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Seawick Holiday Village, Clacton

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wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 12:18:01

Anyone been???? We are looking at a long weekend there the end of september. It looks lovely on their website but just wondered if anyone had actually been and knew what it was like. We just want a cheap break away with the kids and this would only cost us £82 for the weekend.


wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 14:35:20


nogoes Mon 16-Jul-07 14:41:18

I met dh there many moons ago. Our eyes met across the dodgems .

It is a bit tacky and full of very loud people but it is right next to the beach, you can take a nice walk along the front into Clacton and for that price I don't think you can go wrong.

lou33 Mon 16-Jul-07 14:46:24

lol blimey a blast from the past!

i used to go there as a kid with my mum

it's actually in st osyth isnt it? which is near clacton

wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 14:56:38

lou33 dh went there with his nan when he was little, but we are only going cos its cheap and we are only gonna do things on the camp.

lou33 Mon 16-Jul-07 15:02:05

my great aunt had a mobile home there, so we used to go and stay

we only lived a few miles away in colchester but it was the only holiday she could afford

i remember developing a huge crush on one of the guys in the bingo hall lol

lou33 Mon 16-Jul-07 15:03:53

she being my mum i mean

wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 15:08:03

I'm really excited about going, we have stopped on the camp before when we have gone to clacton for the day before but never actually stayed on the camp, just want to take the boys away for a little while.

nogoes Mon 16-Jul-07 15:23:52

I am sure you will have a lovely time. I have just looked on the website myself and I think I am tempted to book a weekend in September too.

lou33 Mon 16-Jul-07 16:44:00

i hope you have a lovely time

wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 16:57:10

nogoes, we are going 28th september, we could meet up round the pool.

MadEyeMisdee Mon 16-Jul-07 16:58:51

lo0l i am off there this weekend. family have acaravan there. its currently being re-furbed throughout, and laods of improvemnts being done all over the site.

it can get loud during the summer, but its fine.

Twinkie1 Mon 16-Jul-07 17:00:21

Went with my nan when I was small - maybe we were all ther at the same time and now we are all mumsnetters!!

Is there still an amusement arcade at the end of the site that is bright blue and a yellow first aid caravan on the beach??

wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 17:09:52

misdee do you let your caravan?? would rather give money to mn'er then to the caravan company,

lisad123 Mon 16-Jul-07 17:16:26

we have a caravan on site there. Its has all the basics. Swimming pool is ok, and dont know if kids club is any good as dd never goes. Theres a nice family pub just at the entrance, but does fill up quick.

You will need a car, to do food shop and go into clacton, where the sandy beach is.

Its reminds me very much of our holidays as kids, crabbing on the rocks, loads of kids, and stoney beach.

They are doing a huge refub right now, but hopeully wont affect you too much. You can aslo use the pool and facilities on the sister site across the road, and they have water slide in their pool and its nicer.

Hope you have fun


lisad123 Mon 16-Jul-07 17:19:05

LOl, my misdee's sister, just seem her post

wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 17:26:30

do you let your caravan??

MadEyeMisdee Mon 16-Jul-07 17:28:12

i dont pay into their caravan, far too much on to get use out of it, but am hoping to go in on it with them after my current situation improves.

lisad123 Mon 16-Jul-07 17:29:42

we dont normally let to anyone but friends and family, but if you email me, I will ask my mum and sister, we own it together.
Which dates did you want?

My email is


wurlywurly Mon 16-Jul-07 18:14:55

thanks have mailed you, it doesnt matter if you cant we will book anyway, just fancy a couple of days away.

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