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London Ladies: Please tell me your favourite cheap restaurants!

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Laugs Wed 17-Dec-08 11:26:21

We have booked a 3-day honeymoon in London and promptly found ourselves skint!

So we are looking for some lovely cheap places to eat out. We like cuisine. Tucked down a back alley/ bring your own booze/ early bird specials - I know they are lurking somewhere in the capital, but I don't know where. Please let me into your secrets!!

Thanks x

PaddingtonBore Wed 17-Dec-08 11:29:23

new tayyabs near brick lane

CountessDracula Wed 17-Dec-08 11:31:38

Mon Plaisir's pre or post theatre menu is great, is about £14 for 2 courses or a bit more for 3 courses including a v generous glass of wine. Plus if you go to their website and subscribe to the newsletter you also get a voucher for a free glass of champagne.

It is in Covent Garden

PaddingtonBore Wed 17-Dec-08 11:32:13

also andrew edmunds. not super-cheap, but cheap for such a nice restaurant in the centre of town

CountessDracula Wed 17-Dec-08 11:32:34


CountessDracula Wed 17-Dec-08 11:34:02

little bay always great value, there is one in Farringdon

CountessDracula Wed 17-Dec-08 11:36:22

For really cheap eats go to Centrale just off Cambridge Circus - it's down the road to the right of the Spice of Life pub as you are looking at it. Italian cafe, you share formica tables, I think it's a BYO so more savings there. It is about £4 for the biggest bowl of pasta ever and they do other stuff

Laugs Wed 17-Dec-08 11:39:49

Oh wow thanks for all these suggestions so quickly. I'll get researching them!

CountessDracula Wed 17-Dec-08 11:40:45

Stockpot cafes are v good value too

Also patogh in Crawford St is really good and cheap. Opposite the Windsor Castle pub does good cheap Thai food too

Laugs Wed 17-Dec-08 11:51:34

oops just read my OP again - I meant 'we like any cuisine'

jujumaman Wed 17-Dec-08 12:07:41

Ragams in Cleveland Street W1 near post office tower

Fab south Indian food, v reasonable prices

Also Ikkyu in Tottenham Court Rd next door to the Scientology Centre does v good Japanese and - though this might have changed - prices have stuck for more than 10 years now.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-Dec-08 12:14:59

Wehaca is Mexican, and very good. I like Leon, too. Neither is very datey, though.

fishie Wed 17-Dec-08 12:18:34

japan centre in piccadilly does very cheap sushi.

fourkidsmum Wed 17-Dec-08 13:20:24

EV's in waterloo...

georgiemum Wed 17-Dec-08 13:24:32

Stick and Bowl on Kensington High St.

westendgirl Thu 01-Jan-09 18:24:07

The Wong Kei chinese, 41 Wardour St. Very cheap, large portions, pretty good food and wonderfully rude staff (take your sense of humour). A London institution.

(You used to be able to get a table to yourselves if you ignored the waiter and took yourselves upstairs. I don't know if that's still true. Sharing is fine, anyway, because everyone's in the same situation.)

andaSOLOnewyear Thu 01-Jan-09 18:27:25

Was just trying to remember the rude Chinese place! I've never been, but have always wanted to as I'd heard it was very good value and the waiters are incredibly rude(that's supposed to be fun btw!).

MrsMattie Thu 01-Jan-09 18:30:52

I second the Wong Kei. They really are the rudest waiters you will ever come across shock and it's not romantic (noisy, usually very busy) but the huge noodle soups are fab for warming the cockles at this time of year, and the crispy duck is so yummy.

Also second The Little Bay.

If you want location, there are chain restaurants down on the South bank near the Royal festival Hall - Strada, Wagamama, PingPong etc - which are reasonable and in the perfect location for a walk by the river or film at the NFT.

Also, there is a small chain of Turkish restaurants called Tas which are fairly reasonably priced and very popular with the pre-theatre / pre- night out crowd in London

bigTillyMint Thu 01-Jan-09 18:33:49

I third Wong Kei's - deffo go upstairs. Cheap and fast!

And I second Tassmile

MrsMattie Thu 01-Jan-09 18:36:09

Also, don't know any of these ones personally, but thought it might be of interest - Time Out Feature

Simplysally Thu 01-Jan-09 18:38:30

Posting so I can bookmark thread

MrsMattie Thu 01-Jan-09 18:42:45

Just thought of another one:

Busaba Ethai (one on Wardour St, one on Store St I think? off Tootenham Ct Rd, anyway...) is a nice Thai chain, very cosy and dimly lit inside. It's very popular (you might have to queue for the Wardour St one, as they don't take bookings) and you have to share big square tables with others, but it is strangely romantic!

MrsMattie Thu 01-Jan-09 18:48:31

Oh, and check vouchers websites like this one for money-off deals. So worth it in London. I'm a cheap skate, so am always using them.
I was in Strada in Highgate not long ago and I swear the whole place was full of couples using the 'buy one main course get the 2nd free' off voucher grin

8oreighty Thu 01-Jan-09 18:51:42

YES to New Tayyabs..bring your own, and delicious...and Andrew Edmunds is lovely too...also Pierre Victoire in Soho off Dean St has some fond memories for me...and is cheaper than Andrew Edmunds.
Also the Kolossi - Greek restaurant - on the corner on Roseberry Ave, Shepherds market is great...been there for years and years, the meze is best. And you can get a trendy drink at Cafe Kick just down the road before hand...

8oreighty Thu 01-Jan-09 18:53:01

not sure how to do a link (duh).
the CHEAPEST and yummiest vietnemese restaurant is Viet Hua on Kingsland Road near(ish) Old Street...atmosphere not amazing, but delicious and cheap and then loads of arty farty bars around old street...

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