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Anyone stayed at a "chain" hotel - not more than £130ish per night with spa facilities ?/

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herbgarden Sun 09-Aug-09 10:00:40

DH and I are getting the in-laws to look after both kids a week Wed and Thurs nights. Have looked at lots of lovely hotels but a lot of them are near on £200 - £250 per night. We'd quite like one with a lovely spa area and pool so that we can just go and "loll" around all day. I do so much stuff with the kids that I really just want to do very little !!....For eg we have a Crowne Plaza near us which has just been done up to a really high contemporary standard with a lovely new pool and spa. I'm happy to do something like that so that we can enjoy and maybe find somewhere outside the hotel for dinner. I'd stay at that place save that it's a walk away from my house !!>.... Anywhere in Bucks, Berks, Dorset, Hampshire would do.

Thanks !!

mosschops30 Sun 09-Aug-09 10:03:40

What about a village hotel?

We just stayed in the one in Farnborough which was lovely (only opened in March). We paid £98 for two nights but I think your problem lies in that youre going midweek which is more expensive because they cater mainly for business guests.

Have a look at, if you can wait until a night before to book you will get it much cheaper.

mufti Sun 09-Aug-09 10:04:27

mcdonalds hotels are lovely, one near lymington called elmers court i really like

herbgarden Sun 09-Aug-09 10:08:27

Sorry meant to say that we'll be pushed to afford the £250 a night type place but know some of the chains have been done up with pool areas and can be quite good value....

herbgarden Sun 09-Aug-09 10:27:06

the elmer one looks nice

herbgarden Sun 09-Aug-09 11:53:21

okthink I'm going to book the macdonald bath spa hotel - £270 for two nights - pool/spa and then only £35 for the two of us to get there on the train !!.....

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 09-Aug-09 11:57:56

Macdonald hotels are lovely - we've stayed at Elmer's Court and at the Complete Angler in Marlowe, both were fab.

I didn't realise the Bath Spa was that cheap..... <heads to website>

herbgarden Sun 09-Aug-09 14:46:20

I've booked the Macdonald in Bath - thanks Mufti....yep £270 for a classic room with breakfast. Rooms don't look too "frilly"(!) if you see what I mean. Also got dirt cheap fares on the train - only an hour from me and booked two singles each way as an advanced purchase and it was £34 in total. Probably the same as the petrol and at least we won't spend our time in the traffic or looking for a space (we drive everywhere but went to bath on my sisters hen weekend and loved the train journey).

Now on to book my massage....hurray !

herbgarden Sun 09-Aug-09 14:46:56

sorry meant £270 for the 2 nights in total...

llareggub Sun 09-Aug-09 14:50:49

Perhaps a little too far for you but the leisure facilities here are lovely.

mufti Sun 09-Aug-09 14:51:23

i stayed there a few years back, it was lovely, and in a quiet a peaceful setting
enjoy, no envy here, ha

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