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Anyone been to Duffle Down Farm or whatever it is a called? Is it worth it?

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MadameCastafiore Wed 24-Dec-08 10:53:12

Thinking of staying in the country for our Holiday next year and got a brochure through for it - got to convince DH now - although that is getting easier with the strength of the Pound against the Euro!

Thought we could maybe go one half term when not so expensive and then just bum around in the summer hols!

Things I need to know though are:

Is it clean (have bit of an OCD and dread going away places it may be dirty)?

Are the tents warm enough - I am always cold even in the summer and would hate to be chilly all holiday.

What are the showers like - will be big step for me to share a shower with people I don't know - not at the same time of course - due to my OCD - would have to take a bottle of ecover detergent with me to clean it before I got in but nothing beats bleach and I can;t see them taking too kindly to attacking their environmentally friendly farm with a bottle of Domestos!

Thaks guys - I sound like a complete nutter now don't I?

mummyontherun Mon 05-Jan-09 16:08:25

Do you mean "Feather Down Farms"? If so, I have mixed message for you!

The cleanliness will depend on the farmer as they have to organise change overs. But internally all wood floors etc. Loo is porcelain. But no electricity so in evening reliant on candles - you won't see the dirt which could be good or bad...

The showers where we went were really basic (Salcombe) and again may vary from site to site - brand new portacabin, but very rough and ready (torn shower curtain, lacked privacy, not enough duckboards and very muddy - you would need serious mop to get floor clean....)

Also we had an 18 month old with us and this was disaster as the wood stove is completely open with no guard rail - so we had to improvise one which took up half the living space. Also cot provided did not fit in bedrooms so baby in living room - not ideal in evenings for grown-ups. AND there was a drop all around the tent down to floor level which toddler fell off more than once.

We were very very unlucky with the weather - late July and it rained every day and yes it was cold and damp and we both left with colds.

But if the sun had shone (even just for a few hours) it would have been close to heaven - you could walk to two beaches and the countryside was beautiful. Kids could collect eggs from chickens on site and one of the two pigs had piglets whilst we were there - gorgeous. I may have been tempted to go again - but I mentioned all above points to Feather Down Farms and got no reply so probably will give my money to another co.

LouPs Tue 26-May-09 11:47:23

We have just been to the Berridon Farm one in north devon. it's just opened and the showers were brilliant, clean and faultless, they even have a mini tin bath for babies. they are a five minute walk from the tents tho which is a trek if it's raining. we're going to go again to the same farm in september we all loved it.

we went to a different Feather Farm last year but the showers were a bit 'camp site' for me - Berridan Farm's were much nicer and my husband said the actual showers were better than the ones we have at home. Cheek.

jambutty Mon 22-Jun-09 20:30:03

We went here Fforest at half-term and it was lovely. The showers and toilets were spotless,a s were all of the utensils they provided, and they provide you with a nice breakfast in the cost. However, do you really think camping (even posh camping) is for you?

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