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Where to go in Dublin

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amateurmum Mon 06-Oct-08 14:42:03

Am going with dh to Dublin for the weekend (first overnight trip away without children since dd was born 4 years ago!)

Family life has been usual chaos and I haven't got round to planning what we might do. I have never been before although dh has (but I'm not sure I trust his reccomendations!) Does anyone have any suggestions for places to visit/restaurants etc. We have fairly central hotel booked.

angemorange Mon 06-Oct-08 15:50:27

Hi there - I live just outside Belfast but used to to Dublin quite regularly. For going out and eating out the Temple Bar area is probably best - lots of bars and restaurants in one area, lots of people about at all hours. Davy Byrne's pub and McDaids are just off Grafton Street and quite good. There's also a fair few trendy places around there if that's more up your street. Be prepared for the extortionate price of things - the euro has a rubbish exchange and Ireland is undergoing a full-blown recession. I went to a concert in June with my DH and had a pub lunch (burgers, salad, chips) and 2 drinks - came to nearly 50 euros!!!! Sight seeing wise Trinity College houses Book of Kells - worth seeing, St Stephen's green is nice park area at top of Grafton Street. Hope you have a great time!

pinkmagic1 Mon 06-Oct-08 15:53:56

Get the bus or train out to Howth (about half an hour). Its a beautiful habour town with pastel coloured houses and nice looking fish restaurants. Went with my Dad and DS last week, but nice for couples too.

amateurmum Mon 06-Oct-08 20:50:00

Thank-you for suggestions, angemorange and pinkmagic. Would like to see Book of Kells.
Any other museums/galleries worth a visit? Do you think I need to book tables for eating out?
Am really excited!

angemorange Wed 08-Oct-08 09:37:08

Hi - sorry, haven't been on line for a while! Can't think of any museams/galleries off hand but Irish Tourist Board (discover ireland i think it's called & on internet may be able to help). You should be fine walking in off street to most restaurants - there really is loads in Temple Bar. Forgot to say - watch out for pickpockets, which are rife in Dublin, and keep your purse well hidden. Be careful at night if you're out of Temple Bar area - O'Connell Street and area near Train Station in particular. Just common sense stuff for any big city! Hope you have a great time - let us know how you get on!!

zazen Wed 08-Oct-08 10:10:26

wow I live in Dublin and I didn''t know pick pockets are rife! thanks for the head's up!

But then I never go near Temple bar as it's full of English lads on stags puking their collective guts up, and brassy hens from Merseyside, all dayglow with fake tan, tiaras and bunny ears!!!!!

I live in the posh south side, and I can recommend some restaurants round me if you like .
And yes, I agree Dublin is the most expensive city ever. It's really shocking - be prepared to spend over 50? a head for dinner. Humm maybe that is the pick pocket experience??? LOL

There are lovely (free) museums, but only go if you like museums - you won't magically like them just because they are here. There are interesting mummified remains of early man in the national museum on dawson street, along with treasures dug up from the bogs - lots of gold and amber - that's in dublin 2 - up the road from Trinity college.
The national library is next to that and useful if you have some 'roots' in Ireland, and feel the need to do some research.

The (free) National Gallery is splendid if you like painting and sculpture. The IMMA in Kilmainham is lovely also and on the LUAS line for modern art, also Collins Barracks Museum is lovely if you are into textiles and silverware, also on the LUAS line. There are plenty of galleries and exhibitions going on as well - Temple bar during the day is the place to go for these - avoid it at night!

The DART is a fab train right around the coast from malahide up north round Howth head (lovely village with a fab sea food restaurant King Cidric) you can hire a boat in Howth to take you to an island called Ireland's eye from there - a lovely trip if you like to watch gulls and other sea birds up close.
The DART will take you round through the city and down to greystones, going through some really beautiful scenery - Killiney bay is like the bay of Naples and it's a no brainer why Bono and Enya live out here. Stop off in Dalkey to have a bite to eat in the Queens pub. and then on to greystones - Lovely tea shops there.

Dublin itself is mostly georgian in the nicer bits (I'm biased of course living in a Georgian) and has lovely parks - don't wear stiletto heels the pavements are original granite and are all uneven! - The Iveagh gardens behind the national concert hall is lovely and leafy, with a maze and rose garden, Merrion Square is flowery, and St Stephen's green had a victorian layout, with benches and formal flowerbeds, and a bandstand.

Dublin Zoo is in the Phoenix park and is well worth a trip, (especially as they have a really successful breeding programme and the elephants and rhinos have just had new babies) - as are the botanical gardens in Glasnevin.

You can go horse riding in the phoenix park as well - it's great for a ride out.
Dun Laoghaire (on the DART line) is a lovely town for a walk along the pier and an icecream - maybe more suited for a kiddies trip!!! grin

There are lots of clubs and gigs on - whelan's on camden st, the sugar club and the POD and Crawdaddy at Harcourt attract some really big international world music and fusion jazz acts, so check these out as well.
The national concert hall does a lovely lunchtime programme - an hour of orchestral / recital music for a tenner. well worth a look in as the acoustics are brill.

Hope you enjoy your stay. I'd avoid Temple bar - too full of puking stags and hens.

You'll find the prices are high, so Dublin isn't really a shopper's paradise. But the City is lovely and the free stuff is fab.

jumpingbeans Wed 08-Oct-08 10:17:03

Do the open top bus tour, rep was real funny, and points out all this things you miss when walking about.

angemorange Wed 08-Oct-08 11:50:40

Only trying to help Zazen - no need to get offended!!! I've been pickpocketed twice in Dublin and victim of many more attempts, mainly in O'Connell St/North area.
Open top bus a great idea - the reps are very funny!
Main thing is to enjoy yourselves - weekends devoid of family chaos are very precious!!

stleger Wed 08-Oct-08 12:06:22

Do the Viking Splash thing, that is my ambition. Last time dd2 and I did a jaunting car for 15 minutes which he loved. And next time come to Cork!

zazen Wed 08-Oct-08 23:51:50

Sleger? did you post on rollercoaster, yonkies ago?

No offence taken angemorange! There are areas and areas, same as any city - I try not to cross the river too much grin

And totally agree the main thing is to enjoy yourselves - even if you never leave your hotel room wink

stleger Thu 09-Oct-08 15:17:40

I still do, when not dreaming of Vikings!

ilovemydog Thu 09-Oct-08 15:22:45

temple bar
book of kells
phoenix park
guinness brewery

cheshirekitty Sat 18-Oct-08 14:26:38

I come from Liverpool (am not a brassy blonde, don't you just hate generalisations).

Have been to Dublin and witnessed:

One of our group got their bag stolen.

One of our group got his wallet stolen.

One of our group got pick-pocketed.

Just be careful. I loved the city and will be going back, but it is expensive.

debbiewebweb Sat 25-Oct-08 08:20:43

Are you still around zazen? Wanted to pick your brains. Hoping to go to dublin o2 for a concert so would like a good hotel within walking distance. We went to dublin a few years ago to celebrate our wedding anniversary kid free and we loved it, stayed at the fitzwilliam then but think this will be the wrong end of town for the O2. I want to avoid temple bar but dh wants to eat of Shanahans.
The Merrion seems to have good reviews do you know it, do you think its within walking distance?

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