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visiting a friend and her family for the weekend - stay with the family or at a nearby hotel?

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bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 11:07:37

yet another area of disagreement for dh & I!

kind friend is easy either way - we are very welcome but she will not be offended if we stay nearby instead of chez elle.

the advantage of staying in a hotel is that we will have a bit more space and independence (plan to spend rest of time other than sleeping and having breakfast with friend and family anyway), but dh feels we will be less relaxed in the evenings - no sitting about drinking wine together with children in bed.

as the veteran of many a self-catering holiday with other families - without any fallings out - i've always thought staying with another family on their home ground would be quite hard going.

over to you o wise mnetters!

tia smile

LucyJones Tue 11-Sep-07 11:08:23

How many nights - one of two?

LucyJones Tue 11-Sep-07 11:08:43

sorry, one or two?!!

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 11:09:11

quick response, thanks! two.

Hulababy Tue 11-Sep-07 11:14:19

Are you visiting this particular friend who has offered to have you stay, or other people?

We often visit friends at thier homes, and they come here, for weeknds. We always stay over at their homes with no problems. The evenings, whent he children go to bedm are great with lots of wine and old time chat.

KerryMum Tue 11-Sep-07 11:15:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oranges Tue 11-Sep-07 11:15:42

I'd stay with the friend, but plan to take them out to lunch and get a takeaway for at least one evening meal, so she's not running around doing things for you all the time.

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 11:21:01

hulababy - this particular friend only. agree the evenings would be easier if we stayed there.

kerrymum - in all honesty i wouldn't like another family staying with us at the moment - but we don't have a spare room though or any real capacity to put anyone up right now. next year we plan to have a loft conversion and if we had that i'd feel differently.

oranges - this is all about me, me, me - not lightening the load on my friend! wink would obviously take her out, bring flowers etc whichever option we chose smile

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 11:47:44

any other views? tia smile

Furzella Tue 11-Sep-07 12:03:32

I'd stay with the friend. The children will enjoy it more - but do what we always do and divide and conquer: first exhaust them then put them to bed in separate bedrooms and bring them together only when they're asleep. Mean, boring mummy I know, spoiling all their fun, but I've had too many stays at friends (or more often people to stay with us) when we're entertaining the little angels at ten pm because they're completely over-excited.

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 12:04:49

furzella, they will each be sharing a room with one of the children in the family - i can easily see them still being up at 10.00pm... <<shudder>>

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 12:05:45

this is how it will work. dh and i on sofa-bed in living room. dd shares with friend's dd and ds shares with friend's ds.

Furzella Tue 11-Sep-07 12:14:41

Hmm, sofa bed for two nights...not ideal, but then I still think you'll probably have more fun if you stay with them. You'll just be blooming glad to get home too! Divide and conquer can still work. First split the younger ones between the two dcs' bedrooms and chuck the big ones in front of a sedate movie, then shift them together as soon as they're asleep. Next split the older dcs by your one in older dcs bedroom and their dc in their parents' bed. This will work if they're all under seven. Shouldn't think you've got a hope with much bigger ones!!

LucyJones Tue 11-Sep-07 12:16:19

I think I'd stay at your friends' house. Then you can put the kids to bed and have a nice adult evening downstairs. If you stay elsewhere you're a bit limited really.
2 nights is the maximum I would stay with friends though

LucyJones Tue 11-Sep-07 12:16:45

and the kids will love the whole sleepover thing

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 12:48:12

thank you! smile

any more? there must be someone who agrees with me that hotel would be best or can at least see the advantages? wink

LucyJones Tue 11-Sep-07 12:49:46

the hotel idea would be fab if the dcs can stay with your friend grin
When my sister and family come I insist she and BIL sleep in a nearby hotel and her kids stay with ours. That way they get a bit of a holiday (lie in etc) and the kids all have a great time.

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 12:53:18

lucyj, i think you are a genius! wink

Cammelia Tue 11-Sep-07 12:53:47

Yep, that person is me bossykate smile

I was thinking hotel even before you mentioned the sofabed.

Cammelia Tue 11-Sep-07 12:54:54

If you take up LucyJones idea, you could invite the other family to lunch/early supper at the hotel one day?

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 12:55:03


so what are the persuasive arguments for the hotel against the compelling wine altogether in the evenings with sleepover to boot argument! grin

more Tue 11-Sep-07 12:59:20

Normally we would go for the hotel option but that is when we are away for more than 2 nights. That is for my sanity though, I am not very good at socialising blush.

There is a saying "guests and fish go off and starts to stink after more than 2 days in your house" smile.

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 11-Sep-07 13:00:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bossykate Tue 11-Sep-07 13:02:52

thank you all smile

delightful though it sounds, don't think it would be fair to let my kind friend have the kids while we stayed at the hotel. besides it would be a bit of a waste the way things are with my marriage atm. i had planned an adult meal together at the hotel (which has a michelin star btw) on the friday night.

Cammelia Tue 11-Sep-07 13:03:40

argument that will persuade your dh bk? Only you will know that smile

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