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advice needed: Planning wedding for friends with babies/children

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fluffles Mon 21-Sep-09 14:56:11

I'm looking for advice... many of our friends live a long way from us (we're talking 400miles) and most of them have babies and/or children under 3.

We're getting married and want a very informal wedding and we're thinking about booking a youth hostel. havign a sit-down lunch on saturday but the rest of the weekend being casual.

The families are all VERY good friends who we already do centre parcs breaks with and go skiing with - so i'm hoping they'll be up for the weekend... what do you think are things i need to consider?

Also, how old is the cut-off for a child needing their own chair/meal at the sit-down lunch? I was thinking maybe 1yo?

And what about sleeping? there are beds and bunks... what will the under 3s do? will they have travel cots they can bring do you think???


cktwo Mon 21-Sep-09 15:09:49

What a great idea! I've always wanted to hire a youth hostel for a big group.
Which one are you thinking of? If it's a family one anyway there should be some highchairs/toys already there.
People will need to bring travel cots too.
I think most peole will bring their own supplies though. If there's gardens/fields for the kids to run around, then eveyone will bring balls etc for them.

haventsleptforayear Mon 21-Sep-09 15:15:04

I think ask individual parents to specify if their child will need a meal/place at a table.

We had one great eater who at 1 or 2 would sit and eat, and another v. bad at that age and it was a waste to plan a meal for him.

People can definitely bring their own cots/ready-beds etc.

Have fun planning - sounds like my idea of a perfect wedding!

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