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30 day shred - results please!!?

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Peckarolloveragain Mon 26-Jul-10 16:33:13

I have read through the threads, but there is loads of information to get through
Can anyone just tell me what kind of results you have achieved?


sapphireblue Mon 26-Jul-10 18:41:19

bumping cos I'm interested too!

EscapetothePorch Mon 26-Jul-10 20:30:41

And me. A lot (not all) of the people on that thread seemed relatively fit to begin with (mentions of running, going down the gym etc.) I am NOT! I fear I would really collapse on Day 1. Want to hear from people who started it quite unfit please!

Jazzicatz Mon 26-Jul-10 20:33:08

Its hard going but is very effective. There are easy and hard versions of each of the exercises. I can really feel the difference. I'm fitter in terms of cardio, my arms and legs are more toned and I feel better. Its only 20 minutes a day - its worth it!

TartyMcFarty Mon 26-Jul-10 21:14:55

Only done 11 days yet, but DH assures me he can see a difference smile

Undertone Mon 26-Jul-10 21:15:24

Just do it.

There are easy options for the moves if they're too hard to start with. you WILL feel like you may die, but the endorphin rush afterwards is immense. You will feel your ability to keep up rapidly increase after the first 5 days or so. After doing it for a couple of weeks all sorts of things will start to feel tighter. You may even start posing in the bathroom mirror trying to see if your 'guns' have become any bigger.

Been doing it for a few weeks (every other day or so) combined with other exercise (not too much) and have lost 5lbs and counting.


Joby1970 Tue 27-Jul-10 08:21:18

I'd been doing wii fit sort of thing before thee 30 day shred.. after the 1st workout I did feel like my legs were going to drop off - but I persevered & after the 30 days I could see the outline of my abs forming .. I had "guns" biceps to the uninitiated & my boobs had lifted (due to the press ups I think)

Peckarolloveragain Tue 27-Jul-10 08:49:58

wahey, all sounds very encouraging, think i will give it a go

Ripeberry Sun 05-Sep-10 14:19:43

I've just bought the DVD as well and had my first go at it on Friday.
Felt like I was going to die and did pause it for a moment just before they did the floor work.

Felt like jelly afterwards. BUT from the second day onwards it got easier and no need to pause at all.

Try it, once you get past the first two days then it feels good.

Just got to get myself a decent set of dumbells as I ended up making myself 3lb weights out of pringle boxes filled with stones!

maduggar Sun 05-Sep-10 14:51:42

I love Jillian,she is a fab trainer, so going to give this a go!

Fimbles5 Sun 05-Sep-10 16:02:12

I am on day six and considering how I felt on day 1 can honestly say it gets easier!! On day one I couldn't even do two pressups, now I can manage 16 in the first part and 8 in the second grin Haven't measured so not sure of results but already feel better cardio wise, and because 20 minutes is achievable for me daily I actually seem to look forward to it (don't know how long that will last). Give it a go...I decided I had nothing to lose. Good luck X

UnrequitedSkink Fri 19-Nov-10 21:23:09

Bumping as wondering if anyone else has been doing this? Will it make me fit before Christmas Party (just under a month away?!)

conquita Sun 12-Dec-10 01:42:30

I am interested too. Anything to give me hope!

IQuiteLikeVodka Tue 07-Jun-11 19:17:23

bump, I started the Shred three days ago and would love to hear some results stories

threestepsforward Tue 07-Jun-11 23:00:51

Hello Iquitelikevodka,

I think everyone who has done 30 days (and often less than 30 days) has seen results, whether in terms of inches lost / pounds lost / or both!

I certainly have, and it's only 20 mins a day, which makes it such a manageable thing to do smile I never weigh myself, but I can see there are inches gone from tops of legs, waist, bum etc. I think I first saw the beginnings of a change after one and a half weeks...

Why don't you come and ask the same question on the 'instruments of torture' thread (don't be put off by the title!)...there are a lot of posters on there who have done the initial 30 days so you should get lots of results stories... smile

threestepsforward Tue 07-Jun-11 23:02:05

p.s. well done on 3 days by the way - the first 2 days are DEFINITELY the worst in terms of aching and sore muscles, it gets better after that!

IWantToBeAFairyWhenIGrowUp Sun 12-Jun-11 15:22:54

I did 11 days last time and lost 4 inches overall.

I had to stop due to a bad running injury. All healed now so starting it again tomorrow.

IWantToBeAFairyWhenIGrowUp Sun 12-Jun-11 15:24:30

Take loads of measurements though. I did - neck, under bust, upper waist, lower waist, hips, upper arm and thigh.

Also take front, side and back photos.

You'll be able to see a difference even if you don't measure differently that much.

itsnicetobenice Sun 12-Jun-11 15:37:59

i need to know if it will get rid of my baby house thats vacant and has been hangin for 8 years.

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