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Where can young adult, non-driving daughters seeking a few nights away go?

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lifebeginsat60 Thu 07-Sep-17 23:25:13

My two daughters, aged in their early 20s, want to spend a sisterly few days on holiday together in September. They need to be able to get there and back by public transport (or parent taxi) and have enough of interest going on to keep them occupied for a few days. They would consider city, country, coast, preferably in south west quadrant of England and need to keep travel and accommodation costs down. Does anyone have any creative ideas please?

ChinkChink Thu 07-Sep-17 23:33:07

Caravan within local bus/taxi range of a coastal resort in Dorset/Devon/Cornwall?

purplecorkheart Thu 07-Sep-17 23:35:46

Airbnb about an hour away on bus route near home.

MrsMoastyToasty Thu 07-Sep-17 23:38:18

Bristol or Bath. Both are accessible by train.

traviata Thu 07-Sep-17 23:49:25

what about a craft/ creative course or workshop?

2014newme Fri 08-Sep-17 13:08:25

Center parcs

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