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In:Spa breaks - has anyone been on one?

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oneplusone Thu 04-Oct-07 20:48:54

Hi, I've been searching for a relaxation/recuperation/rejuvanation type holiday, but don't want to go to a health/beauty spa or yoga retreat and the only thing I've found that seems to fit the bill is run by a company called In:spa (sorry am hopeless at doing links, if you google am sure it'll come up).

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has been on one of their holidays or if there is anywhere else you can recommend. The in:spa holiday is fairly expensive, but I'm looking on it as a one off after a VERY stressful 2 years with around 5 major stressful events occuring in my life.

I just want to get some decent sleep, eat healthily, do some gentle exercise, read, relax and generally just try and recuperate after the physical and emotional rollercoaster I seem to have been on over the past couple of years.

Haven't actually got DH to agree to it yet, but will work out a strategy for that later!

TIA smile

sparkybabe Fri 05-Oct-07 12:42:08

Not done in;spa or whatever it is, but I've done the Cha,mpneys one at forest mere hampshire - it's the best thing ever.

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