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Anyone been to Lille with DCs?

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Bramshott Thu 16-Jul-09 10:53:11

Planning a trip to Lille in September and trying to decide whether it should be just DH and I, or whether we should also take the DDs (aged 2 and 6)? We'll travel by Eurostar - not sure yet whether from Ashford or London, and spend one night there. It looks like there's a zoo, but not sure what else there is to do with kids? Anyone done it?

chicaguapa Tue 18-Aug-09 18:28:20

I've done it with DC - think they were 3 and 6 then. I didn't do anything with them but seem to remember they were okay just wandering around. But they get excited just riding on the bus grin. We stayed in the Olivarius aparthotel which was fine and well-priced if I remember rightly. It's not in the centre though but we had a car. HTH

branflake81 Fri 21-Aug-09 10:52:05

I used to live in Lille - it's nice enough but there is not huge amounts for DC to do in the town centre itself, unless they like shopping! grin

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