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Warsaw or krakow?

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bloodypassword Wed 04-Jan-17 18:11:08

It's for a surprise weekend for DHs birthday in October. We'd be accompanied by DCs aged 11& 14. I meant to look at Kraków flights but because I'm stupid somehow I ended up looking at Warsaw and found bargainous flights and great accommodation as well as a great food tour before realising (d'uh) that I'd been thinking of the wrong place.

Is Warsaw good for a weekend visit? We like culture and food and cafes. I had previously thought about Berlin but it seems pricey. We've been to lots of other European cities but neither of us have been to Poland before.

Any thoughts/options/suggestions greatly appreciated.

mouldycheesefan Tue 10-Jan-17 18:33:26

Yes I went there just for one night this year and was really impressed.

bloodypassword Tue 10-Jan-17 18:50:10

Thanks mouldy- I'll take another look then. It doesn't help that I am horribly indecisive!

mouldycheesefan Wed 11-Jan-17 13:15:19

The issue for me with krakow is that tourism is quite auschwitz dominated and it's whether that is what you want in your break away.

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