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Paris hotel needed with 4 kids

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jibberd Thu 03-Sep-09 20:44:20

I've just splashed out on passports for my 4 lo's (2,4,5 and 6) and want to go abroad for a cheap weekend with dh too. Was thinking of France (Paris?) but can't find anywhere with large family rooms and apartments seem really expensive.
Can anyone help? ...definitely not Disney!

GrapefruitMoon Thu 03-Sep-09 20:56:09

Think what you need is a junior suite (ie a couple of interconnecting rooms) - afaik you can only have 4 people max in a room in France. I would guess you only get suites at the more expensive hotels - another option would be to book two rooms in a cheap hotel and you and your dh sleep separately with two children each... Either way it probably wouldn't be a cheap weekend.

How about a mobile home somewhere on the outskirts?

CoffeeCrazedMama Fri 18-Sep-09 19:49:00

When our 4 dcs were that young we took them to Paris and had a great stay in a Citadine Aparthotel near Louvre. You get a one bed apartment, with a sofa-bed and they will give you an extra folding bed. Think we had the littlest one in bed with us (fairly par for the course at that time of our lives anyway!). Or you could get 3 small dcs in the sofa bed! grin They have branches all over Paris here.

The Louvre one was fab - little kitchen so you could make snacks (little supermarket nearby - saves a fortune on cafes), and close to so much.

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