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Recommendation fo 2 night stay in lovely hotel/area please

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stressed2007 Sun 21-Sep-08 08:52:50

I am going away for 2 nights next weekend and looking for somewhere nice to stay. We are leaving from London so can't go to scotland or anything but up to 4 hours drive fine. Can anyone suggest somewhere to go which is a very nice (not one of the £400 a night hotel jobs please though) near to some things to go and see/ do - but this is intended to be a relaxing time and not a mad sight seeing trip. Anyone stayed at any gorgeous hotels? Thanks very much

RubySlippers Sun 21-Sep-08 08:53:55

a look here

1.5 hour drive or so

Nbg Sun 21-Sep-08 08:56:04

This is luuuuuuuussssssh grin

Its in a gorgeous little town and there is a lovely walk you can do right from your doorstep.
The coast is only a half hour drive from there too.

stressed2007 Sun 21-Sep-08 17:54:33

Rubyslippers your link does not work can you repost please?

stressed2007 Sun 21-Sep-08 17:56:08

Nbg - looks fab no availability though

chunkychips Sun 21-Sep-08 18:03:01

Message withdrawn

chunkychips Sun 21-Sep-08 18:05:17

Message withdrawn

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