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40th Birthday Break?

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creambunnie Fri 17-Aug-07 00:02:49

DH going to be 40 early next year - any recommendations for a good city break? or a chill out weekend??

Furball Fri 17-Aug-07 07:45:39

with children?

creambunnie Sat 18-Aug-07 00:44:29

no just me and dh!

Furball Sat 18-Aug-07 05:58:20

the world is your oyster then! Unfortunately I am not worldy wise so can't advise on where you may have the best time. Also where are you? so no-one suggests the next town. Where's you nearest airport?

WideWebWitch Sun 19-Aug-07 09:10:25


What do you like?
Will find old dh 30th birthday thread and recent London hotel thead, hang on

WideWebWitch Sun 19-Aug-07 09:12:03

old hotel thread

and London hotel thread

But give me details and I'll have a think.

creambunnie Mon 20-Aug-07 16:15:02

To be honest would like a relaxing break in a nice hotel somewhere (would consider anything Scottish) otherwise maybe a city break to Dublin?? Thanks x

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