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I'm going to Worcester this weekend, suggestions for where to go and what to do?

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lilibet Wed 21-Feb-07 16:48:05

Just dh and I, no children - woo hoo!!

We are using our tesco vouchers so it's a freebie and neither of us have been before.

TeetheCeeofDavedom Wed 21-Feb-07 16:49:12

Cancel quick, it's shit in Worcester.

Not really! Never been. Ahve fun!

LimbodancerDAVE Wed 21-Feb-07 16:50:08

You need NDP.

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:50:24

Come and have tea at my house

Are you coming for weekend ?

Furball Wed 21-Feb-07 16:50:40

I love Worcester an have been today on the train shopping with ds. Sorry can't tell you anymore than that!

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:50:59

lol Limbo !

Maybe I should change my name to itsmeWorcesterTouristInformationService

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:51:34

You have a hotel, I assume ?

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:54:38

Good places to eat...

The Swan @ Whittington, good for gorgeous, mid-priced posh pub grub

The Glasshouse - very nice, very modern and funky inside, higher end prices (but not frighteningly so).

The Old Rectifying House - overlooks the Severn, nice inside, friendly staff, excellent bar upstairs. Similar price to GlassHouse

Browns - also on river. Expensive, quite traditional but good food.

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:56:17

The Glasshouse

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:57:01

The Swan

The Swan is where we go on our meet-ups

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:57:39

The Old Rec

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 16:58:52

Info on Browns

lilibet Wed 21-Feb-07 18:07:40

I din't know you were in Worcester ndp!

We have a hotel - we booked on our tesco vouchers, probablay not wonderful but it's FREE!!

Thank you for all the recommendations - other than the cathedral what should we look at in the day time - we will look out for you

And if you see tow people shouting "Lilibet" and "turnupthebass" at one another run a mile cos its me and dh!!

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 22:17:54


Will have a think re daytime stuff.

itsmeNDaveP Wed 21-Feb-07 22:20:38

Obviously there's the Malverns if you like walking/hiking/outdoorsy stuff. They are only a few miles outside of Worcester.

We have LOTS of antique shops, if that's your bag.

Ummm, I'm rubbish on grown up stuff to do during the day, but I can give you a list of childrens activities as long as your arm

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