 09:36:00

Hi, just wondered if anyone had had any success with this? I have phoned a hypnotherapist in Bristol who is going to ring me back at lunchtime and explain it all. I am considering it as have no willpower whatsoever and crack after about day 2 - also have tried everything going, lighterlife, cambridge, weight watchers, slimming world you name it. Am 38 and would love another baby but health (type 2 diabetes) and age are going against me i think, would love to hear from anyone who has had success with this?

rosieposey Fri 30-Jul-10 11:28:54


sapphireblue Sat 31-Jul-10 08:22:30

watching with interest for info..........I've heard of this but have always been a bit dubiuos about hypnotherapy.

rosieposey Sat 31-Jul-10 19:15:31

Ohh glad i got a reply anyway Im all booked up for starting next week. Tried everything else and have read alot about people who have lost lots of weight doing this. Apparently it doesnt work for everyone but i reckon its worth a try as if it does that will be great.

Will post on here after each appt. First is an assessment on Monday then appt 1 end of next week then another one the week after and hopefully the actual 'op' (or your mind thinks it is) at the end of that week then one final follow up to see if it worked the week after. Am suspending disbelief as it might just work!

dearprudence Sat 31-Jul-10 19:23:26

watching with interest...

matumble Sat 31-Jul-10 19:27:12

do you mind me asking what sort of cost this has? understand if you dont want to say, anothher interested lurker!

rosieposey Sat 31-Jul-10 19:39:20

No i dont mind. If you go to their website you can find hypnotherapists in your area (usually a couple per county are licenced for the hypno-band) and go to their site and they usually give a price. Here in Wiltshire there are two, one is £300 the other is £400.

I also called a guy who does this one in Bristol and he said it was £320 so i think its probably between £300 - £400. I also saw some day workshops advertised on the net for nearly £500 but this is done in a day and i want to do it over two weeks so i get the chance to do the 'homework' CD's and give myself a chance to take it on board.

There is no way i would do an actual band or any kind of surgery as im terrified of that kind of thing even though i do fit NICE's guidelines. (its going to take enough for me to do the virtual one grin) Apparently you have to watch an operation whilst having the sounds and smells of an operation and thats the bit i think thats supposed to make yo think you have had the actual op done - oh and they give you a gastric band to hold at the same time as well i think, really intrigued will be interesting and the best £300 ive spent if it works.

OnEdge Sat 31-Jul-10 19:39:23

I have actually gto a gastric band. I went to a hypnotherapist for my anxiety and she mentioned this. It is supposed to be very effective.

I have heard of a lady with a gastric band that is bust and she has this and it is meant to work,so that is two good stories I have heard.

i will be interested to hear how you get on. Is the hypnotherapist you have contacted specially trained in the gastric band type?

rosieposey Sat 31-Jul-10 19:50:05

Yes she is. The Hypno-band is only licensed to Hynotherapists that have trained in it i believe. There are other similar therapies with other Hypnotherapists thought which probably work along the same lines. I have heard that if you over eat it feels like your stomach is tightening and you have no desire to keep eating.

OnEdge how are you getting along with yours? Is the recovery painful at all?

rosieposey Sat 31-Jul-10 19:53:21

Apparently too i was told that gastric banding has an approx 70% success rate (is that true?) and its supposed to be about the same for the hypno one too. The guy i originally contacted about this in the town where i live is booked up till mid September so i contacted the other person in my county and shes in the country so i guess less busy (although she did squeeze me in as she is booked up from three weeks time). Im really, really hoping this works.

sciencegeek Mon 23-Aug-10 08:52:59

I have had the Hypnoband procedure and went through the program over a 6-week period.

I have lost 13lbs!!!!

My therapist was amazing. She spent a lot of time with me discussing my eating 'triggers' and why my behaviour is ending up with me stuffing my face.

The hypnosis focuses on changing self image, eating less, and in a more nutritious manner. The sessions encourage you to eat smaller portions and to be satisfied with less (this is where the 'band' bit comes in - you subconsciously believe that you can't eat that actually feel uncomfortable and vaguely ill if you over-eat).

My 'operation' didn't have all the smells pumped in and I never watched a video - but when that session did take place, there were background operation sounds.

The whole thing is done over 4-6 sessions depending on your consultant. Mine did 6 sessions (one of which included the consultation...which she spent 1.5 hours with me, she was only supposed to spend 30 min.... and an extra one on 'Changing Limiting Beliefs' to help deal with all negative issues and attitude that make you feed your face).

I have been on EVERY diet going and at the start had about 4 stone to loose. I have done SW, Cambridge, IPD, everything. I loose about 10lbs and then give up and gain it all back plus more.

This time I feel in control - I AM NOT ON A DIET. I feel that I have chosen a new way of eating. I have spent all summer being in situations where I normally would have pigged out (lots of crisps, meals out, kids at home so crap in the house). I honestly feel like I DON'T NEED to eat it. When I do eat that sort of stuff, I choose to do it and don't beat myself up.

No one would know I was on a diet - I eat what I am cooking the family (I serve myself the same portion as my 4-year old son). I eat fruit for snacks and drink lots of water. I have cut back on bread and sugar, but still eat a sandwich when I want, and pudding if I feel like it. I eat slower and chew my food out of habit now...which honestly has made a massive difference.

I am very proud of myself. Now, I need to clarify that I have been making a serious effort, not in a painful I'm starving myself way, but in the sense that I have been conscious about what I eat and THINKING about my behaviour. This is not a magic cure - do not go in expecting to be hypnotised into not wanting to eat food...if you are a terribly negative person, not willing to change your behaviour, attitude, or do some self evaluation - this is not the program for you and you will waste your money.

You need to go in for the sessions and you also need to listen to CD's (I listen to them everyday). You need to be positive and want to make some changes.

I am very happy with my progress and have accepted that this is going to be a long process with some life changing decisions...but that is what the program is all about.

k8tannie Wed 27-Oct-10 19:24:49

Hi, congrats on ur weight loss! im going for initial consultation on it stil working for you? How do you know the hypnotherapist is genuine not just trying to con money out of you? x

smellmycheese Thu 28-Oct-10 21:41:12

Watching this with interest..

Come back OP and tell us how you got on! grin

happyfun Tue 09-Nov-10 15:31:59

I am not convinced by the hypno band procedure. I have read a lot about Hypno Band and seen all the online advertising but after speaking to a number of people about Hypno Band I am not convinced.

If you are going to use hypnotherapy to lose weight then i would say speak to your local doctor to get a recommendation from them or speak to weight loss hypnotherapy experts and then do your research. Do not be affraid to ask them about what experience they have.

Be careful as there are lots of so called experts who go on a short five day course and then call themselves an expert in helping people lose weight. And I am not being funny but i would want an expert that is not part of a so called franchise range which Hypno Band seems to be.

Another thing, £350 or the low amounts that some of these so called hypnotherapy experts are charging is very suspect. The old saying is you pay for what you get.

Could you imagine paying £350 to have a gastric band operation and then expecting it to work or pay £1000 for a holiday and expect to be put up in a five star hotel for two weeks for a family of four.

You pay for what you get and these low amounts for the luxury to lose weight puts me right off.

Find a weight loss hypnotherapy expert who has a reputation and who offers a service at a price you would expect and check to see if you get guaranteed results.

An example of low price hypnotherapy service is some of these hypnotherapy people who travel around the country claiming you can stop smoking for £50.

A friend of mine tried it and said it was to cheap to believe and it was, he last two days and by this time the hypnotheray guy had moved to a different area on his tour around the uk

Good Luck

HypnoSteve101 Sun 11-Jan-15 14:04:09

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