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Events / festivals you recommend

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CaptainHarville Tue 18-Jul-17 07:02:11

We like camping and are keen to do mini breaks, weekends etc. Our children are 10, 7 and 5. Does anyone recommend any events or festivals either in the UK or anywhere not too distant?

oldtrees Tue 18-Jul-17 07:22:03

Standon Calling near Stansted is brilliant and very family friendly.

It's a lovely little festival and the music is always excellent.

There's lots on for kids and it's the only festival I know of with a swimming pool on site.

The Saturday is a themed fancy dress day which the kids love. The theme this year is "the enchanted valley".

We've been several times but we're not going this year and I'm gutted!

It's on soon! The last weekend in July.

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