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Where to take my 10 year old DD?

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Ginandtonic100 Wed 17-Jan-18 19:08:23

I would like to take my daughter for a weekend away just the two of us for her 10th birthday. Her birthday is in the summer, but i expect we’ll go in autumn when we have an inset day. I was thinking mainland Europe, but open to any suggestions. Thanks!

AnyFuleKno Wed 17-Jan-18 21:26:52

Harry Potter studios and a day in London? <ignores mainland europe thing> depends what you like to do, shop? museums? fun activities?

BeesComeAndGo Wed 17-Jan-18 21:28:41

oh watching with interest. I just started a thread about going to paris 1-3 days either with a similar aged dd or my mother.

Ginandtonic100 Thu 18-Jan-18 06:55:31

Thanks. We are fairly close to Harry Potter studios, so although she loves Harry Potter, I’m not sure that would work.

She is fairly easy to please... likes museums (to a degree), shopping, nice meals out etc. She fancies Barcelona. I was wondering staying in a hotel with a spa-or at least a hotel with pool/jacuzzi. Do you think they’d let children in?

TolstoyAteMyHamster Thu 18-Jan-18 07:32:06

I’ve had success with that age group with Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Amsterdam. Amsterdam and Venice were particularly good as they are compact and feel very different to a big UK city.

sandgrown Thu 18-Jan-18 07:34:13

If you go to Barcelona you could also visit Port Aventura for a day if DD likes theme parks .

ohlittlepea Thu 18-Jan-18 07:34:20

Sweden 😍 Gotthenberg is amazing xxx

Crumbs1 Thu 18-Jan-18 07:37:45

Copenhagen with Tivoli and more H &M stores than you could ever want is lovely.
Amsterdam has lots and is a lovely city if you avoid the red light district.
Reykjavik- blue lagoon, glaciers, geysers, whales, wild swimming.

Crumbs1 Thu 18-Jan-18 07:39:23

Gothenburg is lovely, I agree. Upper house has a glass swimming pool suspended 22 floors above the road. A trip to the islands by ferry is a nice way to spend to spend the day.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 19-Jan-18 18:55:16

I'd suggest Paris.
There are some fantastic ideas here including shopping and eating suggestions.
I've got a DD of similar age and in Paris we really enjoyed this It's a parent and child cooking workshop in English, where together you make a three course French meal.

tracelab Sun 11-Feb-18 17:48:09

Ahhh Amsterdam is perfect for that age.

I'm an Amsterdam blogger and there are loads of suggestions on my site including a proposed itinerary.

More than happy to help if you have any specific questions xx

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